10 Actors That Would Be Great To See Directed By Quentin Tarantino


It can be said that when an actor works on a Quentin Tarantino film, the director makes them give a performance quite different from any of their previous works (at least in most cases). Whether it be a big Hollywood name or an unknown indie actor, Tarantino manages to create a powerful and quite peculiar performance.

After all, did anyone think that Leonardo DiCaprio could be as nasty as his Calvin Candie in “Django Unchained”? Or that Walton Goggins could manage so well among names such as Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell in “The Hateful Eight”? Tarantino knows how to pick his actors and knows what to do with them, often creating an interesting (and quite fun) exercise for them and the audiences.

And while his actors depend entirely on him (or on his production team), it can be said that several cinephiles like to think about which actor they’d like to see work with him. Therefore, we present you 10 actors who would be great to see under Tarantino’s direction, and why.


10. Mads Mikkelsen


One of the best European actors working today, Mads Mikkelsen has brought an interesting figure to every film or TV series he is in, often playing antagonistic characters with a huge (and disturbing) charisma that makes him likeable to audiences.

This, as we know, is something common with Tarantino’s characters. They can be a very dangerous or violent person, but we get to like them due to their complex personality, which is something we’ve seen with Mikkelsen when playing characters such as Le Chiffre in “Casino Royale” or Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the TV series “Hannibal”. The actor knows how to handle dark and disturbing characters with a likable charisma, and those traits would be interesting to see used by the director.


9. Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Known for his portrayal of Walter White on the acclaimed TV series “Breaking Bad”, Bryan Cranston has become one of the most popular actors working today. His charisma and talent make him an interesting highlight in every film he is in.

However, despite the likability he generates with audiences, it can’t be said that there is a film that makes an actual strong use of his talent. Sure, he got an Academy Award nomination for his work in “Trumbo” just last year. However, the film itself received divided opinions. As for other films, Cranston mostly receives supporting or smaller parts.

So, for an actor who has proven his talent several times on TV and film (even when happens to play an small role), it would be interesting to explore his talents by the hand of a director such as Tarantino.


8. John C. Reilly


John C. Reilly can be considered one of the best supporting actors working today. He can do comedy, drama and even horror; it doesn’t matter if he’s appearing in a film by Martin Scorsese or a Will Ferrell comedy, the actor knows how to fit perfectly in any role he’s given. After all, it can’t be denied that he brings great charisma to the screen that so often generates audience interest.

That being said, Tarantino knows how to use his supporting characters, often giving them a memorable moment in the film (even if it’s just a cameo). Having Reilly in a Tarantino film could feature yet another side of an actor who manages to bring something different to every role he gets to play, big or small.


7. Nicolas Cage


While several of Nicolas Cage’s latest films have received divided or poor reviews by critics and audiences, it cannot be said that the actor hasn’t given strong performances. Especially in the beginning of his career, Cage proved to be an intense actor, and it was through his collaborations with filmmakers like the Coen Brothers or Martin Scorsese that he managed to make use of his talents in some classics. He can be funny, intimidating, crazy and calm, all at the same time, always using an intense energy.

Finding him in a Tarantino film could be a nice way to use his crazy intensity and remind audiences of his broad talent. Also, Cage himself has expressed interest in teaming up with the director, so it would be an interesting (and possibly fun) exercise to see.


6. Tom Hardy


Considered by many as one of the best young actors of this generation, Tom Hardy has frequently jumped from one difficult character to other. There is no need to explain what the actor can do. We’ve seen how he can change his persona from “Bronson” to “Mad Max Fury Road” to “The Revenant” (for which he earned an Oscar nomination).

Sure, he often plays tough guys, but none of these performances ever feel too similar to each other. Having the charisma to be an antihero or a villain, Hardy manages to give something different to each of his characters, which has given him the reputation of a method actor.

So, is it necessary to explain why he should work on one of Tarantino’s film? He likes strong and complex characters, he knows how to make use of dialogue to bring more intensity to the film, and even can feature some dry humor.