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The 10 Most Overrated Movies of The Last Decade

09 November 2015 | Features, Film Lists | by Rigers Avdo

The Hurt Locker

People often get offended when you call their favorite movies “overrated” due to the huge misconception regarding the word. The word is unjustly associated with something being totally unworthy of praise while it totally is not the case. The term overrated simply means that something gets more praise than it deserves. It doesn’t negate the fact that it could in fact, be good.

Everybody should watch the movies on the list below because none of them are “bad” and they are all worth it. They are all critically acclaimed and rightfully so. The problem is that they are a little more acclaimed then they should or deserve to be. Why does that happen? That is a discussion for another day. But to simply lay it out, some works of art just come at the right time or have critics riled up behind it to form a case of groupthink. But at the end of the day, art is all subjective.

However, we all have these moments where you hear the praise a movie is getting, you feel and you can’t wait to watch it. And as soon as the movie ends, you are left with a lot more to be desired.


10. Foxcatcher


What is it about: Foxcatcher is a Crime Drama based on true events directed by Bennet Miller ( director of Moneyball), starring Channing Tatum, Steve Carell and Mark Ruffalo.

Faxcatcher tells the story of Mark Schultz, an American wrestler who is offered to join the team of John Du Pont, an eccentric multi-millionaire wannabe coach eager to impress his mother, to train for the 1988 Olympics. Surrounded by poverty and loneliness Mark decides to accept the offer and gets drawn into a ruinous and bizarre friendship with Du Pont to a point where his downfall is inevitable.

Why is it overrated: The main reason the movie has gotten such good reviews and lots award nominations is the acting, especially Carrel stepping off his comfort zone to deliver the role of his lifetime. And rightfully so because the acting is indeed spectacular. The plot on the other hand lacks clarity and the movie just gets confusing and slow paced after a good and promising start. The audience is left waiting for a peak that never seems to come due to lack of depth of the characters.

The director seems more like a captain who has lost his compass and near the ending it seems more like some scenes were lost during the editing process. It uncertain of why the story has taken such unexpected turns and without explanation. Wrestling is one of the manliest sports out there but in this movie, the men are missing.


9. Moneyball


What is it about: Moneyball tells the story of Billy Beane ( Brad Pitt ), the general manager of the baseball team Oakland A’s and his quest to form a group of good and affordable players to fight for the World Series. It is the story of an underdog that we all like so much, that teams up with some very interesting characters to do a job nobody would think he could do.

Why is it overrated: You have to do something very special to make a movie about baseball interesting, because, you know, it’s baseball. And this movie just doesn’t. It fails to do what it is meant to do, which is inspire you. There are many good aspects about this movie, the plot is promising but it gets caught up in Beane’s past and personal drama. The performances are not memorable (does anybody remember that Phillip Seimour Hoffmann was in this movie?)

It is a movie that had so much juice but no power to squeeze it off the merit of the characters alone. And the performance of Pitt wasn’t even that impressive. But of course, he got an Academy Award nomination. However, he didn’t win. Thankfully. You can do much better Brad!


8. Taken


What is it about: A former CIA operative played by Liam Neeson flies off to Europe to save his daughter who got kidnapped by a gang involved in human trafficking.

Why is it overrated: By most people, Neeson is not going to be remembered for his remarkable roles on Shindler’s List(1993), Michael Collins(1996) or Kinsey(2004), instead for this lackluster cheesy action movie. Ironically enough, the last good role he did was a decade ago, he started off great before turning into the Harrison Ford of the 00’s with only accepting roles of cheap action heroes.

At least he’s getting paid, right? Sure the editing is nice, and sure the special effects are too. What else is good? The acting, besides Neeson (who had a relatively easy job), is amateurish and the script is extremely basic and shallow that an eight year old could have written it. It is a mix of those 80’s Chuck Norris movies and Nico. And yet to the action thriller audience, it is considered a contemporary classic. This shows the lack of good action thrillers nowadays, and Taken is the front cover of the drought.


7. Gravity


What is it about: Gravity is a thriller/drama of a medical engineer on her first shuttle mission and an astronaut who go to space for a routine space walk. Something goes wrong (imagine that!) and they are left fighting for their survival in the endless dark terror of space.

Why is it overrated: It has become a cliché nowadays that if you have a basic plot, two top name actors and a lot of money to invest in special effects you get a top notch movie for the whole family. And the trailer gives away the premise of the movie and the book can be judged by its cover here. Is it impressive? Other than the graphics, not so much.

The script is average so is the acting of Sandra Bullock. Gravity fails to attract you the right way. Gravity has laws but art doesn’t. They could have done a much better job with what they had at hand using all those great effects.


6. 12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave

What is it about: 12 Years A Slave tells the sad story of Chiwetel Ejiofor, a black family man living in New Your who gets kidnapped and sent to New Orleans to work at a plantation. His life gets turned upside down from a free man to a slave that has to fight for his life.

Why is it overrated: Because, it just wasn’t the best film of 2014. Movies like: Dallas Buyers Club, Her, or even Nebraska were more original and better made. Because of its touchy subject matter, in the times that we live in, many people would have it hard to criticize it and that is mirrored even by the appearance of Samuel Bass (Brad Pitt), a character who should remind us that not all white people were cruel and heartless.

People call it the “Schindler’s List” of our time. Well, as opposed to Schindler’s List, this movie is nowhere near the mastery and delicacy Steven Spielberg used to make his tribute to the holocaust. There’s too much violence and less art.



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  • Juan David Cervantes


    • doug johnson

      Totally. That movie was scientifically illiterate crap dressed up as hard SF.

  • Jowana Bueser

    How can one call 12 Years a Slave overrated and then push for the idea that Dallas Buyers Club is better? The only thing that could top this is if the writer said Avatar is better than Hurt Locker.

    Also, “Schindler’s List” not “Shindler’s List.”

  • PB1978


    • Shamy Mahmoud

      hell yeah finally someone said it

    • SugarGoingDown

      Was waiting for that.

    • Đinh Quang Chúc

      Really? Every time if Avatar was mentioned, everybody talk shit/throw shit at it. There’s no way Avatar’s overrated.

    • Joey Faucheux

      I feel asleep during the movie, it was 1.5 hours too long

    • watchcommand

      I fell asleep during the trailer 3 times. I decided not to watch it because of it.

  • Felıpe Andrades

    I don’t think anyone would rate The Hurt Locker higher than the other movies you mentioned in the entry, therefore i doubt it’s overrated, at least not to deserve the number one spot. The number of Oscars should be irrelevant in this matter anyway.

  • Erick

    this post is totally overrated some of the movies on the list are really great..especially the first 3..seriously “The Departed” is worth a while and as great as they say it is…just my humble opinion

  • KeepinIt Real

    “Faxcatcher tells the story of Mark Schultz…” Is this an office drama film that I haven’t heard of yet? This article wasn’t off to a great start. Also, suggesting that Nebraska (aka a forgettable snooze-fest) was better made than 12 Years a Slave is kind of ridiculous. And if there is a (legitimate) concern that previous war films have been overlooked by the Academy, then getting mad at the Academy for finally recognizing a war film seems counterproductive. YELLING ABOUT IT ALSO DOESN’T HELP TO CREATE A STRONG ARGUMENT.

  • lando

    C’mon taste of cinema. I thought this site was about love for cinema, not hate. Boring.

    • Franco Gonzalez

      Totally agree

    • Richard Anderson

      Also agree

    • Martin Houlind

      Agree! Please, stop the hate lists!

    • Gorka Molero

      Two sides of the same coin, baby

      • lando

        Maybe, but do we really need an overrated list? or an angry dude talking about how the tree of life is boring (again)? Let’s leave that to IMDB forums, pls.

    • John Johnson

      nicely said sir.

    • Richard McLin

      Yeah, not the lists I’m looking for.

    • Ajinkya Chandorkar

      It’s not really about hating but ill-informed people who forget to understand that part of creation lies in interpretation.

  • Brasil Varonil

    I totally agree with this list, I only missed the Nolan movies in it.

  • Monchie Horror


  • Harold

    “It is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black. The result is: Too much violence and less art.”

    Um… you might want to reword that slightly?

    • “Too much violence…” in a movie about slavery…no shit!

    • Harold

      Actually, I don’t even think rewording this would change it: just what exactly are you trying to say here???

      • Nancy Hall

        I think it’s pretty obvious. He’s saying that the movie is inferior because it was made by black people.

        • Nilerafter24


        • maybe that’s true. i see a lot of PC in Hollywood movies, and sometimes it makes movie worse, not better. and – this is a joke-part – most people like to see things in black and white only.

          • Nancy Hall

            You’re saying it’s true that the movie is inferior to Amistad because black people made it? First of all, the idea that Amistad is better than 12 Years A Slave is debatable. A lot of people, myself included, would disagree with that claim right off the bat. And second…do you really believe that the quality of a film is directly related to the skin color of the people responsible for making it? Seriously? That’s a disgusting premise. You and the anonymous author of this piece of trash are racists, pure and simple. You have no business talking about art if all you can see is the race of the people who created it.

          • i hate everybody equally so no, im not a racist. But ok, you know better – tell this to my ex-girlfriend – she was Chinese. This should be fun also for her. Any way – there was a lot of better directors, screenwriters….but no no no – this is a movie about slavery, no on can be white! Or yellow. And no Jews – there are few black Jews in the World, but we dont even know which one so better do not risk. This is movie about slavery so white people – GTFO. And now is height of PC in cinema in USA right now, that you dont see that this movie could be better.But is just so-so instead. Im just not stupid so i can say this And you are scared that if you say that movie made by black people sucks you will be called racist. In fact – people calling other racist, are the biggest one.

          • Nancy Hall

            What are you babbling about? Have you even seen the movie? It has white people in it, including the white guy who helped produce it. It was however, directed by a black man, and that seems to be what bothers the author of this blog.

            I think the movie is good, by the way, just to get that out of the way. I’ve read the book and thought the adaptation was decent. I thought there were exceptional performances by both black and white performers including Sarah Paulson, Fassbinder, and Paul Dano. It was beautiful to look at.

            I’m not sure how it could have been any better, especially given that it was an adaptation. There was one scene in the book that I would like to have seen on the screen, but that’s a quibble. It would have been complicated to stage and shoot, and probably expensive…and long. McQueen would probably have had to cut something else out.

            Good or bad, however, the race of the director, writer, subject, and cast is irrelevant. What’s relevant is how well the movie was adapted, directed, filmed, performed, edited, etc. This has more to do with skill, talent, experience, artistry, etc. than it does with race. In fact it has nothing to do with race.

            Attributing the quality of the movie to the race of the director, and not to his skill, is what makes this blog racist. If you believe that a movie is good or bad solely because of the race of the people involved, then you’re a racist, too; whether you have a Chinese girlfriend or not. Get it?

      • Inspector71

        I think what he was trying to say was that it won Best Picture because everyone involved was black and it would’ve been beyond controversial not to give it to them.

        Remember the backlash from the gays when Brokeback Mountain lost to Crash? Magnify that by about a trillion and you will have an idea about what would’ve happened if Dallas Buyers Club or some other (better) movie would’ve won.

        I’ve seen 12 Years A Slave 2 or 3 times. It’s okay but not a great film. A great film about slavery made in the past decade would be The Retrieval.

        • Nancy Hall

          Well, then, that’s what he should have said. But he didn’t. He said that it was too violent and not artistic because it was made by black people.

          • Inspector71

            People who want to find racism in everything can find it in anything.

          • Nancy Hall

            Saying that a movie is bad because it was made by black people is about as racist as it gets. I’m referring to what the blogger actually said, not to some interpretation.

        • Nancy Hall

          Also…if your theory was correct, then Selma should have gotten a ton of Oscars, but it didn’t. Case closed.

          • Inspector71

            Case not closed. Selma wasn’t a very good movie and didn’t deserve the Oscar nods.

  • ethomson92

    I’d like to think the The King’s Speech, at least when it first came out, helped kids with similar problems. It it did, that’s worth an Academy Award

  • Nancy Hall

    I disagree with your conclusions for a number of reasons. I don’t think that The Hurt Locker, Tree of Life, Moneyball, The Departed, or Twelve Years a Slave are overrated. I’m not going to take the time to list my reasons for disagreeing with you, the author, but I am going to focus on one pretty outrageous comment.

    Did you conclude your critique of Twelve Years a Slave by implying that it was inferior to Amistad because it’s an “all black movie?” Here are your exact words. If I’ve misunderstood, then please explain what you were trying to say. “And speaking of Spielberg, even Amistad (1997), may be better then 12 Years A Slave. It is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black. The result is: Too much violence and less art.”

    • Suriane

      I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered with this comment. It’s rude, unnecessary and racist!

    • Inspector71

      The Hurt Locker was terribly overrated. The story is okay but it never should’ve presented itself as being an accurate depiction of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s about as realistic as Star Wars.

  • Nathaniel David Hulme

    Have to disagree with 12 Years a Slave. Wether you liked it best or not, it was definitely the best made film (excluding the foreign films that year, because I have not seen them) that year. You can say Her was more creative, or that Dallas Buyer’s Club brought a more compelling story for our generation, but 12 Years a Slave was a movie that fully grasped the viewer and would not let go till the story ended. Along with a great ensemble cast, superb cinematography, and the emotional score, it was clearly the best movie I saw of 2013.

  • Franco Gonzalez

    Love this site… But this particular post makes me sick..

  • With the exception of The Blind Side which is a terrible film anyways, this list is shit. Who are these fucking hacks who are writing for this site? They don’t know shit about film.

  • SinJaiVak

    i loved departed, liked taken, gravity, hurt locker was great, i thought blind side was shit, liked 12 years a slave, liked money ball. don’t know what this article is for really. if they are overrated then lots of people really like them and thats that. you can’t really argue with that.

  • Chrisychipz

    Are you serious? 12 Years A Slave is a masterpiece. Absolutely one of the best films of 2013. It is not a race baiting movie by any means. It is better than Amisted for sure, whether its better than Schindler’s List is debatable. It is masterfully made by one of the best film makers of our time. Fantastic acting, directing, cinematography, music, writing, etc etc. It was moving, emotional, and powerful – as it should be. I can’t believe you bashed it the way you did. “Too much violence”? It’s a movie about fucking slavery, what did you expect?

    • Rudi

      I’m afraid I couldn’t disagree with you more, I was hugely disappointed McQueen came up with this after the masterful Shame. I think the problem with 12YAS is the fact McQueen didn’t have total control and was dealing with a bunch of too dominant producers. Therefore the movie doesn’t flow. To me it feels more like a collection of stories than an actual movie.

      I also think people often say a movie is great because the subject matter is shocking. For instance the same goes for the extremely overrated Selma and The Fault In Our Stars. Yes, the topics are very interesting and moving. The movies are quite bad however.

      • Steven Hall

        LOL Rudi you have no clue what you are talking about

        • Rudi

          Apparently I do know what I’m talking about, since you can’t seem to bring in a single argument to prove me wrong.

          Also, it’s a bit childish to use ‘LOL’ as an adult.

          • Steven Hall

            Nailed it.

  • Rupanshu Kauldhar

    Any scifi film with big budget and top stars these days

  • Jules

    A shitty piece… he even dismisses himself in his own intro. This is a terrible way of looking at cinema and I can’t believe ‘Taste of Cinema’ is promoting this drivel.

  • Richard Anderson

    I don’t know how comparing a film to more successful films by the same director makes it “overrated”. I usually enjoy Taste of Cinema’s lists, but this one seems a bit off the mark….

  • Ricardo Avilés

    Tree Of Life Boring? WHAT THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? The term boring cinema only aplies to people who cannot sit 2 or 3 hours round and be calm simply watching some vistual estimulation secuences. Hard to follow? what the hell really are you a child or something? Sorry to tell but those atributes you are giving to Tree Of Life are definetly invalid… Boring and hard to follow are just things you can get over if you have patience and pay more atention… look closely don’t expect anything served on a dish please.

    • Particularly pitiful is the behest to Terrence Malick to include more dialogue in his films. This betrays, I feel, a deep misunderstanding not only of “The Tree of Life,” but of cinema itself.

    • Thank you for writing that. “Please conform your work to our consumption.”

    • Dale‎ Sophiea

      What Ricardo said…

    • Valentin Genev

      Why so salty?

    • Steven Hall

      Sorry Ricardo, but The Tree of Life is boring (to me). Also, I agree that it’s not very hard to follow. It’s just not even close to being as “deep” as everyone seems to think – but hey, it’s all subjective right?

  • FlixtheCat

    More like a list of undeserving Oscar winners and nominations. I can agree on The Blind Side and The Departed, only. Everything else is prime cinema.

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      I’d swap out The Departed for Gravity. Gravity was a great technical achievement but the script was full of cliches and parts of it, especially George Clooney’s exit, were downright ridiculous.

  • Seb De Guzman

    who the hell wrote this piece of shit article and why does this person write about film

    • César Alexandre Santos

      They didn’t even proofread this awful article.

  • Gordon Morgans

    How about Iron Man and the rest of the marvel movies

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      I don’t think the Marvel movies are overrated at all, they’re supposed to be fun sci-fi/action/fantasy movies which are accessible to kids and enjoyable for adults and I think most of them pull this off even if they never really take any creative risks.
      Iron Man is definitely a stand out though, it’s one of the better superhero origin stories and what really hooked me about it was it had a really cool Drew Struzan style poster and a great trailer which it lived up to against all odds.

  • Departed, seriously ? I tell you what, i think that this post is overrated.

  • gnxarena

    Disagree with moneyball(great storytelling), gravity(great cinematography/great imax experience in my life/ great emotional), the blind side(so simple but so touching, love it), taken(so much fun).
    However,I think each films in list were great in someway. These film are overrated? I’not sure. But I totally agree the king’s speech and 12 years a slave.

  • Why is there no author bio for this list? Whoever wrote this strikes me as having a profound misunderstanding of cinema, or at least of some of the movies they listed. I would agree with most of their choices, but for none of the reasons given here. “It’s too slow-paced” or “it’s too fast-paced” or “there’s not enough dialogue” is nothing like a good reason to criticise a film. I’d like to see more of this author’s writings to discern whether this misapprehension of film is general to their work, or confined to this list.

    • César Alexandre Santos

      I’d like to see other people writing good articles, this guy seems like he’s new here, I just searched his name on this website and the only article he has written so far is this one. They should also proofread before it gets posted because last time I checked there isn’t a “New Your” nor a “Matt Deamon”.

  • Martin Houlind

    The only thing overrated in this article is the writer’s notion of argumentation.

    • Well said.

      • Hernán


    • John Carvalho

      Exactly this.

    • HDbfly

      omg, thank you!

  • Murali Subramonian

    All movies are not story driven….Gravity and tree of life, both are epics….Gravity is all about the feeling …..feeling of being all alone without knowing faith….It delivers that feeling in to the viewers mind zen percent…Tree of life is all about a thought ….how it’s been extended into a 2 hr movie….It’s an amazing attempt except for prejudiced audience. And Departed….well what can ‘ say about that…..It by all means is one of the best remakes ever in Hollywood…. ‘ always enjoy your lists…but this time around there is a serious amount of prejudice and lack of perspective…..

  • FlyteBro

    The Hurt Locker only won because of one single thing: The fact that the academy had never awarded a female director before. It was an obvious “equality”-award which was just silly.

    • heezels

      You’re talking straight shit.

      • FlyteBro


        • heezels


          • FlyteBro

            You can’t handle the truth.

          • heezels

            That’s an assumption not reinforced by any real evidence. As much as you may want it to be true, without proof it isn’t. I’m personally not one of the “Hurt Locker sucks” bandwagoners. I really like it to be honest. But to say there’s this conspiracy to give pseudo-equality to Kathryn Bigelow because she’s a woman is as distasteful and absurd as the shitty analysis of “overrated movies” in this article.

          • FlyteBro

            That still does not change the fact that whoever wins an Oscar has very little to do with the quality of their work. Rather it’s based on three things:

            1. Money & marketing.
            Weinstein is the master of Oscar marketing, and actively seeks out Oscar votes by making sure his films are screened to old Academy members who might be in old people’s homes, and would otherwise not have seen his films. Disney is also very aggressive at this point, as seen in their successful campaign to get Toy Story 3 nominated not only for best animated film, but also for best film.

            2. Popularity.
            Often times, an actor or director will win because they are the Academy’s sweethearts, like for example Clint Eastwood. This also happens a lot when someone has been nominated several times but never won before, and the Academy will finally give them an award out of pity, as seen with Leonardo Dicaprio.

            3. And finally: Politics.
            Whenever there’s a film that takes a stand against racism or fights for equality and gay rights/women’s lib/native americans/condemns slavery/etc. it is bound to get nominated, and very often also win. This also happens a lot if there’s an award that’s never been won by a woman/african american/gay man/etc. before, and the academy will give their votes in fear of being called sexist or racist. This was obviously the case with Bigelow’s guilt-shaming crapfest. Had it been directed by a white man, it would never have won anything, and probably wouldn’t even have been nominated.

            The only part of the Oscars that is actually about quality are the shorts, and that’s because the filmmakers are almost always completely unknowns, and have no money for marketing. However, also there political films tend to shame voters into winning.

            This is, sadly, all fact. I agree that it’s rather repulsive, but still, no amount of crying about it is going to change anything, so best save your tears, and accept the way the world works.

          • heezels

            Relaying personal conjecture is not a fact. Second, I’m not even sure why people are equating oscars to greatness. As far as I’m concerned the hurt locker is still fantastic without it’s golden statue. But back to your point, I’ll agree that the oscar voting is in dire need of reform and there are various videos and articles about how it works to praise mediocore movies over movies that push boundaries. But then again I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t agree with the academy on a number of occasions. However, your opinion is misguided and informed by your own identity politics. Would of’s and could of’s don’t matter, all that does matter is what is.

          • FlyteBro

            I was not “relaying personal conjecture”. I summarizing facts based on a myriad of sources within the academy, who have all said the same things, using many more words. There’s been an abundance of Oscar voters who have revealed how they cast their votes the last few years, and their “secret” strategies have been published in tons of magazines all over the world. If you honestly still haven’t caught a single one of these articles, then you’re probably not very interested in movies anyway.

          • heezels

            “then you’re probably not very interested in movies anyway.”

            This is what I mean about conjecture. You’re making assumptions without any substantial evidence. Hell even if it all was just a feminist node to give The Hurt Locker an oscar, what about the movie is underserving of the award? You’re trying to prove a conspiracy with a few articles you’ve read, but really your proving your own confirmation bias.

            Also, I deeply love movies. Hence why I don’t rely on immature rants about women and minorities ruining them. My identity politics doesn’t get in the way of me enjoying a good show.

          • FlyteBro

            The evidence that you’re probably not very interested in movies, lies in the fact that you claim these well known facts, are personal conjecture and conspiracy. But these are not my personal opinions, and there is no conspiracy. It’s just the way the Oscars work. And the fact that you somehow find it all so extremely surprising that you actually refuse to believe it, says more about you, than the Oscars.

            You’re also mixing up your arguments: I never once said women or minorities are ruining movies. Nor did I ever equate the Oscars to greatness. In fact, from the very beginning I’ve been doing the exact opposite.

          • heezels

            “The evidence that you’re probably not very interested in movies, lies in the fact that you claim these well known facts, are personal conjecture and conspiracy. But these are not my personal opinions, and there is no conspiracy. It’s just the way the Oscars work.”
            Confirmation bias at work. You don’t know who I am, and you don’t know anything about me. You’re just assuming I don’t like movies because it supports your narrative, and more to the point, your argument.

            “You’re also mixing up your arguments:”

            1.” I never once said women or minorities are ruining movies.” –“3. And finally: Politics.
            Whenever there’s a film that takes a stand against racism or fights for equality and gay rights/women’s lib/native americans/condemns slavery/etc. it is bound to get nominated, and very often also win. This also happens a lot if there’s an award that’s never been won by a woman/african american/gay man/etc. before, and the academy will give their votes in fear of being called sexist or racist. This was obviously the case with Bigelow’s guilt-shaming crapfest. Had it been directed by a white man, it would never have won anything, and probably wouldn’t even have been nominated.”

            The implication with your argument here is that the academy awards is giving into what you call a “guilt-shaming crapfest.” You are essentially saying that the award worthy movies of today are only given the privilege of prestige because they are about the social justice issues of “gay rights/women’s lib/native americans/condemns slavery/etc.” Or in the case of Ms. Bigelow, written and/or directed by Women and/or minorities. Your argument is entirely based on identity politics rather than the value of such movies. It is possible that identity politics is at play, just as it is as possible that the movie nominated is actually really good. Everything else falls into the realm of subjective opinion, in which you try to assert that your opinion is fact.

            2. “Nor did I ever equate the Oscars to greatness. In fact, from the very beginning I’ve been doing the exact opposite.”

            you are right, you never literally said this. But I will go through my reasoning as to why I believe this is implied. in this statement, “The Hurt Locker only won because of one single thing: The fact that the academy had never awarded a female director before. It was an obvious “equality”-award which was just silly.” Here you start the conversation by your agreement with the article, and take it a step further by suggesting that identity politics is more a reason why The Hurt Locker won the academy award than based on it’s own merits as a film.

            Then you say this…
            “then you’re probably not very interested in movies anyway.” you have to hold the Oscars in somewhat of a high esteem because of the fact that you keep bringing up my lack of “interest in movies” as somehow correlated to a perceived ignorance in Oscar voting. It’s a poorly drawn out Ad hominem attack on my credibility as a “movie buff” because I don’t know that the Academy Awards are rigged. Your tone always seems to be indignant, if not outright offended by this reasoning. Which makes me think, you must have felt the Academy Awards hold some weight, if not in your personal standards, then by society at large. In which case, Yes, you do believe the Academy Awards equate to some sort of greatness, and at the very least social prestige.

            3. Your final comment is engaging in rhetorical gas-lighting. You’re trying to replace what you’ve said, or redefine what you have said, so as to force me to rethink or second guess my entire argument and discussion. From the very get-go I realized that you are just talking shit. And now that we’ve engaged in conversation, I don’t know what else to say to you except for this: Conspiracy theorists always think they have it all figured out. They read just enough to convince themselves that they are educated on an issue, but rarely do they ever want to engage in the exact opposite of what they believe. Personally speaking, I don’t know if the Oscars are rigged. I’ve heard stories, read articles, but I still don’t have a clear view of the picture. But god dammit, I know a conspiracy theory when I see one. So in regards to your own acquired cognitive dissonance… “And the fact that you somehow find it all so extremely surprising that you actually refuse to believe it, says more about you, than the Oscars.”

          • FlyteBro

            Sorry sir, but I can’t be bothered reading all that. You broke the first rule of making a point, and that is to never use too many words.

            I hope you have a nice time believing whatever it is you believe, because I bid you farewell.

          • heezels


          • Fredrik Johansen

            Haha! You try so hard to look smart and end up tripping on your own words!

            Great entertainment! Its fools like you who made these forums fun to read!

  • zathorcm

    Hmm you might be right, but really, you need strong arguments to hold these allegations, but i don’t see any fundaments so the credibility on this one is zero. But I agree in what i’ve seen.

    • zathorcm

      That’s why this post got such a negative response.

  • Annefors

    Except “The King’s Speech”. Let’s replace it with Sicario.

  • Harris K Telemacher

    I think you will find that Schindler’s List is the Schindler’s List of our time.

  • Philip_W

    one of the weakest article here! I agree with some of the entries , but the one for ”The Departed” , ‘Tree of Life” and ”Gravity” are just awful. To say that ”The Departed” is overrated , ony beacause is not the best Scorsese movie ist ridiculous. And to speak about Gravity plot , when this movie is a visionary masterpiece ( and by far the best use of 3D) , is just silly

  • Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari

    Pretty accurate list, apart from 12 Years A Slave, IMO. Going out on a limb here, but I felt both- American Sniper and Birdman were overrated. Add This Is The End and Kung Fu Panda series to this list.

    • justanotaku

      Really? Birdman was really good, not as good was Whiplash, but good. Howcome?

  • Alkis3

    Amistad is better than 12 Years A Slave? I rest my case…

  • Allister Cooper

    I won’t say overrated, but with all due respect, the movies There Will Be Blood, Interstellar, Dark Knight Rises, most of Pirates of the Carribbean, Lincoln, and all westerns weren’t my cup of tea.

    • frank mango

      you are on straight fucking crack if you think there will be blood is overrated. thats probably the best made film in the last 15 years. i need to hear your opinion right now with whats wrong with that movie and honestly it better be good

      • justanotaku

        simple, because it isn’t her cup of tea. Like “Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan” people praise it but my god it was boring, waiting for Ricardo Montalban to speak and he’s not always there. We all have our preference in movies, whether it’s very general or specific.

      • Allister Cooper

        Greetings, human! First of all, I am NOT on crack. Second, There Will Be Blood, though admired by many, is NOT admired by ALL. No movie is admired by all. No matter how not good or good a movie is, it boils down to THIS: Either you LIKE it, or you DON’T. I just found TWBB to not be my cup of tea at all. I don’t like slow films. What have ye got against me – or anyone, for that matter – for not liking it? Why does that bother you? Why? Is it going to kill you? Will you lose sleep? Will it even cost you money? Of course not. Not everyone likes the same thing. Remember the words of Freddy Mercury: ‘I say, Hey, man! Jaws was never really my scene, and I don’t like Star Wars!’ The late Gene Siskel didn’t think much of Silence of the Lambs [I prefer Manhunter and Red Dragon was the scariest], and Gene Simmons thinks Judge Dredd is ‘one of the greatest movies ever made.’ So? I don’t owe you an explanation for a movie I didn’t find interesting. But in case you want to know what I think is wrong with the movie, it’s this: IT’S TOO SLOW. PLUS, I DIDN’T LIKE IT. I JUST DIDN’T. ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY NOW? And I still think that it’s overrated, so what can you or anyone do about it? Respect other opinions and MOVE ON. And by the way, Philippine mangoes are the BEST. Sod the rest.

        • frank mango

          manhunter is good def not the best because it hasn’t aged well at all. i already can tell your one of those hipsters that are too cool for things that other people like. peace cool response by the way you probably sat around forever to put that together.

          • Allister Cooper

            Greetings, human. My response to you is: ‘I can ALSO already can tell you’re one of those hipsters that are too cool for things that other people like. Peace. Cool response, by the way, you probably sat around forever to put that together, too.’ Forever doesn’t take me long, I wrote it short, just like I’m correcting your text. Actually, I do have a bit of the guilty pleasures, you know? Many if not all of us do. But I’ll keep them to myself – for now. Many cheers. I’ll leave with the words of Kevin Costner as he picked up his 1990 Golden Globe Award for Dances With Wolves: ‘Nothing more to add except long live the movies.’

          • Allister Cooper

            Greetings again, human frank mango. Regarding your comments on Manhunter, yes, that is true for the most part, and I wish it could’ve been better. But still. I liked the sharp yet comfortably cool look of the use of blue and white, especially the bedroom scene with Graham and Molly, when they were talking in bed, the sheets and the room were white, the hue was blue and the sea reflected the silver of the moon light – if that’s not beautiful, I don’t know what is. I found SOTL wanting as, you see, I had high expectations for it due to the critical praise that I kept reading about it. I still remember some of the critics’ comments: ‘Solid…’, ‘Pulse-pounding…’. ‘A white-knuckled thriller…’, ‘Not since Pscyho have we had a movie so scary…’ Etc. I thought, Cool, let’s go check it out. So there I am, in the cinema in uptown Vancouver, Canada, 1991, back row, middle seat, and as the movie starts, I say, ‘Scare me.’ Halfway way through, I said, ‘Scare me.’ At the climax, I said, ‘Scare me.’ At the end, I was waiting for the scare that just didn’t come. You see – sometimes one’s expectations are raised because of the word of mouth. But no matter what, you have to check it out for yourself, you follow? So I can understand why good ol’ Gene didn’t like it. Some other dude in a magazine referred to it as Silence of the Clams XD. Let’s not bash each other’s taste in movies or music. Why make an enemy. I remember a Vancouver film critic not including Goodfellas as one of the best of 1990, and yet considered the uber-boring Billy Bathgate as of 1992’s best. This very critic had a thing for westerns, too, a genre that doesn’t appeal to me at all, but good for him. Ha, I remember he name Pretty Woman the worst film of 1990; the German import Nasty Girl topped his list, another movie that I wasn’t overly enamored with. But the most interesting thing is that he panned Godfather Part III, referring to it as ‘an expensive lesson in leaving well enough alone,’ and called Predator 2 ‘a fine creature feature.’ Yep, I agree, though Godfather Part III wasn’t that bad. But that thing with cousins falling in love makes me slightly queasy, ugh. One more thing about Manhunter: the soundtrack. Remember, it’s an 80s film, so it’s quite nostalgic. It’s mostly good, even without the Iron Butterfly tune. I particularly like ‘Graham’s Theme,’ and if you want to check it out, it’s on You Tube. There was one scene in Manhunter which finally creeped me out – where Graham enters the Leeds’ house and goes into the bedroom. He opens the light, and we see a white bedroom with red bloodstains on the right wall. Wasn’t that just creepy… Red Dragon, to me, is the scariest of the bunch – and I wasn’t expecting that – but there’s just something about Manhunter. I hope Michael Mann gets back on track and tops himself with a move that’s as good as Heat, my pick for the best movie of the 1990s. Cheers.

  • GriLtCheeZ

    I’m not feeling this list. Kinda pointless really.

  • Oh yay, another “I have terrible taste in films” discussion/list.

    Every time, and I mean every time, one of these pops up it’s always framed as “look, I’m just speaking truth to power here” when it’s really top secret code for “I’m a really boring person who’s way too invested in what other people think about some films and I have otherwise abysmal in taste in films as proven by the list of movies I throw under the bus below.”

  • Bobby Calloway

    Agree 100% about 12 Years A Slave. Within fifteen minutes I could predict exactly how that film would go. That is just a parade of gratuitous violence made as blatant Oscar Bait. Chiwetel Ejiofor was good but the movie was not. It seemed more like an exploitation of a very real tragedy as an attempt to grab Oscars

  • Andre P

    Wait…What? “It is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black. The result is: Too much violence and less art.” So you are saying the violence in the movie (a movie about slavery) is the result of the fact that the producer, director and main actors are black?? WTF?

    • Hahahaha. I thought maybe that quote was taken out of context, but – nope – that is the context! Outstanding WTFness!

      Bonus points for offering up 3 of the whitest movies ever made as better alternatives from that year, as if Her, Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club were even remotely after the same goals.

  • Esteban Perrin

    I find it really hard to read such an article without it being signed. It seems as if it is Taste of Cinema’s opinion as a whole when it is clearly not. This is someones opinion and the writer should have signed his article. There are a few interesting pints, but the amateur, simple analysis and low vocabulary should have been filtered out.
    This article left me a very bitter taste as to how close minded the author of the article is..

  • Nilerafter24

    “”People call it
    the “Schindler’s List” of our time. Well, as opposed to Schindler’s
    List, this movie is nowhere near the mastery and delicacy Steven
    Spielberg used to make his tribute to the holocaust. And speaking of
    Spielberg, even Amistad (1997), may be better then 12 Years A Slave. It
    is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black.
    The result is: Too much violence and less art.””

    What are you trying to imply here? That black people only know how to create and act in overly violent films? They can’t create art? That even, gasp,a Jew like Spielberg could make a better slavery film?

    You see, this right here. This paragraph of yours that I quoted right here, is a perfect example of the subtle racism black people face everyday. People like to call us paranoid and think we’re always playing some kind of race card. This however, is the reality.

    You’re a real idiot and a low-key racist, Rigers Avdo.

    • justanotaku

      no that’s just you twisting an opinion you don’t really like. What he means is because they put too much emotion about that time of how bad slavery was that they wanted to, pretty much, exploit it. Being too extreme.

  • Iván Solorio (SanS)

    For a moment there I thought Armond White wrote this…

  • Robert

    :-))))) Love this list and all the hate it generated. Big hug, author.
    I fully agree with all the Oscar Best Film winners.Llast good film that got that silly award was No Country For Old Men.
    Tree of Life wasn’t that bad, but one does need to be in a certain mood to see a Malick film.
    All you PC people, take a chill pill.

  • Ricardo Moreira

    Your list is perfect!

  • Kuba Lagoda

    Who made this list? A teenager? If you find a great movie “too long and too boring”, why don’t you just watch Transformers?
    10, 7, 2, 1 are all GREAT FILMS. 6 and 4 are very good. I don’t care about the other four titles, but still the six films I mentioned shouldn’t be on that list.

  • Rudi

    I would add Whiplash to this list. A fine example of a movie that’s pretty decent/good, but not as great as people say it is. Especially the entry in IMDB’s top 50 is way too much honor for a movie that’s fun to watch but has no replay value whatsoever. I think the pretty good acting hides the fact that it has a pretty standard little rise and fall plot.

  • Keijo Lakkala

    Wow, this was like straight out of IMDB forums. 😀

    • Antony Britto Gump


  • LDV1960

    I’m stunned at the criticism of Tree of Life. The “reviewer” is actually requesting simpler movies from Malick, followed by the ridiculous claim that people can’t relate to this work. A claim made despite the writer being aware that it is a highly rated film … He is placing it on a list of overrated films afterall. Is this a joke?

  • Brian Gregory

    I agreed with all of this list, well done! My only real disagreement was TAKEN. That was a sleeper hit and everyone knows it is pure daft fun, hardly over-rated

  • Veronica Clarke

    If you wanted to make these statements about these films you really needed to give more concrete reasons. It doesn’t really stand up, I’m afraid.

  • Christian Perez

    “Wrestling is one of the manliest sports out there but in this movie, the men are missing.”

    What exactly are you trying to say with this?

    “It is an all black movie, the producer, director and main actors are black.”

    And yeah, okay? This is not fully accurate and what was your point?

    • Christian Perez

      I keep rereading and getting more irked. Why was this published? What could you possibly be saying with these statements? I wrote lists like this for a paper. I have written many reviews for publication and even reached out to this site (I chose not to allow my work published here for reasons that are becoming more and more apparent) and I mention that simply to ask, what is going on? This has me very perplexed and frustrated not only from a confusions with the author’s intent/meaning but from an editorial standpoint.

  • Ivan Galić

    Wtf, The Departed is a masterpiece. And no Interstellar?

  • Harsha Raman

    Yeah, I get this author’s viewpoint. Whichever is slow or artful, he perceives it as ‘”boring”. He clearly cannot withstand Bennett Miller’s direction style (or he would not brand two of his masterpieces as “overrated”). Gravity boasts of directorial triumph and this man only sees the basic plot and two famous actors in it?!

    How come studio hits like The Dark Knight Rises or Interstellar or Mad Max did not pop into your head, Mr. Genius?

    That is because you think a good cinema should be fast-paced, talkative and be dazzling with lights. That would be your cup of tea, is it not?

    This kind of articles should not make their way to Taste of Cinema.

  • soufwans

    What an absolutely horrible list, anyone who’s criticism of a movie is that it’s “boring” shouldn’t be taken seriously.

    • justanotaku

      I have to admit that fox catcher took way too much of his time to reach it’s climax. And I am someone who loves drama films with lots of dialogues way more than action films

  • Adel Narimani

    Don’t you think some movies like boyhood,American sniper,Philomena,Life of pi, Argo & Social network are much more overrated in comparison with likes of Moneyball & The departed which are actually spectacular movies and a movie making class themselves?
    And how Taken & The Blind side can be overrated? no one gives a shit about them. Boxoffice success and general audience opinion of a movie ain’t really what we measure a acclamation with, is it?

  • thinkerman

    Totally agree on Hurt Locker. Well enough done, but non-momentous next to the hype. Also, gotta agree on 12 Years A Slave. Agonizing story, but nothing new or extraordinary in the telling.

  • Athul Bhakth

    This is the most overrated site 😛

  • frank mango

    12 years a slave and the departed are both assembled with a great cast. Michael fassbender alone is amazing in 12 years a slave. Far from overrated. And the departed also has a great cast where everyone is top notch.

    • justanotaku

      but in comparison to other Scorsese film, is it his best film?

  • Katey Kate

    Personally I find if there is so much hype about a film or puts me off watching it. I may of missed our n some amazing films, however The departed??? Fanbloodytastic

  • Ana Pio

    Embarrassing… Too embarrassing. I will now stop reading this website, because of this simple minded commentary:

    “Why is it overrated: Because it is too tiring, too experimental and too…boring. The images are fascinating and so is the concept but it lacks clarity. The scenes mostly have no connection to each other and that makes it hard for the audience to focus and understand what is going on. Yes, we get it, it looks artsy and it imposes you to not speak bad about it.

    But Mr. Malick, we can’t get inside your head like that and experience things as you do. So maybe you should try harder to make things simpler. Maybe also a bit more interesting so we can enjoy being part of your weird world. Maybe next time you can use less imagery and more dialogue because there are top actors out there that would work for you for free.”

  • Kopknight

    All I can taste are sour grapes. Jog on.

  • fleiter69

    Does the writer like movies?

  • Inspector71

    The Hurt Locker sucked because it was so unrealistic and pretended to be authentic. War movies about the middle east in general suck because compared to other wars in US history, they’ve been relative cakewalks.

  • disqus_3sUwVyiZQe

    The Blind Side is a true story. Regardless of its merits as a film, I would expect that anyone creating this type of list would know that little tidbit.

    • justanotaku

      and a movie based on a “true story” is suppose to make it a better film?

  • Geisha De Rhin

    1. AVATAR is overrated, because it’s the highest grossing film of all time, while the story is basically from POCAHONTAS. Strip the visual stuns, and you will only find a weak script like TITANIC.

    2. CRASH is overrated, since it won Best Picture over BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. And right one year after that, Innaritu’s BABEL really prove that CRASH is clearly trash.

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      I agree with Gravity being on this list for the exact same reason as Avatar. Great visuals with weak everything else does not make a great movie, and most people who praise it seem to only list the experience of seeing it in 3D or IMAX as a reason for its greatness. I watched it on a normal TV and found it extremely formulaic and forgettable.

  • Sir. Klünchis

    Thank You!! You need balls to say this on a forum. I totally agree with you. I thought the same thing when I saw this movies on the cinema. I will just switch “The tree of life” for “Avatar”.

  • RaVi

    If there is anything ‘overrated’, it is the very term overrated.

    Rigers Avdo, if you want me to keep supporting this website, please do not write any article again. You lost your credibility.

  • Pingback: No, YOU’RE overrated! No, YOU are! | Movie Motorbreath()

  • justanotaku

    I find it funny that the first this he did was explain the term overrated and yet people still can’t take a hint about it. Some movies I like he puts it out there. Others I thought were brilliant and outs it there. In the end its his reasons of why he doesn’t like it. It’s like avatar, or blade runner.

  • Ishan Hendre

    What do you even mean by this- “Kathryn should have used less documentary style and more real American war movie style where soldiers cry, die, do drugs, have sex, fight and self destruct.” Who are you to say what she should have done? And who are you to even proclaim what “real” American war movie style is? I hope you get the contradiction in your words. Documentary style is what made it feel more real, instead of romanticising the concept of soldiers and war. I don’t like the empirical tone in your article. About Tree of life- now just because a film was tough for you to grasp makes it overrated? Because a film is difficult to access by a viewer doesn’t make it overrated, and you calling it overrated because you couldn’t understand it shows how capable an authority you are to “rate” movies. And what the fuck do you mean by use more dialogue and less imagery? CINEMA IS A VISUAL STORYTELLING MEDIUM, mr.smartypants! If he had to just tell the story through words then he’s just wrote a radioplay, what’s the need for visual compositions? He’s just making the most of the medium he’s engaging with, and that is conveying the idea visually. And you know, not everything can be said just through words, like for example- what a nitwit I think you are and how problematic this article is in terms of how it’s reviewed most of the films here. Extremely shallow and unintellectual opinions.

  • Ajinkya Chandorkar

    Whoever wrote this thinks a lot about himself as a filmmaker. Stop hating bruh!

  • nicoal

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Blind Side was absolutely ridiculous, but I watched it in a room full of people to fucking LOVED it, so I didn’t say anything at the time. Isn’t it time we put an end to White Savior movies?

  • Javier

    Any movie list that has either Gravity or The Departed as overrated movies is either written by a child, an idiot or a bizarre yet very realistic combination of both… you know, like the Taken movie.

  • Shswn Stutz

    I disagreed with 70 percent of these picks…usually these lists are on the money. Oh well can’t hit it out of the park every time.

  • Shswn Stutz

    Wow, the 12 Years A Slave reviewer needs to rethink his decision of making his writing public. The review was frail and shallow while the last sentence makes you wish you never read it. Since when does the race of the director and crew determine how violent a piece of art will be? The subject matter of the film is violent, the practice of slavery is violent.

  • Aashis Vijayakumar

    There’s Tree of Life in there and I cant even find one Nolan film.

  • StarkyLuv

    You may as call this list “My pretentious ass showing the world I’m a pretentious ass that has better tastes than like…ANYONE!”

  • Rass

    “The script is average so is the acting of Sandra Bullock.”

    I can’t take seriously the opinions of any writer unable to put together a coherent sentence. Run-ons are something any professional writer, even a novice, should be able to easily avoid. Once you guys learn basic grammar, then you can start criticizing others’ writing. Until then… no.

    • marekhamsik

      I couldn’t agree with you more (even though I’m not a big fan of Gravity myself)

  • Reads like some analysis by a studio grunt fresh out of MBA school.

    • Allister Cooper

      Love it!

  • Jamess

    “Overrated” is term that reeks of the user’s self-indulgence and his/her incapacity to accept the fact that people like something that he/she doesn’t like. The word is up there with “Pretentious.”

  • Sats Van Brand

    Donnie Darko

  • Horacio Machado Flores

    What about The Revenant?

  • heezels

    “Let me explain, Apocalypse Now, Born On The Fourth Of July, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan all are war movies that run circles around The Hurt Locker in every imaginable way. From the cinematography to the directing to the screenplay and even star power. Somehow the Academy neglected them and they never got the recognition they deserved. Thankfully that time did them justice and that they are now being showered with nothing but praise in retrospect.

    Read more:

    You, my man… are a fucking twat. First, you associate “Academy Awards” with general greatness. Second, you clearly don’t have a clue as to what you want to say. You stick to the bare minimum of what can barely be understood as a coherent opinion, just to make a quick $15 per article that you just shit out without regard for the medium.

  • Gogzilla

    I totally agree with this list. I’d also add Avatar & American Sniper.

    • Allister Cooper

      With all due respect, I’d add There Will Be Blood and Lincoln…

  • Jimmy

    So glad I have ad blocker after reading articles like this. You don’t deserve compensation for spewing crap

  • Dave

    You’re analysis and writing style are rather sophomoric. Stop reading Ain’t It Cool and read some real film criticism or what’s left of it

  • Antony Britto Gump

    This is my favourite cinema blog. never disappointed even a lit bit in their list.
    But this? seriously?
    //But Mr. Malick, we can’t get inside your head like that and experience things as you do. So maybe you should try harder to make things simpler.//
    a drector doesnt have to spoon feed audience as you say. if you dont understand something you need to observe it. if you still dont get it then its your prob. because of u dont get it that doesnt mean that the movie is overrated. i hope space odyssey and inception are overrated to as per your biased article.

  • Dimitri Poenaru

    You forgot to mention all of David Cronenberg’s movies. Lso The Departed is an excpetionally well done movie, far superior to Internal Affairs. And The King’s Speech is a masterpiece.

  • Bulzan Andrei

    Who cares about the script of Gravity ? Gravity is not about script or acting, the entire movie is a ride for the viewer ( you have to see it in a teather ), it plays with your senses. A movie is suposed to be art, real art gives you unique emotions, that’s what Gravity did for me. That’s why is wanderful, we all knew the plot before we went to see it from the trailer so we knew what to expect. It’s like a superb painting that takes you to a journey and you realise you’ve been stairing for 10 – 15 min . . . and is only a painting 🙂

    • Johnny Al Lenn

      Guess it depends on what the individual viewer wants from a movie, I missed the opportunity to see Gravity in a theatre and saw it for the first time on TV and found it to be extremely disappointing and surprisingly generic plot-wise.
      IMO the fact that Gravity is a great visual experience in cinemas doesn’t excuse the lack of effort in terms of script or acting, as every element of the filmmaking process should be given equal care for the sake of the portions of the audience who favour those particular elements; for me, the lazy, formulaic script of Gravity ruined my enjoyment of its technical mastery.

  • Fe

    Joke list.

  • Paul A.S.S. Anderson

    This is the dumbest list this site has ever published. You actually call out films that won Best Picture because there were better films that year?? That happens EVERY YEAR. Overrated is completly subjective, and you are celebrating the fact that “popular” equals “overrated”. Fuck. Off.

  • lasha usupashvili

    tree of life is not overrated, it is underrated !

  • palash tandiya

    Article is good but you should publish it as “The finest film of hollywood” because most of the movies in this list is great and aren’t overrated

  • no.. no nono no no. I really like this site, please don’t turn into shit.

    This isn’t Buzzfeed.

    You’re fired.

    You’re that idiot in those film classes who would always raise their hand up and talk about how they “didn’t get it” and that it was “boring and stupid” when we watched masterpieces. And the teacher was too nice to tell you how much of a fucking idiot you were because “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion”

  • Ioana Chitic

    This writer should be fired. The spelling is bad and the arguments are downright terrible and insulting to a reader’s intelligence.
    Tasteofcinema articles are usually much better than this. Please don’t turn this website into click-bait shit written by people with the attention span of a mollusk.

  • Murali Subramonian

    Tree of life, Departed and gravity….over rated and boring??????have you seen Departed ….

  • Steve

    Good list. Most overrated director: Stanley Kubrick

  • Glasheengal

    1. You fail to mention that ‘ The blind side’ is based on a true story and 2. You don’t mention ‘ Platoon’ in your list of flms better than ‘ The hurt locker’ I think you’re a bit of a chancer mate. And don’t get me started on all the grammatical errors constant on the lists….

    • SugarGoingDown

      Also the blind side ruined Michael Oher’s career.

  • Sudipto Chaudhury

    The author of this article is probably an eight standard student who has been given holiday home work.
    This is apparent when he asks the question “What were they thinking when they made this movie?” about “The Blindside”.
    Foolish child, this movie is based on a true story. Do your research.

  • Valentin Genev

    Good list. Never write criticism for the masses enjoyment, write it for the artists, the ones who made art the ones who will someday.

    Don’t let the fanboys bring you down, but do listen to these who aren’t defending their feeling, they are easy to spot.

  • Ricar Castro

    All the things I don’t like about the list are also present in the comments.

    I don’t agree with ~90% of what the author thinks but that doesn’t mean my opinion is more valid than his. Saying that somebody misundertands cinema implies that there is one ‘right’ way to see it, that cinema which is a form of art, can be understood.

    You can argument that a movie is more complex, or fast/slow paced, or more fluently edited than another one, but none of that means it is better or worse, good or bad. Cinema is a human creation, there is not an almighty god of cinema or a divine list of commandments, therefore any thought or critique is nothing but an opinion. I think that’s true for any art form, and I’m saying I think because it is only me personal opinion.

    One thing I did like about the list is that he wasn’t afraid to write stuff that most people would probably not agree with. I don’t agree with pretty much anything on the list, but it’s like everyone is expecting others to just say what is generally seen as correct or appropriate. Terrence Malick good, Michael Bay bad, all’s right with the world.

  • Antoreep Sengupta

    While your article starts off in an interesting manner (I must give credit to you for having laboured so hard to elaborate upon what the true definition of ‘overrated’ really is), it falls apart a couple of paras later as most of your arguments are extremely flimsy. I assume that your argument against anyone who chooses to disagree with your stand would be to declare that people are reacting because in all likelihood, some of their personal favourites are being criticised. If that were to be the case, then there would be no point in penning an article like this in the first place as it would only be an ego-boosting exercise in screaming hoarse about one’s personal choices and tastes. Furthermore, your notions regarding what is ‘artsy’ and what isn’t are personal and should therefore be kept to yourself as you clearly haven’t bothered to validate or substantiate these views or notions of yours.

    One shudders when one sees how lazily and ignorantly dismissive you are of things in general. You say that Cuaron could have done so much more with ‘Gravity’, and that the trailer gives away the whole film. I don’t think ‘Gravity’ is the best movie ever, or even the best sci fi out there, but your broadly simplistic and sweeping statements only underline the fact that you have no idea of or about the craft of filmmaking. It is a proper Holly blockbuster at the end of the day, and due credit must be given to the maker for putting his craft to such good use. It is not really that long a film and succeeds perfectly as a thriller, while allowing Cuaron to stamp his mastery over the 3D landscape as well as the soundscape. The editing is proper textbook stuff and further adds to the drama. ‘Gravity’ is not entirely devoid of flaws, but the grounds on which you criticise it are entirely unfounded.

    Same goes for ’12 Years…’. ‘Her’ and ‘Nebraska’ were truly original works of art – agreed, but that doesn’t make this one any less of an achievement. I am guessing you aren’t familiar with McQueen’s earlier works, or even if you are, you surely aren’t an admirer. McQueen’s is an unsympathetic look at the eras gone by and his intense closeups and obsession with the human body and the marks of suffering that it may come to bear under circumstances add a remarkably new dimension to the narratives of miseries that revolve around slavery and that we are otherwise familiar with. Everything starting from the colour palette to the performances add to the tonality of the film.

    Your problem with ‘The Tree of Life’ mainly appears to be the fact that it is a bit too complex for you to chew or process and that it demands more attention from its viewers as according to you, it is ‘too experimental’. What does that even mean? I mean, is there a marker for degrees of experimentation? It might not be your cup of tea. But then you should acknowledge the fact that you as a viewer are more limited in that sense, instead of accusing the film or the filmmaker of being ‘too tiring’. ‘The scenes mostly have no connection to each other’ – are you kidding me? I am guessing you aren’t that well-versed with the concept of non-linear editing. Well, then, Malick really is complex stuff, my man, and not your run-of-the-mill filmmaker either, who indulges solely in simple three-act narratives. Mallick is a little self-obsessed, I will give you that much, but to call for ‘more dialogue’ and ‘less imagery’ basically just underlines that you need your makers to spoonfeed information to you. Which is fine, but then don’t go around giving air to your unfounded theories and pretending that you have actually managed to truly evaluate certain films and see them for what they truly are.

    Again, your accusing ‘The Departed’ of lacking in terms of style clearly shows that you don’t even know what style or technique is all about in the first place. Do you happen to know of this film called ‘Cape Fear’, which was remade by none other than Scorsese himself in the early 90s? A lot of people argue that remakes are pointless. Not so when you have the option and are willing enough to take up the challenge of adding new dimensions to and improving upon the original creation in the first place. Not only was ‘Cape Fear’ Scorsese’s tribute to a film he came to love, Schoonmaker’s frantic editing, De Niro’s menacing aura and Scorsese’s able direction and guidance helped them improve upon the original by several notches. Same for ‘The Departed’, which adapted the basic plot of ‘Infernal Affairs’, but added so much more to it by making it more atmospheric and gritty. Agreed – it isn’t Scorsese’s best, but that does not excuse you for saying that the film appears to have been made by someone who lacked patience.

    Do your readers a favour. Try and understand the medium a little bit more, maybe? Or at least ensure that your engagement with the medium isn’t as half-hearted as what you appear to be accusing most of these films or filmmakers of. While the latter isn’t always true, one can definitely make a case for the former. I rest my case.

  • Klaus Dannick

    Gotta love how this writer dismisses Taken and Gravity for being too trite and formula-bound then critcizes Tree of Life for being too experimental.

  • Dreaming Wanderer

    The choise of a movie like Foxcatcher for a list like this is almost sad. When most of the biopic/based on true events movies in Hollywood look like a BBC documentary with lazy narrative, Bennet Miller is one of the few diectors who gets behind his characters phycology and offers so much more instead of just following the true events.

    Overall this is actually a bad list. Only 2-3 movies deserve to be here

  • Jose F Rios

    And Titanic (in my opinion). The story is same like a mexican telenovela: The poor guy that falls in love of a rich girl but she has a rich boyfriend who hates the poor guy and etc. etc. etc.

  • THE BLIND SIDE, HURT LOCKER–I’ll give you those.
    BIggest omission — Best Picture-winner CRASH.

  • Rui Monteiro

    this looks like an article that would come out on april fools’

  • Patrick Hill

    Tree of Life, really? I’m just stumped at your explanation. You basically said that all of Malick’s films are bad, slow and overrated then. Artsy, now that,s a first for Malick from a supposed cinema expert. Maybe keep watching Michael Bay films then 🙂

  • Ted Clark

    The number one reason not to take this article or author seriously: “12 Years A Slave tells the sad story of Chiwetel Ejiofor”….

  • Ted Wolf

    this list is bait for all those who hold one or more on the list dear. I’m in agreement with several on this list. Many felt to me like they were made in desperate need of an Oscar. Some of these I found engrossing and interesting. I will never understand the argument of many in the comments section that, if you didn’t like this movie you must not have understood it. I watched a conversation in my office between a gentleman who loved LOTR and a well-educated women who did not. He spent an hour explaining it’s significance as he saw it. End result. He loved LOTR, she hated LOTR.

  • The Man Who Wasn’t There

    For fucks sake stop saying King’s Speech shitty. It didn’t deserve Best Picture and was overrated at first, you are just exaggerating, by doing that you are making the movie kind of underrated.

  • There are not arguments of merit, these are personal opinions of someone who doesn’t even have the considerations to put his qualifications on the link, making himself perceived as anonymous keyboard warrior. But whatever drives traffic, right? Its easy just say something that stir up other people’s opinions, much easier to to actually develop palatable “Taste of Cinema”.

  • L0lwut

    Some of these I disagree with. Luckily “Fury Road” was not on the list so I wouldn’t have to immediately unsubscribe.

  • Andrew Mac’Cord

    Shitty analysis. Go to school again !

  • BT

    Still laughing at “Faxcatcher”. And that’s just the start. I hate to sound like Randy on “American Idol” but I have to say it: “Son, journalism isn’t your thing. Go do something else.”

  • Lucols

    Fire this writer immediately, he doesn’t even have clue of what the movies are even about.

  • Ashu Gupta

    it’s all subjective, friends. ‘best’, ‘worst’, ‘most overrated’. so calm yor titties.

  • Simone Bionda

    I prefer the lists with constructive approach, this destructive approach just makes flames.. I read this site to have positive suggestions.
    after the actors-to-be-abolished list i ask again: tasteofcinema dont be like the others shitty cinema sites

  • Henry Rafael B. Posadas

    what a stupid article. waste of time.

  • ggala69

    I would add ARGO as the top overrated movie.

  • Relf

    Every Tarantino should be on here. The Tree of Life? The Departed? 12 Years a Slave? Yeah this list is shit

  • SugarGoingDown

    The only movie I can say deserves to be on this list is The Blind Side. This was the one movie that made me finally admit to myself that I do not like Sandra Bullock. I can’t believe this movie won awards. Everyone kept telling me this movie was emotional but when I saw it it was devoid of all emotion. The conflict was laughable and Bullock’s performance as well as the other cast was cringeworthy. Not to mention the awkward fact how this film portrayed blacks as either lowlives with no redeemable value or dunces who need the guidance and help of white people to become civilized. I’m glad this movie has become forgotten.

  • Ben

    Agree with some of these but still a poor list. Tree of Life is a (def. not boring) masterpiece.

  • Hugo Lima

    12 Years Slave: spent the whole movie acting like an idiot to be saved by the “grace” of a white redeemer. Seriously?!

  • Eric Vanderford

    Did you just imply that Saving Private Ryan has depth? Patriotic pandering isn’t depth.

  • Franco Gonzalez

    Im not gonna read this.. Actually, im not gonna read anything from this page from here.. bye

  • BK207

    Remeber Imo and in brackets reason why. I would like to keep it brief.
    – Days Of Future Passed(the 2nd and 3rd ac came down to every character telling “Mystique” stop you’re fucking dumb)
    – Green Room (its predicable “Panic Room” with Nazis/Punks)
    – Beasts Of No Nation (its a F**** Zombie movie the sub commander resurrects, after a funeral an you see him get shoot, only to have a “prominent character to have a mutiny. Also pulls the Pedo card for 5 mins to no resolve. Uneven directing)
    – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close(just the premise puts me to sleep)
    – The Martian(LOL “so we’re putting Matt Damon abandoned in Mars will he survive??” of course YES d00d thats it got Best Comedy in The Golden Globes)
    – We need to Talk About Kevin(its a symbolistic movie but only why a “psycho kid?” did he kill like 50 people at end? is he reincarnated Hitler or what? couldnt respond cuz its so fuckin a Tease of a movie)
    – American Sniper(I cant remember more then 3 scenes from it, also Flag Of Our Fathers, Letter From Iwo.. can be on tis list)
    – Creed(so its rich Rocky but hes black. And people complain of Star Wars VIII being a mash of the previous ones, its the same scenario, and probably Creed II will be the same)

  • Ted Wolf

    I never saw Taken as overrated, it’s a potboiler action flick. Did some critics find it to be something other than a thrill ride? As to the remainder of the list, I believe critics tend to use more and more hyperbole in order to tout a movie they want to champion since they need to shout to be heard, In the end, the movie seems overrated. I remember reading Time Magazine’s cover story on the original Star Wars release with the headline “The Best Movie Ever Made.” I was so underwhelmed when I saw it and it wasn’t.

  • Marvin Staal

    I like most of these films…. guess im overrated now.

  • Will Wuorinen

    The author should be made aware of the fact that “The Blind Side” isn’t a fairy tale. It’s based on the life of Michael Oher, who’s currently playing in the NFL.

  • Stefan Alexiev

    Thank goodness someone is brave enough to speak the truth !!! Lately the whole Hollywood is way to obsessed with CGI and everything else goes out of the window ! I can add 10 times 10 more movies here to that list

  • Pixel Asylum


  • Hernán

    worst post i´ve ever read in this page….

  • Teej_Kapowski

    No Boyhood? That pretty much renders this list useless.

    Also… trying to compare Steven Spielberg and Steve McQueen?? One is the Godfather of the Tentpole Blockbuster, the other is a Turner Prize winning Artist, who apparently likes violence more than art.

  • Marius Aanonlie

    As much as I love “Fight Club”, it should be here, simply for being this “anti consumerism statement”, riddled with blatant product placements. Ah well.

  • Diana Brown

    What? 12 Years a Slave worse than Her? You are joking. 12 Years a Slave is like a MILE LONG better than any other movie of that Year, and probably of this CENTURY.

  • Guido Von M

    Million Dollar Baby. I hated that movie.

  • Pradeep Dev

    You accuse Martin Scorsese a lot for a guy who used ‘Who’s’ instead of ‘whose’ in The Departed para. The Departed is a brilliant film and I like it better than the original. It’s one of Scorsese’s best films. Moneyball, The hurt locker aren’t overrated. I agree with the rest.

  • Carl Edgar Consiglio


  • Carl Edgar Consiglio


    • Louiselle Pace Gouder

      anke qattus ghandu l-utilita tieghu bhala attention seeking mechanism; kollox “what use does it have for me u kif se nidher?”x’biza!!

    • Louiselle Pace Gouder

      sirt il mantnut consiglio? m’ghadekx broke donnok. nahseb issa fhimtu il
      kumment: ”ínt x’tajtni?” jippretendi
      ir-ragel, sense of entitlement…well you found the right match. i would
      never pay a man to keep him. msieken…xi gmiel ta memorji do you want
      to f… ma tghidx nice ass din aghar minn nisa l ohrajn. what tacky
      rubbish! ha nipparadja is sentimenti fuq facebook hi; ghax show …
      never…. laqwa li nservu zaqqna u l firilla dak l importanti u lesti.
      basics …. i could not have been more fully removed from the whole
      situation. what a horror film.

  • Stephus

    Inception should be here also The Revenant

  • Sahin Parvin

    Completely with you on ‘the tree of life’… like what was that! So very pretentious.

  • marekhamsik

    “Foxcatcher is a Crime Drama”

    and raging bull a box flick I guess… I stopped reading after that!

  • Franco Gonzalez

    This list.. why?

  • Abeetz

    Except for The Tree Of Life I would agree.

  • Cryz Thor

    I was not a fan of The Blind Side, but the writer here doesn’t seem to know anything about the film in his/her criticisms. The feel good “fairy tale” and “pseudo inspirational sports plot” were all based on true events. For the most part the writers view of what makes a film overrated is a good measuring stick of the writer’s lack of maturity when viewing subject matter over his/her head.

  • David Pollison

    TAKEN could have been written by an 8 year old? Let’s see you do better then.

  • Steven Hall

    Completely agree with The Tree of Life and The Hurt Locker – but 12 Years a Slave??? WAAAAYYYYYY better than Dallas Buyers Club, Her, and Nebraska combined.

  • Le Blanc

    Agree with Taken & Gravity for sure. Haven’t watched, nor will I watch, Moneyball or The Blind Side as those ‘sporting underdogs overcome adversity’ films have been done to death. On the middle line with The Departed and disagree with the rest.

  • Carl Edgar Consiglio

    Couldn’t agree more re Tree of Life on this list, but I loved the King’s Speech.

  • Flora Tristona


  • HDbfly

    Who’s the author of this? S/he claims that Dallas Buyers Club and the horrid Nebraska were better than 12 Years a Slave. 12 Years may not be the best picture of the year, but Nebraska? Which has a famous actor playing an unglamorous role and being praised wildly. Dallas Buyers Club also had flashy performances in a weak, thin plot about a straight man winning AIDS war.

  • HDbfly

    Dear author,
    do your research. The Blind Side is a true story. That “fairy tale” is an actual, true story.

  • Dimitrije Stojanovic

    I really agree with this list.

  • ttt

    Foxcatcher is great, not overrated at all

  • Dejan Trajković

    Most overrated movie is Interstellar, and Cristopher Nolan is most overrated director of all time.

  • Ólafur Jón Jónsson

    This article is overrated …

  • Bob Ruijzendaal

    Sorry, but how can I take a writer who calls Schindler’s list “A Tribute to The holocaust” serieus.

  • jesse100

    Huge fan of Goodfellas and Casino but hated The Departed. Good to see someone else had a problem with it.

  • Sage_on_the_Hudson

    “[The] King’s Speech tells the story of George VI, a well known stutterer, who is set to become king after his father dies.”

    No, he’s to become king after his older brother, Edward VIII, who was king only briefly after the death of their father, abidicates the throne.

  • Milo Ricketts

    Most of those films didn’t deserve to be there

  • Arshad Khan

    Wolf of wall street and interstellar …

  • Randy ONeal Wood

    This is just some one or a small group of someone’s opinions. Remember, opinions are like butt holes, everybody’s got one. Gravity had me on the edge of my seat the entire movie. If anybody didn’t like it, that’s their opinion. But to me I was on the edge of my seat with an intense cinematic viewing experience the entire time.

  • Dave

    12 years a slave unoriginal? Yeah because we are bombarded with films on the subject of slavery. Also thankfully there are wonderful film makers out there like Steve McQueen and Terrence Mallick out there who aren’t afraid to challenge their audiences.

  • Gabriel Apetrei

    the Martian

  • Tom Sillers

    I liked the Hurt Locker but agree it’s not really one for the ages. Really just an effective tense thriller, with nothing much going on underneath.