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Daily Archives: August 30, 2017

Often overshadowed by the likes of James Bond and Jason Bourne, Ethan Hunt isn’t generally thought of as a true icon of the spy thriller genre. But beyond Tom Cruise’s nonstop quest to quench his ego, he’s produced and starred in one of the most consistently satisfying action film series of the past two decades. Though they’ve evolved – or… Read more »

30 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists

For as long as movies have been around, people have complained about their influence on viewer behavior. Even going back to the silent movie era, moral watchdogs have criticized and chastised the cinematic medium for promoting antisocial behavior and goading individuals into imitating the onscreen debauchery and mayhem. The Lon Chaney movie London After Midnight was blamed for the murder… Read more »

30 August 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Following the article where we explored the directors who started their careers with a masterpiece, this one is dedicated to approaching some of the best last films in a director’s career. As usual, many things interfere in the choice of the titles of this list, but are mainly personal preferences (and even memory). If you know any other final film… Read more »

30 August 2017 | Features, People Lists