10 Great Movies That Hipsters Will Absolutely Love

5. Waking Life (2001)

Waking Life

If there is a movie that captures perfectly the struggles of the modern man, Richard Linklater’s Waking Life is the best answer. What is the difference between the real, conscious life, and the one from dreams? What is the meaning of life? Should we see life through an existential frame? How the world events influence us, and how can we create a better world? These are major problems, and even the protagonist can’t find a right and complex answer. He only discovers that he lives in a perpetual dream, and only false awakenings introduce him in deep, philosophical conversations about the strangeness of life.

Enthusiastic conversations, profound questions, mesmerizing animations, this movie leaves every person with the satisfaction that he lived extremely intense during those moments of life that are presented. It is one of Linklater’s most bold creations, full of originality and passion. That kind of movie everyone should see at least once in a lifetime.


4. Her (2013)

her 2013

Spike Jonze never disappointed when it comes to original, weird, fascinating films. But Her is a special movie, about loneliness, intimacy and relationships in the modern world.

A shy and kind man, Theodore Twombly (played by Joaquin Phoenix) finds himself in a sad part of his life, after divorcing from Catherine (Rooney Mara), and regrets that he doesn’t feel totally satisfied and accomplished in love. His existence starts to be more colorful when he begins a bizarre, but intense relationship with Samantha (the voice of Scarlett Johansson), a talking operating system with artificial intelligence.

He admits he never really loved someone so deeply the way he loves Samantha, but is it a natural thing for a human to become attached to an operating system? In fact, this is the story of every one of us. Technology replaces the most important things in our life, this being just an illusion, a way of isolation, because they can’t offer us the warm, lovely feeling a human interaction gives you.

The movie also enchants the audiences (mostly the ones with hipster tastes) with its soundtrack. It includes 14 tracks composed by Arcade Fire, and it was also nominated for Best Original Score, at the 86th Academy Awards, in 2014.


3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind 2

There is no doubt Michel Gondry’s creation has the status of a cult movie. It is weird, interesting, aesthetic, original and emotional. Even the cast is something totally amazing: Jim Carrey, an actor not too much seen in drama movies, and Kate Winslet, a delicate, noble lady. Here, both of them are the contrast of the characters we are used to see them playing.

Clementine Cruczynski (played by Winslet) is a rebel, full of anxiety girl who wants to find her piece of mind, and Joel Barish (played by Carrey) experiencing all the desperation a lover faces when he tries to erase all the memories he has with the one who is in his heart.

With a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman, known for other movies like “Being John Malkovich” and “Adaptation”, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind impresses with a unique, bold story that makes it one of the best movies of the 21st century. The film features an absolutely beautiful song by Beck, a cover of The Korgis’ ”Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime”. Hipsters, prepare yourselves for an unpredictable romance like never before.


2. Lost in Translation (2003)

lost in translation

If Francis Ford Coppola offered the public one of the most important films ever made, like “The Godfather”, “Apocalypse Now” or “The Great Gatsby”, his daughter, Sofia Coppola, wanted also to be remembered, not for having a famous father, but for her own talent and sensibility. Her debut feature “The Virgin Suicides” was highly praised for its style, and 4 years later, she impressed again with this true gem of cinematography and human emotion that is “Lost in Translation”.

Loneliness is so delicately portrayed by Bill Murray, and the most enchanting thing is the way he shares it with Scarlett Johansson. Even the city in which the movie is shot is such a perfect pick for the feeling Coppola wants to emphasize. Tokyo, an everlasting modern, vibrant city, that never sleeps, is now the background for two souls that can’t find fulfillment. The paradox is that in crowded, noisy cities, you think you can find all what you want, but it isn’t so easy.

You are lost (in translation), and not because it’s a place with a different culture, but because you are lost in the way you understand the one next to you. And this terrible void brings together these two wonderful people. They just want to feel the moment, to taste it with all their power of emotion. It’s such a lovely, profound lust that is so specific to the era in which we live right now.


1. The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

The Royal Tenenbaums

If there could be the king of hipsters, then without no doubt he would be Wes Anderson. His techniques, style, stories, characters, soundtracks, visuals are pure authenticity, his movies never lack amusement and emotion, and are a way of seeing the wonder of life through the eyes of a true talented man.

You can never feel lonely when you watch his films, because you definitely find yourself having the same emotions, thoughts or attitudes like his memorable characters, at least once in your life. Every movie that Wes Anderson has ever created is special and wonderful, in its own way. But the one that embodies every little detail of his trademarks is The Royal Tenenbaums.

Starting with the child prodigies, their anxieties, their personal fashion styles, their philosophy of life, they seem like the perfect symbols of lonely, misunderstood souls. Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow) is a true introvert, Richie (Luke Wilson) has the fear of unfulfilled love and Chas (Ben Stiller) is too overprotective with his children. Even their parents, Royal (Gene Hackman) and Etheline (Anjelica Huston) share insecurities, and try to repair the mistakes made in life.

Overall, the movie has a certain feeling of nostalgia, provided also by the soundtrack. “These Days” by Nico, “Wigwam” by Bob Dylan, “Fly” by Nick Drake, “Ruby Tuesday” by The Rolling Stones, “Needle in the Hay” by Eliott Smith, “Everyone” by Van Morrison, these are only a part of the songs that make The Royal Tenenbaums one of the most original, quirky, fascinating and loved movies ever created.