The 15 Best Movies Directed by Abel Ferrara

best Abel Ferrara movies

Across a variety of genres, styles, and countries, Abel Ferrara has been a consistently stimulating director who, despite a deserved auteur status, has allowed himself to evolve, mature, and experiment over a filmmaking career that spans over 35 years. After all this time, certain characteristics continue to pop up in his films – sparklingly alive […]

10 Great Movies From The 1970s That No One Talks About

The Confession

Nations as diverse as France, Italy, Poland, and Japan have each had a great amount of films released throughout the 70s, masterpieces that shifted the cinematic realm and progressively and defiantly redefined the rules of filmmaking (if there ever were any). Unfortunately, many of these films faced censorship issues and were sometimes banned from many […]

7 Reasons Why “Nocturnal Animals” Deserves Awards Season Attention

Film awards season is anticipated equally for good and bad reasons, as it’s when filmgoers (critics and audiences alike) praise or complain about the nominations and winners. These awards ceremonies can often be predictable in their choices, perhaps because of the immeasurable amount of media outlets deciding which films will be hot contenders (even before […]

15 Great American Movies from the 1970s You Might Not Have Seen


The ‘70s were a tumultuous time for America, to say the least. Coming out of the idealism and liberty of the counter-culture movement that began in the mid-to-late ‘60s, which was quickly revealed to be a mess of new and old traditions. Although the 70’s is often looked back on with some negativity, it produced […]

8 Famous Directors Who Died (Or Almost Died) Making Their Films

No one should ever die because of the production of a film. However, mistakes happen, and with the moviemaking workforce sometimes going to great lengths to bring us sensational entertainment, lives may be lost in the process. Whether it’s due to horrific on-set accidents, or from illnesses contracted from film productions, or from the filmmaker’s […]