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Top 10 Failed Oscar-Bait Movies of 2015

18 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists | by Justin Chumas

oscar bait 2015

Awards Seasons is a very, very busy time in Hollywood. In the winter, fall, and even part of the summer seasons of the years, studios and directors are busy busting out as many movies to try and pick up as much awards steam as possible.

Amidst the wide array of award contending movies however, there’s the unlucky bunch. The Oscar Bait movies, the movies that try to earn nominations by reeling in big casts, telling an overly emotional story, or trying to make a point about whatever topic is relevant during the year.

Before further reading, bear in mind that even though these movies can qualify as Oscar Bait that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. Oscar Bait has never meant bad. It’s merely a term used for a movie that tries harder to garner award nominations during awards season then most, and while some can be bad or mediocre, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good ones.

So brace yourselves. Because it’s time to count down the Top Ten Failed Oscar-Bait Movies of 2015!


10. Ricki and the Flash

Ricki and the Flash

Does Meryl Streep not have enough Oscars? The woman has three so far, and with this movie it seems like she’ll do just about anything to try and earn the golden statue. The movie tells the tale of Ricki, a rock star played by Streep who moves back to her hometown to try and right some wrongs with her family, whom she left to pursue fame and fortune.

While it is entertaining to see Streep playing a character she normally wouldn’t play and to see her act alongside her real life daughter Mamie Gummer, the movie is very predictable, is coated with that awkward, sexual, hipsterish humor that the film’s writer, Diablo Cody is known for, and has the sappiness of a Christian Drama movie. Sorry Meryl, good luck trying to get another nomination this year though.

Hmm…speaking of Meryl Streep…


9. Suffragette

Suffragette (2015) movie review

A movie about feminism and the struggles that women endured to try and earn equal voting rights. Sounds like a recipe for success right? Eh…not so much. Though the movie does feature some great cinematography, nice production design, and great performances form a stellar cast, it’s very preachy, and sticks to the whole “men are bad, women are good” sort of ideology that modern feminism is preaching nowadays.

That paired up with the fact that the two main characters are fictitious can also make this movie somewhat historically inaccurate despite appearances from actual people involved in the Suffragette movement such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davison, David Lloyd George, and King George V.


8. Black Mass

Black Mass

If there’s one thing in Hollywood that’s guaranteed to earn Oscars, or any kinds of awards buzz, it’s gangster films. From The Godfather, to The Untouchables, to Goodfellas to The Departed, there’s just something about these kinds of Gangster films that the Academy loves.

With Hollywood’s love for Mafia films, Black Mass tries to play into the love of Mafia films and tells the story of the former Boston Mafia leader James “Whitey” Bulger and his life of crime from the 70’s to his arrest in the 90’s.

While the movie does a good job at portraying the grittiness of Boston and Johnny Depp’s performance as Bulger is electrifying, the movie is plagued by a hollow script that lacks emotional depth, as well as no character to guide the audience. If anything hopefully Black Mass will at least earn Depp projects better than the ones he’s currently been getting.


7. Legend

legend tom hardy

Another movie about gangsters, Legend is similar to Black Mass in the sense that it involves a real life group of gangsters and tried to nab some awards during October last season.

Much like Black Mass however, Legend suffers from the same problems, like a lack of a character to guide the audience, and no real emotional depth to the story. That paired up with an unintentionally comedic performance from Tom Hardy as the crazier twin, Ronnie Kray, makes one wonder why the movie wasn’t called “Kray Kray”.


6. Burnt


A movie that’s been trapped in Development Hell since 2008 only to be released now. When is Hollywood going to realize this never works? Burnt is about a washed up chef named Adam Jones, played by Bradley Cooper, who, after a bad history of drugs, attempts to re-earn his respect and get his life back together.

While the acting from Cooper is great along with performances by a stellar ensemble cast consisting of Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Brühl, Matthew Rhys, and Alicia Vikander, to name a few, the movie suffers pretty much everywhere else. It features a cliché story that’s been told again and again in different movies, and features a mostly unsympathetic character that the movie attempts to make you root for.

Just goes to show you, sometimes development hell is a better place for some movies.



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  • sailor monsoon

    Steve jobs is amazing.
    Everything else i agree with

    • Brandon Thompson

      Steve Jobs should’ve won best screenplay and Fassbender was miles ahead of DiCaprio’s performance in the revenant.

      The Walk and Steve Jobs are both top 10 movies of 2015 for me

      • sailor monsoon

        I agree wholeheartedly with both statements.
        But i do believe it was dicaprio’s time, so i wasn’t upset when he won

    • frank mango

      people say fassbender was nothing like steve jobs. I love his performance and the way he delivers his dialogue so much in that movie i don’t care who he is or isn’t like. He is def. the next actor i would love to see win an oscar.

      • sailor monsoon

        I agree.
        Although gary oldman is my number 1, fassbender and hardy are a close number 2

        • frank mango

          oh man gary. your right i love him. can’t believe he has only been nominated for one oscar in his life.

          • sailor monsoon

            I don’t know what’s more amazing:
            The fact that he’s only been nominated once or the fact that sam rockwell hasn’t been nominated at all

          • frank mango

            i like your style brother

          • sailor monsoon

            I heard that in hulk Hogans voice in my head

  • MBP

    I’m a big fan of the site but this list just comes off as very dismissive and lazy.

  • Frank

    What about Joy?

    • Abhishek

      That should be on top!

  • Eri Taide

    Man, Tom Hardy is probably the only good thing about “Legend”, he turned what could have been a terrible movie into a decent one.

  • Dr Gonzo

    [Suffragette] …is very preachy, and sticks to the whole “men are bad, women are good” sort of ideology that modern feminism is preaching nowadays.

    Seriously, who the fuck wrote this?? Stick to your sexist rhetoric please and stop writing about films.

    • Toni Beißkammer

      That’s what thirdwave- feminism is about, sorry to admit, also it’s quite telling seeing how you suggest the guy who wrote this article shouldn’t even have the RIGHT to voice his opinion.
      You were roped in by the hype of something that is a mere shell of it’s former self, probably because the name sounds “noble” or something, but what it boils down to is sjw- dom and politically correct mind- fascism.

      • Red Rackham

        Third wave feminism is the death of reason

      • Dr Gonzo

        First of all, I didn’t even imply that whoever wrote this shouldn’t have the RIGHT to express his opinion, I only suggested that he shouldn’t because sexist and misogynistic beliefs can appear even through a simple article about movies. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion about anything but it’s more than expected that they can be criticized about it, especially if they do so publically.
        And secondly, the fact that you believe that modern feminism is mind-fascism (???), that there is no need for it and that it is plain hype just because the goals of women’s rights movements have moved into different fields shows just how much you wish there were none. Men believing that feminism’s ideological core has anything to do with “men are bad, women are good” are either stupid or absolute misogynists, degrading feminist rhetoric.

        • Toni Beißkammer

          Flaming somebody because of difference of opinion and insulting them with every measure of ad-hominem is just plain BULLYING !!! Like, especially with the rightwing on the rise (also here in Austria, Europe where i am) you people are making it difficult for others to become fully fletched liberals (such as myself). Where you (the regressive left) fail to see nuance, us ACTUAL liberals have to compensate and waste time on you retards while neonazis are bashing in the heads of some Muslim kid.
          And yes, pc- culture is absolute anti- freedom of speech and TOXIC !!! You get out there, call people buzzwords because you have no other merit to your arguments, and GET AWAY WITH IT because you’re a self-satisfied, stuck up, man-hating CUNT who’s only reserve of self-defence is fucking bully-tactics!
          It doesn’t matter what feminism WAS, it’s now about controlling what you can enjoy in film, books, music and gaming.
          Like, you’re a condescending mongoloid retard, HOW in the world could i take you and your firstworld- problems seriously??

          • joana carvalho

            It’s funny how you talk about the ad hominem falacy but then proceed to use it constantly in your argument. (coherency???)
            I also really liked your usage of ableist slurs and the fact that you compared feminists with neonazis, but the only person here that sounds like a neonazi, it’s you my dear.
            i would advise you to drop your argument but you are also free to continue with your lovely “””””liberal”””” hating speech

          • Toni Beißkammer

            Was that a fart or an argument?? Ad hominem is not necessarily name-calling, i usually don’t resort to slander like ms gonzo up there, as calling somebody “misogynistic” is a VERY serious claim that you don’t fiddle-fuck around with.

            Also nice strawman, you mong, i said: Shut the fuck up, regressive left, so we can focus on the much bigger threat to society that is the rightwing. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Poland and Turkey powermorphed into dictatorships over the last year. I said, you cunts be moaning about first-world-problems WHILE this is happening. Like, you fucking liar, how much of a piece of shit do you have to be to transfigure somebody else’s statements to fit your narrative !!! Like THAT is what i was talking about, absolute FUCKING MIND-FASCISM !!!

            How the heck am i a neonazi??? I am egalitarian, LGBT- advocate and Green-party member here in Austria, you’re the one who’s just bitching.

            and pleeeeease !!! Stop with that snarky “my dear”- shit as if you were some firey orator with saliant points, because THEN can you say “my dear” if you’re like a Chris Hitchens- type, otherwise it makes you seem like a cringey-pretentious fucking dunce!!

            You act as if thirdwave feminism had ANY backing from sociology while it’s the most underdeveloped, unfounded garbage-pail packed with sophistry and straight up lies!!

          • Wyatt W.B

            I like you.

          • Red Rackham

            Logic is to feminist what silver bullet is to werewolf.

          • Dr Gonzo

            YOU are talking about ad hominem arguments and getting away with internet bullying while calling me ‘a condescending mongoloid retard’ or ‘a self-satisfied, stuck up, man-hating CUNT’ ??? THIS is plain cyber bullying MY DEAR! All I said was that believing modern feminism has no reason for existing and that it’s just ‘first world problems’ IS a misogynistic point of view!! The notion that there are “bigger problems” out there, therefore we don’t have to give a shit about women’s rights and feminism IS actually a sophistry and a misogynistic argument! I don’t care whether you give yourself enough credit to prove that you’re an ACTUAL liberal, I call this kind of argument misogynistic and I will criticize it. I don’t think this has anything to do with bullying or man-hatred, I don’t know, MAYBE it’s because I don’t resort to calling people mongoloid retards!!

          • Toni Beißkammer

            ahhh, cry me a river. You wouldn’t know priviledge if it sat on your face, you haven’t even said yet what it was that western society denied you so vehemently. The only priviledge you could have is MONEY !!! that alone, which i’m sure you have in abundance, YOU are the one who belittles the cause of women’s rights!!

            If there was an institutionalized oppression at hand, i’d be the first to call it out, now unfortunately for you, there is none. There’s shortcomings for BOTH genders here and there that have to be ruled out.

            as for men:
            (paternal rights for men are often denied, homosexual men/ drags/ trans women are more likely to get battered than ANY cis/ homo woman or trans- man, heterosexual behaviour from men has become a social stigma, …) !!!!!!!!!!

            If you don’t want “cyber bullying”, turn off your computer or don’t go public with your sexist sentiments.

            I also like how most of your paragraph consists of my arguments, just reversed, it’s like you’re a five-year old. haha If anybody patronizes you, it’s you yourself.

            I’m not going to have that discussion with somebody that intellectually bankrupt.
            Just know this: The bigger part of the left will not cope with your ideology, nobody wants to pay a Catholic repentance- fine for being a cis- white- male. How about we just let stoneage ultraconservatives rule the world?? see how you like them real misogynists?? I’d rather see the world burning than boring tbh.

            If you’ll excuse me, i have to get on and watch some simulated rapeporn on and then watch a little twink faggot choke on a big BLACK DICK !!! Maybe i’ll put in some loli- Hentai on the way, spankin the monkey amirite?? …..

            …. fuck you. just fuck you, you misanthropical, stuck-up, PC, pseudo- feministic CUNT !!!

          • Nameless Girl

            I realize this is a 2 month old thread, but just… wow, Toni, you sure sound like a shit.

            I am from India where sexism is a way of life. Women here DO NOT have the same privileges that many of our western counterparts do. But the men in my country do have a lot in common with you. They also piss and moan about how we no longer need feminism because gender equality has long been achieved. And they also tack labels on us – misandrists, feminazis, man-haters etc. So you’re not as unique or liberal as you obviously seem to think. You’re just another sexist (or hopefully, obstinate) male who thinks women shouldn’t demand more rights because we are a little better off than we used to be. You refuse to even consider the fact that maybe… just maybe the other side has a point.

            And FYI, I am not saying that men don’t face gender bias. Just that women are a historically subjugated sex and gender bias of any kind actually stems from patriarchy. So, if you want to be a fucking MRA, be a fucking MRA. Just don’t shit on women who don’t deserve it.

            So, tell me now. Am I qualified to be a feminist cunt? Cause I think I am.

  • frank mango

    everest was a good flick. john krauker or whatever pointed out its inaccuracy because he was offended that he was called out in the movie of hiding in the tent. Then he said if you want the truth go buy my book. Really used that as a way to get his book out there huh

  • once a duckling

    “production design, and great performances form a stellar cast, it’s very preachy, and sticks to the whole “men are bad, women are good” sort of ideology that modern feminism is preaching nowadays.” but that is not what modern feminism preaches… what era do you live in? the 1970’s? modern feminism promotes equality of the sexes where some men are bad and some women are bad too. you miss a trick of talking about how that is the mismatch that makes a movie like that fail. people are sitting in the audience cringing.

  • Carl Edgar Consiglio

    Legend kicked ass!!