The 10 Best Gory Movies of All Time

5. Re-animator

Re-Animator (1985)

Stuart Gordon’s 1985 dark horror comedy is a nightmare territory where science meets terror. An odd student at a medical college has set his mind a little too much on experimenting with dead tissue. After a brilliant discovery, dead men are starting to come to life again but this time in a hideous and gory form of a zombie.

However, the young scientist doesn’t need a full body to test his secret formulas. The laboratory becomes the realm of obnoxious bodies and heads that want to bring chaos into the world through death and dismemberment.

The best scene that stapled this movie down on the list of any gory movie fan was the one when the mad scientist’s fiancé gets captured on the surgical table by the first decapitated zombie, Doctor Hill. The dead body lowers its head to the victim in a seductive way. This moment mixes a peculiar combination of eroticism and morbidity that put the movie down in the history of gory cinema.


4. Nekromantik

Nekromantik (1988)

This depraved movie that causes an instant shock for its viewers offers an in-depth scenario of the point where necrophilia and boredom collide.

The plot is simple yet grotesque. Rob is an offspring of a pre-unification Germany that leads a passive life. At day, he earns his leaving by collecting human corpses off roads, and at night he starts a barbaric erotic time with his wife. One day, he brings a decomposed body home that ends up participating in the necrophiliac fantasy of the couple.

However, the wife loses interest in her living husband in favor for dead bodies and separates from him. The movie continues to capture the macabre attempt of a deranged Rob to bring back his lifetime acceptance he experienced with his wife through murders, horror movies, animal tortures, and graveyard sex.

The disturbing behavior of the main character seems to find an explanation in a scene he remembers with delight. This moment surprises a rabbit being skinned and the audience can only guess that it may be a childhood memory that triggered his pleasure for unanimated bodies.


3. A Serbian Film


The only purpose of this 2010 production is to create a series of scenes, one nastier than the other, until the public doesn’t have another choice left than to look away. However, these disturbing moments do not lack a spicy mix of intelligence and violence that have possibly changed the face of gory cinema.

The protagonist is a retired porn star that struggles with providing for his young family. A job opportunity suddenly appears that promises a bright future of wealth for his beloved. Eventually, the porn star accepts the offer without knowing what it is actually about. This would be his one last dirty work that will fund him a happy future with his family.

However, the overnight success turns into a period of three days that seem retrieved from the wicked mind of the darkest and most sadist devil. The protagonist is forced to mock any moral limits for the greater sake of sick pornographic art. He will act the abominable part in a pedophilia and necrophilia themed sex movie that devours even reality as a whole. The thing that the protagonist loved most, his family, becomes a part of a most demented orgy of newborns, incest, corpses, and rapes.


2. Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust

If you ever heard of some rumors that a director killed his actors on set to make the cruelest movie ever, it must have been “Cannibal Holocaust.” Even though no one was hurt for real, Italian director Ruggero Deodato made sure viewers feel every act of distressful experiences on their own skin.

The movie uses the cannibalism theme as a pretext to test the moral boundaries that separate sanity from madness. An anthropologist sets on a mission to discover what happened to a filming crew that traveled to the unwelcome Amazon forest to create a documentary about human flesh eating tribes. The professor soon discovers that the lost New Yorkers became a generous feast for the forest inhabitants.

However, he also finds the footage the crew created and its content was even more unsettling than when the professor had to eat his friend’s lung. The filmmakers were so caught up in their mission that they resorted to terrorizing the tribes to stage the documentary exactly as they wanted. The barbaric nature of the modern civilization reveals even sharper teeth when the television studio decides to make the documentary public.


1. Day of the Dead

day of the dead

This 1985 masterpiece brought not only the idea of life after death in an apocalyptical form, but it also explored the psychological depth of a zombie invasion. It is the third movie in the Dead series directed by George A. Romero after “Night of the Living Dead” (1968) and “Dawn of the Dead” (1978).

The story, however, alienates itself from the other two movies that were more like a comedic satire. Even though the presence of the zombies is ubiquitous and spreads fear and sheer horror within the little underground facility, the monster here is actually the human being.

The characters that revolve around this world will distinctively divide into three groups. The scientists have the power to discover the cure for the apocalyptic disease, but they are feeding the subjects with dead soldiers. The military has the power to protect the people from the facility, but they start killing the scientists one by one. The civilians have the power to do something about all these, but they live their last days to their fullest without care of the situation.

Even though that’s not the case, the survivors dread the idea that they are the last humans on Earth. This remark is planted on purpose to reduce the whole civilization to this one underground community. Their despicable actions reflect the idea that they are a greater danger to themselves than the beastly creatures known as zombies.

These are the 10 best gory movies of all time that have enough madness and creativity to entertain the most experienced fans of the genre.

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