The 10 Best Benicio Del Toro Movie Performances

best Benicio Del Toro movies

Born on the 19th of February 1967 in San German, Puerto Rico, Benicio Del Toro is a highly diverse and charismatic actor who regularly steals scenes as loveable and fascinating characters. Despite a few nods at award ceremonies, and his reliable and captivating performances throughout his career, Del Toro is often overlooked as the powerhouse […]

The 10 Best Performances in a Coen Brothers Film


Born and raised in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have been consistently ambitious in crafting their own unique brand of inimitable and fascinating pieces of cinema throughout their long-spanning careers. Starting out in the 1980s, they have since become ground-breaking pioneers in genre blending films, skilfully engineering several masterpieces, each of […]

The 15 Best British Horror Films of the Past Decade

best British horror films

The Horror genre has always had a loving home in Great Britain, tracing back to the founding of production company Hammer Horror in 1934. In the early years, they based their work solely on original classic novels, such as Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” and until the 1970s, they dedicated most of their […]

10 Great Movies That Lost Best Picture To Forgettable Winners

Goodfellas (1990)

Regardless of popular opinion regarding The Academy Awards, the ceremony is arguably the most prestigious celebration of talent in the cinematic calendar. For the recipients of an Oscar, it is an accolade that remains connected to their work for the remainder of their career. The top prize of the Oscars is awarded for Best Picture, an […]

15 Movies With Great Trailers That Completely Disappointed Us

The term “trailer” comes from days of cinema past, in which advertisements for future releases would trail the conclusion of a feature film. This was eventually deemed an unsuccessful practice due to moviegoers leaving as the end credits rolled, impatient and uninterested in sticking around. The trailers were eventually moved to the start of a […]