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Daily Archives: March 29, 2017

When M. Night Shyamalan became an overnight sensation after making The Sixth Sense, he was able to do whatever he wanted (basically) as a follow-up. He chose the understated superhero/comic book origin story Unbreakable. Masquerading as a serious drama, Unbreakable took the tropes and beliefs of comic books and plugged them into a story that took place in our world–literally…. Read more »

29 March 2017 | Features, Other Lists

Cult films–that is, films that weren’t initially popular or successful upon release but over time gain a devoted following–are usually a cinephile’s dream, mostly because there is some esoteric aspect of the movie (be it the unique cinematography, offbeat script, strange premise, or “so bad it’s good” quality) that intrigues the type of person heavily invested in the art of… Read more »

29 March 2017 | Features, Film Lists

Calling Woody Allen an influential filmmaker would be understatement. One of the most prolific auteurs, active since 1966, Allen has been debuting a new movie almost every year since the beginning of his career. Influenced by European art cinema, Allen presents everything atypical, including big screen spectacles that we usually get from mainstream Hollywood. In fact, it would be a… Read more »

29 March 2017 | Features, Film Lists