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The 10 Worst Movies Rated Higher Than 7.0 on IMDb

09 December 2017 | Features, Film Lists | by Chad Durham

IMDb’s ratings, voted on by the internet-surfing public, usually end up representing the majority opinion fairly well. With so many votes cast by the website’s visitors, anomalies are ultimately de-emphasized by the louder prevailing voices.

On the site, a score of 7.0 or higher is usually a pretty good indicator of a movie’s popularity and overall quality. If a movie can break the 7.0 barrier, it probably has a pretty good standing with the public. That does not mean that every movie earning that score is a good one, however. Some of those films are quite undeserving of that solid mark but, for whatever reason, have deceived IMDb’s voters. Here are the 10 worst movies rated higher than 7.0 on IMDb.


1. Iron Man 2 (7.0)

Marvel movies are generally well-liked and definitely strong money makers. However, Iron Man 2 is one of the worst movies in the Marvel canon and definitely undeserving of its 7.0 score. Unlike the first Iron Man film, which burst onto the not-yet-oversaturated comic book scene in 2008 with verve and kinetic energy, the sequel represented everything wrong with comic book adaptations. It is bloated, soulless, and often on autopilot.

Though Mickey Rourke tries to goose it with a livewire energy, the movie’s lackluster plot and formulaic twists undermine any momentum the original Iron Man had established. It was the first of more than a couple uninspired sequels to clever first features under the Marvel banner.

Even Robert Downey, Jr. seems to be bored here, perhaps viewing the film as nothing more than a paycheck before finding more to get excited about in some of the intelligent future Marvel films. Luckily, Iron Man 3 (which only rates a slightly better 7.2 on IMDb), helped restore some of the Iron Man cachet.


2. Burn After Reading (7.0)

Burn After Reading (2008)

The Coen brothers are exhilarating filmmakers whose singular gift for dialogue and dark comedy with beautiful insight into human nature has made them critical darlings and sometime commercial successes. That has not prevented them from writing and directing a few duds over their career. One of the bigger duds–and one unworthy of the 7.0 score on IMDb–is Burn After Reading.

Though Burn features a delightfully zany performance from Brad Pitt and an always-worth-watching Frances McDormand, it is ultimately a silly exercise in wheel-spinning, resulting in very little realism and even less resonance. Though there are a few scattered laughs in the film, most of the script’s supposed “hijinx” seems forced and undercooked. While one can never fully go wrong with a Coen brothers movie, this particular movie did not get enough right.


3. Four Weddings and a Funeral (7.1)

Four Weddings And A Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral was a sleeper hit in 1994, even earning a surprise Best Picture nomination. However, that nomination came more from its commercial success than its cinematic excellence. Though there is an interesting melancholy tone to the romantic-comedy, it seems to have been celebrated more for its “British-ness” than any lasting value.

When viewed now, outside of the 1994 excitement, it is easier to see Four Weddings for what it is: a run-of-the-mill rom-com with a few mournful scenes that disguise its obvious trajectory. Hugh Grant is charming, Andie Macdowell is compelling, and John Hannah threatens to steal the movie. But the movie he almost steals is nothing more than a lark. There is very little insight into the human condition and what little insight there is exists solely in movie-land, where coincidences abound and happy endings are inevitable.


4. The Rock (7.4)

The Rock movie

Before his name became synonymous with a very specific kind of schlocky blockbuster that had no intention of aspiring to anything better (The Transformers series, Bad Boys II), Bay made a few movies that people really appreciated. They were fun, they were breezy, and they made a lot of money. But that did not make them high-quality films. The second of these films was the high-octane The Rock, starring a charismatic Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage-y Nicolas Cage.

The Rock is absurdist joy, presenting a story about trying to get on to Alcatraz to prevent a nerve gas attack. What it is not is a 7.4 score-worthy movie. The acting is over the top, the story never gets in the vicinity of reality, and no involved cared about any of those things anyway. And they did not need to care. The movie works–for what it is: a nonsensical, entertaining action movie.


5. Gangs of New York (7.5)

Gangs of New York (2002)

The first of two Martin Scorsese movies of this list, Gangs of New York suffers mostly from delusions of its own grandeur. Featuring one of the best actors of all time, Daniel Day-Lewis and perhaps one of the most criticized actresses of all time, Cameron Diaz, Gangs of New York sets out to tell a sprawling tale of revenge, lust, and violence but ends up collapsing under its own weight. Diaz can’t quite communicate the gravity she needs to, Leonardo Dicaprio seems to be a teenager playing a particularly detailed game of dress-up, and Day-Lewis is magnetic as always but cannot quite save what is a beautifully designed, elegantly shot mess in search of a more compelling story arc.

Though many amazing movies have worked on the strength of their characterization alone, Gangs of New York is content to let the characters exist as archetypes instead of fully-fleshed-out humans. The carnage on display here is often impressive, but the vividness of the imagery is betrayed by the shallowness of the plot machinations.



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  • Palash Tandiya

    Gangs of new york is awesome especially Editing

  • Alex Murphy

    Is this list some kind of bad joke?

    • It seems like they’re now written by morons who don’t know shit about film. Anyone who is a high school teacher that is convinced film hadn’t been any better since the 70s is a fucking moron.

      • X Y

        Fist time I agree with you.

  • Abhishek

    I do not agree with Gran Torino, Titanic, Avatar. While Titanic and Avatar are not that highly rated because people generally just say they are bad movies to sound smart. I mean I am in that they are not great but bad is harsh. Gran torino is fucking awesome for me. I think it is actually lower rated. But then what are we talking about here. Fucking IMDB. It is a user rated website and most user audiences are stupid.

    • Donvanvilet99

      People who don’t like Titanic and Avatar just want to sound smart. Most people who rate movies on IMDB are stupid……
      You would have been better off with a simple – ‘Anyone who disagrees with my opinion is a silly stupid head’.

      • Abhishek

        Nah mate. I just want to say Avatar and Titanic are heaped with hate. They are not great movies but they are not bad either may be average and the number of people who vote on IMDB are huge. So you can very easily see a 7 for a bad movie. That is the reason I think their score is not that high. There are a lot of worse movies with higher score like the superhero films nowadays!

      • Payam Azad

        Never say that public audience are stupid. Cinema like Hitchcock says should always make movie for public audiences and specific audience comes after.

        • Donvanvilet99

          I know….That’s the point of my comment

  • Albert Hendry Harsono

    Pretentious article.

  • Criticus

    Talk about clickbait!

  • Mykolas Gradeckas

    Burn after reading, Blow, Shutter Island and Gran Torino should be rated HIGHER than they are now. dumb list

  • Rafael Fallone

    This is, without a doubt, the most snob list I ever saw on this site.
    Pretentious and “wake” is the worst combination ever.

  • Andy Fraser

    Obviously everybody has their own opinions on the films in this list and we won’t all agree but it can make for an interesting debate so here are my thoughts.

    Some posters have suggested that some don’t like Titanic and Avatar to sound smart. Personally I just don’t like those films. It’s just my opinion. I’ve said anything to try to sound smart. 🙂

    Shutter Island: I agree that Scorsese’s films come with very high expectations but that doesn’t mean that films that aren’t up to the standard of e.g. Taxi Driver are automatically bad. I liked Shutter Island for what it was. It showed that Scorsese on a bad day was still better than a lot of directors at their best.

    Burn After Reading: I liked a lot of Coen brothers films before this came out but wouldn’t say I was a fan. I was put off watching this by the negative reviews at the time and only ended up seeing it, years later on DVD, because someone else wanted to see it. Well it certainly passed the six laugh test and has become one of my favourite Coen brothers comedies. Again just my personal opinion.

    • Ted Wolf

      I agree that bad Scorsese is worth watching just like bad Hitchcock or bad Kubrick. It’s usually better than a very good day for most filmmakers

  • Donvanvilet99

    Why can’t we get an article shitting on the Roger Ebert site? Or is that off limits?
    Seriously though….. go on…..get your arse over there and check out some of Matt-Zoller-Seitz reviews.
    ‘After Earth’ 3 and a half stars. ‘Alien Covenant’ 4!??
    ‘Tangerine’ and ‘A Field In England’ get 3??

  • Šunamovac Makro

    you’d fuck up the grocery list, let alone movie based one. don’t quit your day job just yet. unless this is your day job, then quit immediately.

  • David

    Gangs of New York and Shutter Island are great movies. Gangs especially feels more relevant today than 15 years ago, in this Trump era. This guy doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about.

    • Mortimer

      Gangs and Shutter are great movies ? Give me a break please !

      Political relevance doesn’t make some movie great or important. Gangs is bloated mess, cliché revenge story with nothing original to offer. DDL is the only non-forgettable thing about it.

      Shutter Island is stylish but predictable pulpy fun. Watchable adaptation of potboiler ? Yes. Great movie ? Not even close.

      • David

        “Gangs is bloated mess, cliché revenge story with nothing original to offer.” “Shutter Island is stylish but predictable pulpy fun” I couldn’t disagree more, you should revisit them, but of course everyone is entitled to their opinion.

        • Mortimer

          No problem. I like to watch Gangs from time to time. Despite flaws it has rewatchable quality.

  • Kevin

    Yhea, this list sucks xD

  • kaym

    Burn After Reading is hilarious. I find it’s one of the tightest and consistently hilarious movies of the last 20 years.

    Gran Torino is a terrible mess of a movie but I love it when viewing as a comedy. It’s hard for me to believe people took this movie seriously.

    Gangs of new york has so many conflicting aspects but overall enjoyable. I found the editing to be quite distracting and since revisiting recently, looks very dated. Also, horrible miscasting of Cameron Diaz.

  • kaym

    Also, I find the discussions here really disappointing sometime. why bother saying “pretentious list” or calling the writer a moron without anything to ad to the conversation. I really miss the Dissolve.

  • Hal Jordan

    Another day, another silly ToC ranking about IMDb or the Oscars

  • fantail31

    I agree with gran torino being over rated. Love the story but its all a bit by numbers and a tad worthy in the end. I just dont buy it. I am gonna make an argument for Titanic. We love it the same way we love Gone With the Wind. Its big, bloated, historical and kind of irrestistible. And the spectacle is amazing. But yeah, its cheesy!

  • Nick Botton

    I love this list, except maybe for Shutter Island, which aught to have been replaced by La La Land, for the reasons mentioned in the section on Titanic.

  • Dhrubajyoti Sheet

    Joke of the Century 😀

  • Joris Silverans

    Making a list about ‘popular movies that are overrated’ is bound to get a lot of hate. It’s a hard list to make so I’d like to give the writer some credit. I like Gangs, and loved Shutter, so I guess MY list would be different.
    The writer of this article tried something very difficult, and in my opinion was a little hard on a few choises, but hey, It’s just a conversation starter. And that is what he succeeded in.