The 20 Best Movies about Human-Animal Relationships

life of pi movie

A fair level of character conception and realism in film can be built on the several – sometimes contrasting, sometimes consonant – relations between humans and their environment. This often involves not only the contact with their urban imaginary, but also their relation to Nature and its various forces and manifestations of life. Animals are […]

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Tragicomic Cinema of Aki Kaurismäki

Le Havre 1

To think about Finnish Cinema without the name Aki Kaurismäki coming to mind is almost impossible. Together with his brother Mika, Aki has brought film in Finland ever more notoriety. Personality dictates his camera movement and plotlines, while his writing is as sharp and no-nonsense as it could be. The constant tones of emotional opacity […]

The 15 Greatest German Filmmakers of All Time


World Cinema – and American Cinema, in particular – as we know it has received substantial influence from the cinematic works made in Germany over the years. Films such as M, Nosferatu, Metropolis, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Fitzcarraldo and others are not strange titles to spectators’ ears, even for the general public. The heavy […]

The 20 Best Movies about Dreams and Dream Worlds

Dreams are the sleeping routine for most of humanity. One takes a physical rest from the world and from their fears and desires, only to encounter these same elements of existence in magnified or softened versions. Distorted universes and members of one’s life, sometimes added to old regrets and wishes, or simply the absurdity of […]