6 Movies That Will Change How You View Life In College

It is no secret that media can influence the way you perceive things. This is especially true in the cases when you have not yet experienced something yourself. Take college life, for instance. If you are still in high school, you may not know what to expect from college. In case you already are in college, you probably have already formed your own view on how it is out there. Regardless of where you stand, these 6 movies will give you a completely new perspective on college life.


1. Van Wilder

Van Wilder is a party animal and the most popular guy on campus. What made him so popular in college is that he has been throwing crazy parties. He has also been staying in college for 7 years. One day, however, Van Wilder loses funding from his father, which means an end to parties. After getting used to enjoying a nightlife in college, it is not easy for him to get simple college stuff done, even as simple as write a great . By the way, If you are in the same situation or don’t want to waste your time, there is the best writing service to do it for you in a right time and with a high quality. So Wilder comes up with creative ways out and looks to his peers for help in raising for money for him to stay in school.


2. Accepted

Bartleby Gaines decided to create a fictitious university after being rejected by every college he applied to. He and his friends create South Harmon Institute of Technology to fool their parents. Their deception works too well, however, and other college rejects start to apply to his school. Now Bartleby must find a way to provide education and future his students and friends deserve. To top it all off, he is also trying to win the heart of the girl next door.


3. Legally Blonde

A comedy film about Elle Woods the president of her sorority, Miss June in her campus calendar, and a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy on campus and wants nothing more than to be his wife. But, there’s just one thing stopping Warner, her boyfriend, from making a proposal: Elle is too blonde. One day Warner packs up for Harvard Law and reunites with an old flame from prep school. This is when Elle rallies all her resources and gets into Harvard, determined to win him back. But law school proved to be harder than she expected. Elle must wage the battle of her life, for her guy, for herself and for all the blondes out there.


4. 22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street

As two grown men move from high school to college, they must adapt and learn on the go. The comedy offers a look at different aspects of college life, such as studies, recreation, wild parties and other fun stuff that can happen in college. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum display a fantastic performance in this film.


5. Higher Learning

Young men and women from different countries, races, and social backgrounds must integrate when they all enroll in Columbus University. They all have their issues, be it financial, personal safety, or self-doubt. Campus life seems to be causing a problem for everyone. Students, already under pressure to perform well in different aspects of college life are strained to the breaking point by prejudice, inexperience, and misunderstanding.


6. Stomp The Yard

An expert street dancer goes to Georgia to attend Truth University. However, his efforts to get a degree and woo the girl he likes are put on the side when he joins in his fraternity’s effort to win a step competition.