10 Essential George A. Romero Films Every Horror Fan Should See

best George A Romero movies

Zombies could easily be classed as movie monsters rivalling the likes of Vampires, Werewolves and Ghosts. Their infiltration into the cinematic playing field has been slow and disjointed, much like the creatures themselves. The golden era of zombie movies was probably the 1980s when a plethora of these movies rose up to greet eager cinema […]

10 Essential Dario Argento Films Every Horror Fan Should See


There are many great directors within Horror’s rich history. Whenever you see shambling, brain-hungry zombie movies, we have George Romero to thank; for every nonsensical Italian movie with no discernable ending, we fondly remember Lucio Fulci; and for every low budget, zip-up monster, we tip our hats to Roger Corman. But when it comes to […]