The 12 Best Matthew McConaughey Movie Performances


In the last few years, Matthew McConaughey has come to be known for tackling deeply philosophical and emotionally complex roles. Namely he played introspective Detective Rust Cohle, alongside the brusque yet charismatic Woody Harrelson, in the critically successful True Detective. Later in the year he played the space-bound pilot and torn father Cooper in Interstellar. […]

The 12 Best Winona Ryder Movies You Need To Watch

Girl, Interrpted movie

Born in Minnesota, Winona Ryder made her film debut at the age of fifteen with David Seltzer’s Lucas. However, it was not until her first collaboration with Tim Burton two years later with the comedy fantasy Beetlejuice that Ryder was first properly recognised. In Beetlejuice she played teen Goth Lydia with a wicked dress sense […]