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Daily Archives: January 4, 2017

Sometimes the story behind the scenes is nearly as compelling as what made it onto the screen. Here are 10 unusual production histories you maybe weren’t familiar with:   1. Roman Polanski’s Macbeth (1971) Once upon a time, Roman Polanski was preparing to direct a science-fiction adventure film titled Day of the Dolphin… then the Manson family came along. After… Read more »

04 January 2017 | Features, Other Lists

A lot of journalists and film makers are dragged to the art of documentary making because they want to reveal some kind of truth, and in revealing this truth they always face certain risks. At times this truth can be harmless and simply informative, the biggest risk being sticking to schedule; but many times documentary makers stumble upon topics that… Read more »

04 January 2017 | Features, Film Lists