The 15 Best Filmmakers with Multiple Talents

filmmakers with multiple talents

Cinema can be considered an orchestrated consequence of several arts. Since its birth, the audiovisual medium has imbibed and borrowed from arts that infiltrate by virtue of seniority and experimentation. Over the course of its evolution from amusing spectacles to cultural statements, cinema has witnessed directors who bear profound sensitivity, encompassing its miscellaneous parentage. This […]

16 Legendary Filmmakers Praised by Other Great Directors

greatest ingmar bergman films

While the medium is galloping towards infinite possibilities, an introspective study of its past is becoming more and more necessary. One significant way in which cinema triumphs as a truly global experience is in upholding its universal character over the ages, and sustaining an all-encompassing intimate fraternity, despite attaining the proportions of a more and […]

20 Great Examples of Hyperlink Cinema Every Film Buff Must Watch

hyperlink cinema

With the evolution of the medium, almost naturally, came the creative departures from the theatrical unity of space and time in storytelling. Fragmented narratives became a favourite area of experimentation for many influential makers. Composite plots consisting of mildly connected vignettes and simultaneously occurring events, often with no evident central characters, can be found almost […]