The 14 Most Unfairly Hated Hollywood Actors

7. Lindsay Lohan

Mean Girls

Who she is: Former child star known for her work in “The Parent Trap,” and “Mean Girls,” as well as her highly-publicised partying and trouble with the law.

Why she’s hated: After developing a reputation for being an impressive child actor, Lohan spent years in the spotlight for her personal antics. Her hard partying and bizarre behavior have made her a target for public hate for the past decade.

Why she deserves a chance: Jamie Lee Curtis said it best. In 2004 President Trump was speaking with Howard Stern when he brought up the then-18-year-old Lohan and said that she was “deeply troubled” and [therefore] “probably great in bed.” When the tape of this conversation resurfaced during last year’s election Curtis tweeted “Lindsay needed help and guidance. Not your gross, lecherous, lewd commentary.”

Since she was in her early teens the media was trying to make Lohan grow up too fast, claiming she was “feuding” with fellow Disney star Hilary Duff over Aaron Carter (when they were all of 14) and criticizing her every time she exhibited normal teen partying behavior.

When she eventually did spiral out of control, she was mocked and egged on when what she really needed was help and compassion. She’s only 30, it’s not too late for Lohan to become the actress people hoped she would in her “Parent Trap”  and “Mean Girls” days, but only if the public is willing to give her a chance.


6. Anne Hathaway

Rachel Getting Married

Who she is: Oscar-winning actress, star of “The Princess Diaries,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” and “Les Miserables”

Why she’s hated: The reasons people hate Anne Hathaway range from her being considered a “bad theater kid” to her cheesy Oscar acceptance speech.

Why she deserves a chance: Hathaway just can’t seem to win with some crowds. She’s been accused of being too perfect by some and vastly overrated by others. The most common criticism of Hathaway is that she reminds people of the whiny, over-eager theater kids they knew in high school and her cheesy, tear-filled Oscar acceptance speech seemed to solidify that view.

However, when she’s taken on roles that move away from the romantic comedy or musical theater realm she’s done some fantastic work. Her raw performance as a recovering drug addict in “Rachel Getting Married” is what should have landed her an Oscar and she managed to stand out among a sea of impressive actors in “Brokeback Mountain.”

Hathaway is a strong actress, and if the worse thing people can say about her is that she’s overly eager about her career and emotional about winning one of the highest honors an actor can receive, she’s not doing so bad.


5. Gwyneth Paltrow

undeserving best picture winners

Who she is: Oscar-winning star of “Shakespeare in Love,” lifestyle guru

Why she’s hated: Paltrow’s lifestyle blog and beauty brand “Goop” have turned her from an occasionally lauded-actress to a pretentious punchline.

Why she deserves a chance: While it’s understandable to be critical of Paltrow’s mixed-bag career, the majority of hate aimed at her is usually connected to her obsession with healthy eating and new age philosophy toward divorce (remember conscious uncoupling)? While the Goop brand is overpriced and a bit over the top, the simple solution is to just not buy it.

As for her personal views, what is Paltrow’s real crime? Trying to be healthy? Attempting to keep her relationship with her ex-husband as civil as possible for her children? Her lifestyle is not for everyone, but it’s her decision to make. If it works for her and her family and it’s not hurting anyone else, maybe it’s time for the public to lay off a bit.


4. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Who she is: Actress best known for her roles in the “Twilight” movies and on-again-off-again relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson.

Why people hate her: Stewart’s stiff public demeanor and very public breakups with Pattinson have made her the target for a great deal of public scrutiny.

Why she deserves a chance: The criticism against Kristen Stewart is often akin to strangers on  the street urging women to “smile more.” It would be one thing of the majority of Stewart-haters disliked her for her stiff and uninspired “Twilight” performances, but that is rarely the case.

Instead, they tend to harp on things that should have no bearing on how she is received as an actress: She’s not giggly on the red carpet. She had a complicated relationship in her late teens and early 20’s. She openly dates both men and women.

Aside from being no one’s business, focusing on these issues distracts people from her impressive work in films such as “Adventureland,” “The Clouds of Sils Maria,” and “Certain Women.” Thankfully, Stewart herself doesn’t seem to let the naysayers bring her down, and her recent impressive turn hosting “Saturday Night Live” may have even won her some new fans.


3. Shia Labeouf

Shia LaBeouf

Who he is: Former Disney Channel star turned film actor, star of  “Disturbia,” “Transformers,” “Fury,” numerous performance art pieces around LA and NYC.

Why he’s hated: While Shia LaBeouf started out as a lovable goofball in his “Even Stevens” and “Holes” days, as the years went on he became harder to root for as his erratic public behavior and confusing performance art pieces alienated many of his fans.

Why he deserves a chance: LaBeouf has chosen some pretty fascinating and challenging roles over the past few years, with impressive results. Critics praised his performances in “Disturbia” and “Fury” and last year’s Cannes darling “American Honey,” and he’s taken on some controversial projects that other actors shied away from, including Lars Von Trier’s two-film odyssey into sexual addiction, “Nymphomaniac: Volumes 1 and 2.”

 As far back as “Holes,” he was showing impressive range as a dramatic actor, and his performance art pieces have allowed fans to gain unparalleled access to him, something few other actors have allowed. If he continues to make bold film choices and explore alternative art forms, the results may be worth sticking around for.


2. Nicolas Cage

Season of the Witch (2011)

Who he is: Oscar-winning actor known for “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Adaptation,” and countless head-scratching film choices.

Why he’s hated: Over the years, Cage’s determination to remain an action star well past his prime have led to some embarrassing performances and have caused fans and critics alike to turn away from the once-beloved star.

Why he deserves a chance: It can be hard to look past Cage’s work in “Ghost Rider,” “Season of the Witch,” and “The Wicker Man” to remember the actor he once was, but if you do you’ll find it’s certainly worth the effort.  “Leaving Las Vegas” is a triumph and it’s unlikely that Cher would have won an Oscar for “Moonstruck” if it weren’t for his tremendous supporting role.

In recent years, he was praised for his performance in 2013’s “Joe,” with some even calling for him to be nominated for another Oscar. Hopefully, this is a sign that he’s getting back into fighting form, and if it is we can look forward to some excellent work.


1. Adam Sandler


Who he is: Actor and comedian known for “Happy Gilmore,” “Punch-Drunk Love,” and an overwhelming number of other comedy films.

Why he’s hated: It’s safe to say that Sandler’s work has been slipping consistently over the past 20 years. While “Billy Madison” and “Happy Gilmore” were good for a few laughs, more recent films like “Jack and Jill” and “Blended” have been met with near-universal scorn.

Why he deserves a chance: Sandler has released a slew of terrible gross-out comedies over the past few years from “Grown-ups 2” to “The Ridiculous Six,” but it’s hard to blame him when it seems like that’s what the public most wants from him.

He spent years trying to build up his actor credentials with dramatic roles in “Punch-Drunk Love,” “Spanglish” and “Funny People,” and despite strong performances in all three films, his attempts at becoming a “serious” actor have been met with a great deal of public eye-rolling.

So he keeps donning wigs, doing silly voices, and creating roles for David Spade and for some, that formula works. The people who love Sandler love him because he makes them laugh, and his particular brand of comedy is what they want. Somebody needs to cater to this audience, so why not him?

Author Bio: Julia Troy grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and she’s grateful to the Avon Cinema, the Cable Car Cinema and her mother for showing her that there’s more to film that just explosions and Leonardo DiCaprio. That being said, she lives in New York City now and would be thrilled to run into Leo filming a scene where he’s narrowly escaping an explosion.