The 10 Most Rewatchable Movies of 2019 (So Far)

There are certain films that audiences find themselves returning to time and time again. Whether that is because they are enjoyable and entertaining, visually stunning or just simply to get their heads around the narrative up’s and down’s – many films will be ones that audiences want to revisit.

2019 so far has been a mixed year for film – amongst the critically acclaimed films and box office smashes, there has also been a number of box office flops and critical duds. But in the world of film, a film does not need to have been a critical or financial success to merit a rewatch or to be a film that audiences want to revisit. Only time will tell as to how many of 2019’s releases will become the most rewatched films from the year.


1. Shazam!

When fourteen-year-old foster kid Billy Batson stumbles across an ancient wizard, he soon realises that he has amazing newfound powers. He only needs to shout SHAZAM! – and he will turn into a muscle ripped superhero. The only problem is that Billy now needs to figure out what it is exactly that he can do – can he fly? Does he have x-ray vison? With his foster brother Freddy, they begin to test his powers. They need to do it quickly though, as a deadly threat from villain Dr. Thaddeus Sivana has emerged.

Why it’s so rewatchable – For the fun factor

The DC Extended Universe has had its share of criticisms and unfavourable comparisons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with one of the main criticisms being the lack of the fun factor in the DCEU films. Whether you agree with criticism or not, the DCEU proved its doubters wrong with the release of Shazam! – arguably one of the most fun superhero films of recent years. With its almost universal appeal and easy watch quality, Shazam! looks set to be a highly rewatched film.

Trivia: At the abandoned warehouse where Billy and Freddy test Billy’s powers, there is a factory in the background with the sign ‘Ace Chemicals.’ That’s the factory where the Joker was born.


2. Rocketman

Following the breakthrough years of popstar Elton John, as he transforms from a piano prodigy to an international superstar, leaving behind Reginald Dwight for his new persona Elton John. Set to some of his most famous songs, Rocketman tells the behind the scenes story of a man who would become iconic.

Why it’s so rewatchable – For the musical drama

Music based biopics are all the rage right now, with Bohemian Rhapsody even being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (along with several other nominations). Rocketman turns the spotlight on the story of Elton John and is an explosion of music and drama. Audiences will not only want to return to this film to listen to the wonderful music of Elton John, but for the fantastic performances and entertainment it provides.

Trivia: Taron Egerton wears over fifty different pairs of glasses in the film.


3. Alita: Battle Angel

Awakening with no memory of who is she is, Alita is taken in by kind doctor Ido who comes to realise that she is an abandoned cyborg with the heart and soul of a young woman. Living in the dangerous Iron City, Ido tries to his best to protect Alita from the dangers that might befall her. After Alita meets new friend Hugo, she comes to realise that she has unique fighting abilities that may be key to saving the city.

Why it’s so rewatchable – For the total immersion into another world

Visually, Alita: Battle Angel is by far one of the most impressive films of the year so far. The production design is brilliant, the CGI manages to be engaging without being jarring and overall the dystopian, cyberpunk world is brought to life in a way that means that audiences will not help but be drawn to rewatching the film again and again.

Trivia: Although the film was announced back in 2003, production kept being put off for producer James Cameron’s work on Avatar and its sequels.


4. Avengers: Endgame

The second part to Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame sees Tony Stark stranded in space with his oxygen supplies starting to dwindle. Elsewhere, the remaining Avengers are trying to figure out a way to undo the snap and defeat Thanos once and for all.

Why it’s so rewatchable – For the chance to relive one of the biggest films of the year

A huge box office hit, that many audiences are already calling one of their favourite films of the year, it is pretty certain that Avengers: Endgame will be one of 2019’s most rewatchable films. Endgame is not only incredibly rewatchable due to its impressive action sequences and overall blockbuster qualities, it is also a film that will be rewatched time and time again for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as they revisit the films. Endgame is also packed full of Easter eggs, so fans will want to see if they can spot them as it is usually near on impossible to see them all after only one watch.

Trivia: The Russo Brothers included the phrase “I love you 3000,” after Robert Downey Jr. told them about how one of his own children said it to him once.


5. Shadow

The military commander of a young and unpredictable king wields a secret weapon – a shadow lookalike who has the ability to fool his enemies and even fool the king himself. Now the commander must construct an intricate plan to use this weapon to lead the kingdom to victory in a war that the king is against.

Why it’s so rewatchable: For the stunning visuals

Shadow is a film that may begin very slowly, but once the pace increases, there is some remarkable and stunning imagery. Director Zhang Yimou based the overall visual scheme on the brush techniques of Chinese calligraphy and painting and the result is something that needs to be seen to be believed – it is a really unique and clever use of colours and cinematography and will be a film that audiences will want to return to when they want to watch a film with gorgeous visuals.

Trivia: The film had its premiere at the 2018 Venice Film Festival.