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Daily Archives: April 24, 2016

Hollywood is having a field day with making sequels and remakes to various films. Some work better than others, but sometimes you see a film and it’s potential hasn’t been realized in a single story. That or it has a great idea that has more possibilities to expand in a sequel. Remakes are a difficult matter since most films don’t… Read more »

24 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists

Despite the seeming impenetrability of much of David Lynch’s filmography, he is widely regarded as one of the most original and talented (and also divisive) filmmakers of the past forty years. Countless interpretations of his work have fuelled endless debates among fans, critics and casual observers alike. Is he an authentic genius or an intentional enigma? That all depends on… Read more »

24 April 2016 | Features, Other Lists

“Dream, little one, dream Oh, the hunter in the night Fills your childish heart with fright Fear is only a dream So dream, little one, dream…” Those lines, from the score “Lullaby”, written by Walter Schumann, are profoundly unsettling, partially because a choir of children credulously sing them, but also because of the creepy-crawly context of the film for which… Read more »

24 April 2016 | Features, Reviews

Probably the most world-renowned Japanese cult filmmaker, Takashi Miike is also one of the most prolific, having directed almost 100 films since 1991. Taking advantage of the “V-Cinema” (straight-to-video films) boom of the 90s, Miike managed to break into the industry, eventually producing “Shinjuku Triad Society” in 1995, his first theatrically distributed film. Since then, he has become one of… Read more »

24 April 2016 | Features, Film Lists