7 Reasons Why “The Dark Knight” Is The Best Superhero Movie of All Time


These days, everyone seems to love superhero movies. It is, along with horror films, the most popular genre, and many theorists argue that this augmentation of superhero films came because of the need for heroic figures after the 9/11. Although, it is certain that Christopher Nolan gave a new perspective on how we should see […]

All 7 Charlie Kaufman Films Ranked From Worst To Best

Charlie Kaufman is considered to be one of the most visionary filmmakers of our time. His ‘weird’ but poetic narratives have led him to create incredible and uniquely original films. His works explore philosophical themes such as identity crises, mortality, and the meaning or purpose of life, often in a metaphysic or parapsychological level. Even […]

9 Things “Reservoir Dogs” Can Teach You About Making Your First Feature Film

best debut films

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most popular directors of our time, and this result comes from his accomplishment of many extraordinary things. One of them is that he is constantly making art films, which are totally accessible to all audiences. However, as it is logical, the beginning of his career was difficult and as […]

10 Living Filmmakers Who Never Won Palme d’Or (But Should)

It’s really odd thinking that the Cannes International Film Festival, known for rewarding the very best films in the world, has never awarded some important directors with the biggest prize, Palme d’Or. This list includes artists who have made impact with their films, have been recognized -some of them might even have written cinematic history- […]