The 10 Most Unexpected Movie Plot Twists of All Time

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An unexpected yet acceptable ending can be the difference between a good film and a masterpiece. Thus, it is not surprising that many directors strive to mislead the audience into expecting something completely different from what actually happens. However, it is often very hard to disguise these intentions, as certain clues must be present within […]

The 10 Most Scientifically Inaccurate Movies of All Time


If scientific correctness was a priority in cinema, watching movies would be as entertaining as sitting through a physics class. In fact, the possibility of experiencing a reality completely different from our own is one of the things that makes the seventh art so appealing. A well-conceived plot line can make absurd ideas sound very […]

The 10 Most Philosophical Sci-fi Movies of All Time

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Just like surrealism and fantastic realism, science fiction is a genre that allows a great degree of creative freedom, since the narrative is not bound by the constraints of present-day reality. Thus, it provides a fertile ground for all sorts of allegories, metaphors, and alternative realities, as well as a way of bypassing censorship. The […]