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The 10 Most Overrated Movies of 2017

06 January 2018 | Features, Film Lists | by Tom Lorenzo

2017 was a hell of a year for cinema. Despite the nutsacks that trot out the same old “cinema is dead” articles the week a new superhero movie comes out, cinema was alive and vibrant and varied as hell. There was some true all-timers that came out and some serious misses. Thankfully not enough to weigh down the batting average of the year.

But as usual, there’s gonna be some flicks that get a bit more love than they genuinely deserve. Again, that usually just means giving a slightly above average movie the credit of an all-timer. However, there is one in here that has gotten way too much praise for something as amateurish as it is. The New Year is here, gang. Let’s get back to it.


10. The Big Sick

The Big Sick

When this came out, everyone was treating it like the next coming of the rom-com. People loved that Kumail Nanjiani had taken the true story of his marriage and wrung some cinematic magic out of it. The movie is cute and heartfelt and pretty damn funny, but it’s not some transcendent piece of game-changing cinema. It’s a really good example of the rom-com that has, like many comedies today, some fat on it that could use some trimming.

In a weird way, it reminds one of “Funny People” in that it’s a comedy that is set in the world of stand up comedy, dealing with a love story. But this feels like the inverse of that movie, where this one’s weakness is the stand up. There’s gold in here, including the best 9/11 joke ever. But let’s not get too crazy here.


9. Lady Bird

This was a very solid coming-of-age movie about a white girl dealing with life as an outsider in high school. The only problem is is that there’s roughly 2,000 of these movies released every year, and there’s only a few things that separate it from the pack. Being a period piece set in the early 2000s gives it a different flavor than most. Greta Gerwig is clearly utilizing her own life to inform the movie, as it has a ring of authenticity that most tend to lack. Tracy Letts is another solid element that those other losers don’t have. But what it has is story beats that are just stock in trade of every one of these movies.

It isn’t as funny or insightful as a masterpiece would be. It’s really good. An element of this that it shares with “The Big Sick” is that there’s a strong sense of narcissism to the enterprise that one can’t shake. Like the filmmaker is so in love with themselves that everyone needs to see an almost unfiltered portrayal of it. The love has gotten out of control. Greta Gerwig doesn’t need anymore undue praise.


8. Thor: Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok

The Thor franchise has been one of the few blights on the MCU thus far, so changing it up was a great idea for them. And it paid off! But the praise has maybe been a bit too effusive. As funny and entertaining as it is, there are some pretty big holes in it.

As a big part of the endgame with “Infinity War,” this movie’s dramatic elements land with a big ole thud. It doesn’t really manage to get the balance that it needs. In a year where “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “The Last Jedi” came out and perfectly nailed the balance, this movie’s weaknesses stand out even more. It also doesn’t overcome the typical MCU problem of having a villain played by a big actor to distract from the fact that they kind of do nothing in the movie. Much like the movie itself, the praise for this movie has not been perfectly balanced.


7. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man Homecoming

Another solid entry from the MCU that helps to breathe new life into a fractured character. It gets back to basics and brings the first true interpretation of Spidey to the screen. No half in/half out nonsense like Tobey or Andrew. This is Spidey. But for a blockbuster action movie, its action is pretty bad. The climax of the movie is pretty much incomprehensible.

The villain is fine, buoyed by a great performance by Michael Keaton. But there’s a bit of a gulf in believability, with this 70-year-old man giving a mutant a run for his money straining plausibility. Not to mention him just becoming a criminal mastermind that is an equal to the Cartel at his age is a bit much. For as well as it nails the street level heroics and the dynamics of Spidey’s personal life, it doesn’t really hit the superhero aspects too well. It’s a good starting point for this iteration of Spidey. On its own? Not as great as we’re being led to believe.


6. The Florida Project

The Florida Project

This is a really good movie. Damn near great. But there’s a weird thing going on with those that love this movie. They’re claiming that it is some tear-jerking masterwork that destroys the viewer at the end. Why? It’s almost like they’re upset that this little girl is being torn away from the maniac mother of hers. Ignoring that this woman is super negligent. Ignoring that she’s prostituting with the little girl in the bathroom. Sure, the little girl is upset and there’s a twinge of sadness at seeing her despair. But the ending of the movie is the best case scenario for her.

The whole movie is about following Willem Dafoe come to terms with the fact that he can’t abide the living situation for this girl. It’s a great and humane look at this transient society, but it’s not making it seem like an ideal lifestyle. There can be humanity within it and people can make the best of it. But it’s not trying to make the case for it. This girl gets an escape. Don’t cry. Cheer. It’s this weird misreading of the movie that makes one feel like it’s not being received correctly.



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  • Zwei

    Get Out

    • David Johnson

      I agree. Not that the movie was overrated, but that authors who make lists like these need to Get Out.

    • FortesqueX

      Seriously, “The Stepford Wives” with black people. Big deal.

      • UltraModerate

        There are too many differences between the two to really make that comparison.

  • Abhishek

    Agreed with Mother! What a fucking piece of pretentious crap it was! Everyone was lauding JL performance which I hated the most. Still she will get an Academy nomination being the darling of them. All she was doing in the movie was shouting like a maniac. And what was that camera thingy behind her and giving close shots. They were plain stupid!

  • CatKitten Amy

    Get Out
    Disaster Artist
    I Tonya
    Star Wars LJ
    Wonder Woman

  • Who are these jabronies writing for this site?

  • David Johnson

    People who make overrated lists think way too much of themselves.

    • David Johnson

      I daresay saying “overrated” is the new overrated.

  • oscarseason

    What is this tripe

  • tommyturner

    Wonder Woman

    • Gilles Beleuze

      Totally agree. Wonder Woman is as bad as all other DC Universe films.

    • Tony

      I found WW entertaining and well-done up until the final encounter with Ares when it devolved into a CGI video game boss fight. That part of the film was miserable.

  • JoeH

    Most of these are still good movies. I would call this list, “the slightly overrated movies of 2017.”

  • feast for

    The last Jedi is as overrated as Thor to honor the truth, is it risky? Yeah, but the plot holes appear easily, the characters are still incomplete, It tries to fix TFA but feels disconnected from it.

  • Nick Botton

    Your reason for including Raw on this list is stupid. What were you expecting? A movie with loads of jump scares? Why does everything have to fit within neat little boxes like “traditional horror” and “elevated horror”?

    Also, the cannibalism being a metaphor for female sexuality does not mean to imply that that women who express sexual agency are monsters, but rather serves to illustrate the difficulties women have in engaging in that agency:
    – Parents often push you to repress it
    – It is taboo, but one feels peer pressure to express sexuality, or feels urged by the characteristics of their environment
    – It is hard to understand, and one can hurt others in the process

    The “monstrosity” of cannibalism is synonymous with the taboo of sexuality, which is nonetheless inescapable. Women aren’t monsters, but society often makes them feel like they are when they exert sexual agency (ergo: slut shaming). It’s not that complicated.

    • X Y

      *just…. What?!

      • Nick Botton

        Have you seen the movie?

        • X Y

          Yes, some time ago… I’m not 100% fresh on it, but the things you are talking about make no sense in the context of the movie. Not even in the context of real life or logic for that matter.

          • Nick Botton

            I mean I don’t really know how to be any clearer so I guess you’ll just have to either watch the movie again or improve your reading comprehension skills

          • X Y

            Or maybe I should just lower (lower or raise?) my tolerance to pretentious writing.
            Really, your words are comprehensible enough but their meaning, their idea is as lost as are my dreams in my present life crisis.

          • Nick Botton

            Jeez I mean, I don’t really know what to tell you man, it just doesn’t really seem like you think about the movies that you watch. I can see how my words would come of as nonsense given your understanding of the movie seems pretty superficial. Also sorry I used a couple terms which I guess you thought were too hard to understand?

  • Pieter Van Esbroeck

    The worst list so far…

  • Maciek

    So The Squere is overrated because is “to long”… hmm.. interesting..

  • Dreaming Wanderer

    drunk list

  • Ricardo Correia

    The Square is the probably the best film of the year, and Detroit is a fantastic film

  • X Y

    *fuck yes! Finally thrilled to see Raw on a list where it deservedly belongs!

  • Kosta Jovanovic

    Not as bad as it could have been, you presented your case solidly enought.

  • DonkeYes

    I agree with everything this person said about Mother. Everything was so in your face, there was no subtlety about anything.

  • FortesqueX

    “Blade Runner 2049”

    • UltraModerate

      Very much agreed, though I must admit I’m not a huge fan of the original either. It was gorgeous to look at, but it was sooooooo slow. I doubt I’ll watch it a second time.

  • FortesqueX

    Also, “Homecoming” “he first true interpretation of Spidey to the screen…”

    Um, sorry, but…bullshit.

  • Franco Gonzalez

    More shit content for the site

  • Max Blancke

    I am glad you mentioned the Beguiled. I liked the film very much, but was really dismayed at the scenes that were so dark that I literally could not tell what was happening. I though it was the conditions of the screening I attended.

  • D. L.

    Where is Baby Driver?

  • Dolev Amitai

    This site is going down the drain…

  • grootrm

    TOM LORENZO is an overrated movie critic

    ToC, please stop giving a platform for envious spiteful haters

    • Ricardo Correia

      Talks the guy who says Arnold should have won an Oscar for Predator, brilliant

  • UltraModerate

    Totally disagreed about Mother! I love that movie for how loud and in your face it is. It’s called allegory, and as such it’s supposed to carry its meaning and symbolism right at the forefront, not tucked away so everyone can play a guessing game. Mother! was ballsy and straightforward in a way that a lot of art films these days are afraid to be.

    Besides, there are so many other choices for overrated films: Brawl in Cell Block 99, The Last Jedi, Colossal, etc, etc, etc…

    • X Y

      *so what was the allegory?

      • UltraModerate

        The allegory was that the husband was God, the wife was (mother) nature, and the house was Earth. That’s why the house had no roads going in or out. The rest is a highly abbreviated retelling of the Bible, from the arrival of Adam and Eve (the doctor and his wife), their expulsion from the Garden of Eden (getting kicked out of the husband’s work room), Cain and Abel (the one son who murders the other out of jealousy and is marked), the great flood (bursting of the pipes and emptying of the house), the birth and death of Jesus (the baby that gets killed, after which the followers consume its body), and the apocalypse (complete destruction of house and wife). After which the house regenerates, a new wife appears, and the cycle continues.

        It’s basically a Bibllical allegory with a strong environmental message that says humans are creating their own apocalypse.

        • X Y

          I think you are reading waaaay to much into it, some of these associations are quite desperate in my opinion. And you haven’t told me what the heart was… Love? The soul of man? Free will? Belief? Rihanna? Because really… it literally could be any one of those.

          • UltraModerate

            Really? If you look at it, the associations are quite obvious if you know anything about the Bible…or at the very least the book of Genesis. How the man comes first, how there’s a wound where his rib would be (during the scene where he’s sick in the bathroom), how the woman comes second, then the sons, then the murder in which the murdering son is marked and outcast, later comes the “flood” and everybody is kicked out, then the poet creator writes his masterpiece (the Old Testament) based on the stories of the people and everything that happened…it really couldn’t be laid out in a more straightforward way.

            And if I remember correctly from the film, the heart was supposed to be hope, though I think it could also be inspiration for the poet.

          • Nick Botton

            Don’t worry about it, I haven’t seen the movie but I’m sure your analysis is correct, this guy just doesn’t think about the movies he watches. Also bonus points to you for hiding spoilers.

          • UltraModerate

            And honestly, the heart was probably not any of the things that you suggested. If you’ll remember, the poet/creator did not allow anyone else to touch it. When the man and woman messed with it, they broke it and the poet/creator boarded up his workroom.

  • David

    Get Out should be at number 1

  • UnforcastedStorm

    What does overrated even mean nowadays?

  • Wun Yung

    The Last Jedi was good? ok there….

  • woodstar

    how is mother overrated? it flopped at the box office and gets a lot of hate.

  • Francisco Pacho Javier Alvarez

    GEt Out!!!!!!!!

  • Mark Jeffery

    Personally, I loved The Florida Project and The Square. I did loathe Mother – load of old tosh.

  • Kailash S

    NO DUNKIRK ??!!