The 15 Most Visually Stunning East Asian Movies of All Time

visually stunning east asian movies

Audiences like films for all sorts of reasons. Stunning performances from favourite actors and actresses, technical dexterity from the part of the editor, the creative mastery of the composer who embellishes the film with its expressive music are only a few of the factors that can make a movie memorable and adored. But there are […]

The 15 Most Quotable Movies of All Time

the big lebowski

Films can go down in history for a number of reasons. An actor’s performance can prove to be monumental, being applauded for its emotional articulation and power. A director can be inventive in his conception and execution of filming techniques, creating a visual outcome that is stunning and innovative. The photography, the editing, the music […]

The 10 Most Distinct Traits of Takeshi Kitano’s Cinema

kitano movies

Takeshi Kitano has built a cinematic career as diverse and rich as his personality. Starting as a stage comedian, back in the seventies, the multifaceted artist slowly and steadily established his charismatic persona in Japan. Spreading his humour through the television, he was recognised as one of the country’s most prominent comedians long before entering […]

15 Genre-Bending East Asian Movies That Are Worth Your Time

East Asian cinema has been enjoying its well earned and long yearned global recognition during the past couple of decades. Its diverse film traditions, once strictly typified by jidaigeki and wuxia movies, have finally succeeded to showcase that the directors who represent them can give birth to a wide variety of films that belong to […]

20 Unconventional Romantic Movies That Are Worth Your Time

chungking express

Most of us grew up with the Disney versions of fairy tales like the Sleeping Beauty and the Snow White. Romance was introduced into our lives through the love stories of princes and princesses who were destined to live happily ever after. Romance in films is problematically idealised and embellished to the point that it […]

The 20 Best Movies That Feature Cynical Characters

fight club

Cynicism is arguably one of these personality attributes that can make a film hero genuinely memorable. Cold realists, witty commentators and detached scepticists have been traditionally selected by directors and screenwriters that want to give a spicy sardonic tone to their movies. They are the ones that usually get most of the catchy lines and […]