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Daily Archives: October 20, 2016

How many films have left you completely speechless after watching them, asking yourself WTF did I just watch and put myself through? How many have you constantly questioning throughout them, what exactly is going on in this movie? Should I continue to watch this? The definition of weird is often described in the dictionary as being “strikingly odd or unusual… Read more »

20 October 2016 | Features, Film Lists

A film’s brilliance should never be reliant on its budget. Of course, certain ideas aren’t possible to execute without the proper funding, but a great idea will always shine through the humble production lighting. In fact, on many occasions a lack of budget can work to a film’s advantage; found footage horror films benefit from their thrifty productions, and some… Read more »

20 October 2016 | Features, Film Lists

To begin, let it be known that this list of best male performances of the century could easily be extended to upwards of 50 actors. While there will always be people stubbornly attached to the past, most will conclude that this century has brought us an abundance of mesmerizing performances from acclaimed actors and newbies alike. From all across the… Read more »

20 October 2016 | Features, Other Lists