The 25 Greatest French Directors of All Time

new wave filmmakers

Since the beginning of cinema, the French people have been at the forefront of the cinematic landscape. During the silent and early experimental periods, great French auteurs helped revolutionize the medium, shaping the way for films to come. As movies evolved, so did France and throughout the different styles and periods maintained a strong role […]

The 10 Best Horror Movies With Strong Female Leads

The Cabin in the Woods

Director Alfred Hitchcock once said that “I always believe in following the advice of the playwright Sardou. He said ‘Torture the women!’ The trouble today is that we don’t torture women enough.” And while that might have been true back in the heavily censored Hollywood of old, times have changed and so has mainstream horror […]

The 10 Best Movies About Young People Made by Young Filmmakers


Cinema is obsessed with young people, growing up stories and that almost intangible phase in which you’re neither a child nor an adult. In fact, that’s something that’s been seen as a problem lately, since older actors (and specially actresses) don’t seem to find good roles anymore, since virtually no one is writing about the […]