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Daily Archives: July 2, 2016

A great scene can do a lot for a movie. Even if the film itself is relatively unimpressive, a standout scene of great action, emotional drama or visual wonder can ensure that you never forget about that movie. In the 1990s the film industry was undergoing major changes. CGI was taking off and finding its place in the industry as… Read more »

02 July 2016 | Features, Other Lists

Humans are like lions; if they have the opportunity to seize power from somebody, they’ll take it, as “The Lion King” clearly depicts. Humanity’s desire to rule over others is so universal and anthropologically ancient that almost everybody can identify with it, from the monkeys in “2001: Space Odyssey” to the Third Reich in Nazi Germany. The struggle for power… Read more »

02 July 2016 | Features, Film Lists