The 10 Most Hated Movies of All Time

5. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


People love to hate Transformers, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact, the original Transformers movie did relatively well with both critics and audiences. The sequel, however, was everyone’s favorite punching bag.

The racist robots and giant plot holes resulted in a movie that nobody could find a way to compliment. This is Michael Bay doing what he does best – compiling countless scenes with explosions. None of these explosions actually matter when the plot is so damn bad.

The Mark Wahlberg Transformers movies actually fared worse with critics, but this is the one that started it all. This is the one that truly proved that Bay doesn’t give a damn about coherent storytelling. He just wants 13-year old boys to have fun and look at provocative shots of Megan Fox. Too bad 13-year olds are smarter than Michael Bay thinks. Not even they would leave the theater getting anything from this slog.


4. Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin (1997)

It’s not ice to pick on such a freezy target, but this movie left a lot of people feeling cold. After some were put off by the darker tone of Burton’s movies, Joel Schumacher took over and decided to turn it into a cartoon.

Batman Forever garnered mixed reviews, but it has its fans. Batman & Robin, on the other hand, is hated by just about everyone, and for good reason. It benefits from being unintentionally hilarious, but that’s where the praise ends. It’s an otherwise disastrous movie with a dumpster fire of a script and some unusual casting decisions.

This movie single handedly derailed the careers of several people involved. People despised it upon release and the hate still lingers to this day. With a 3.7 IMDb score and a C+ Cinemascore, . Superman IV: The Quest for Peace actually has the same IMDb score and a lower Cinemascore, but it just isn’t the same kind of punching bag as this movie. Sure, it gets brought up in some worst lists, but it’s just not as fun to make fun of as this trainwreck.

Following its release, the series was (no surprise) given a much needed break until Nolan came around and brought back the Batman people know and love. They weren’t all perfect films, but they didn’t have Uma Thurman trying way too hard to be erotic. They didn’t completely ruin every single major Batman character. Shame on you, Batman & Robin.


3. The Last Airbender


Now that Shyamalan is back to making above average movies, it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room: he directed nothing but crap for nine years. The Village was bad, Lady in the Water was worse, The Happening was an unmitigated disaster, and then came The Last Airbender.

God help us all. Shyamalan’s take on one of the most critically acclaimed animated series of the century was horrendous. To put it lightly, fans of the show were not pleased with Shyamalan’s handling of the source material.

It’s not like people had that much faith in the guy, but few people expected it to be this bad. Given the quality of The Happening, it’s astounding that Shyamalan created something so much worse.

The incomprehensible plot, the ridiculously short runtime, and the laughable dialogue all add up to one of the worst blockbusters of all time. Trust me, people seemed to agree. The Last Airbender tanked on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDb following its release. Obviously people did not get the movie they signed up for.


2. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2


For folks who couldn’t get enough of the original Baby Geniuses, hollywood was kind enough to supply us with a sequel. This time around, they’re superbabies. Oh, and Scott Baio is one of the leads. Is that enough to dissuade everyone from watching this movie? If not, there’s also the fact that it’s the third lowest rated on all of IMDb. Oh, and it scored a solid 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. In other words, not a single critic gave this movie a pass and the user score isn’t much better.

Turns out people don’t really appreciate movies about talking babies with super powers. Who would’ve guessed? Seriously, the premise alone is enough to make the average viewer vomit, but the studio decided to go ahead and give it a theatrical release.

People weren’t fooled into watching it considering the fact that it was a box office bomb, but the few people who decided to purchase a ticket probably left the theater speechless, and not the good kind. With ridiculous visual effects, childish jokes, and zero story to speak of, the movie is unbearable to sit through.

Somehow Baby Geniuses 2 made it through Razzie season without a single “win.” It lucked out by being released the same year as the easier-to-bully Catwoman movie. Still, most people would rather sit through all of Catwoman than ten minutes of this steaming pile.


1. Jack & Jill


Following the release of Jack & Jill, it pulled off quite a feat. It managed to win every single Razzie award. It was nominated twelve times in ten categories and it picked up ten trophies. Hell, Adam Sandler even managed to win Worst Actor and Worst Actress. It shouldn’t be a surprise to learn that it holds the record for most Razzie victories.

After all, it “won” in every single category. The Razzies hated Battlefield Earth, but they didn’t hate it this much. Then again, the Razzies tend to pick on the easiest target rather than picking the absolute worst movie. That’s why movies like mother! get nominated. With that in mind, how do other people feel about Jack & Jill?

Oh yeah, basically the exact same. Nobody wants to see Adam Sandler in drag. Hell, nobody really wants to see Adam Sandler in anything anymore. Seriously though, despite all of the drek Adam Sandler has put us through, this is widely considered the worst. It makes The Cobbler look like The Big Lebowski.

It makes The Ridiculous 6 look like Blazing Saddles. It makes Bedtime Stories look like Jumanji. You get the idea. It’s really really bad, and everyone knows it. Comedic actors have done the whole “dress up as a woman” thing before, but it’s never been this offensively distasteful and unfunny.

It’s hard to imagine a worse Happy Madison movie coming to fruition considering the quality of this one. Regardless of quality, it’s hard to imagine the population hating an Adam Sandler movie this much. It’s so easy to hate because it’s so inexcusably bad. It’s a nightmare from start to finish.