10 Lesser-Known 1960s European Films Worth Your Time


While terrific boutique labels like the Criterion Collection have done wonders to educate the film watching public on many of the heavy hitters of 1960’s European cinema like Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini, there are still large swathes of the decade that are relatively undiscovered by Western audiences. The French nouvelle vague has reached household […]

10 Great Films That Feature Apathetic Characters

Repo Man

It almost seems counter-intuitive to think of films focusing on apathetic or detached characters as being ripe for great entertainment. The narratives can be slow going, the plots can be bare bones, and the very idea of an indifferent or emotional lead character(s) has the potential to be unappealing in and of itself. The list […]

10 Great Movies Featuring Obsessive Characters

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

What is it about the cinema that lends itself so well to obsessive characters? You know the ones. Those determined individuals that push themselves and others, beyond all reason, in the single minded pursuit of a specific goal. It’s certainly great theater seeing someone fight against the establishment, chase immortality, or strive to better themselves […]