8 Reasons Why “Unforgiven” is the Best Western Since 1980

Westerns, generally speaking, are considered a less popular genre than they once were and too often have less-than-stellar box office returns. Nonetheless, many incredible Westerns have been made in the last 25 or so years. 3:10 to Yuma, Open Range, The Proposition, Bone Tomahawk, Hell or High Water, The Assassination of Jesse James by the […]

7 Reasons Why “Unbreakable” is the Most Underrated Superhero Movie of All Time

unbreakable film

When M. Night Shyamalan became an overnight sensation after making The Sixth Sense, he was able to do whatever he wanted (basically) as a follow-up. He chose the understated superhero/comic book origin story Unbreakable. Masquerading as a serious drama, Unbreakable took the tropes and beliefs of comic books and plugged them into a story that […]

5 Reasons Why “Road to Perdition” is an Overlooked Masterpiece

Sam Mendes’ directorial debut American Beauty was nominated for eight Oscars in 2000 and won five of them (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography). It was a shockingly brilliant showing for a first-time director. When Mendes followed it up with the graphic novel adaptation Road to Perdition, starring Tom […]

10 Reasons Why “The Social Network” is the Most Relevant Movie of the 21st Century (So Far)

The Social Network

David Fincher’s The Social Network tells the tale of the creation of Facebook through the eyes of the most important players: Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO; Eduardo Saverin, co-founder and Zuckerberg’s best friend; the Winklevoss twins, whose original idea provided the impetus to create Facebook; and Sean Parker, the entrepreneur who helped Zuckerberg take […]