Sandra Bullock’s 6 Best Roles to Date


Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s unsung heroines, boasting a 28-year long career that now sees her as one of the highest paid actresses in the world. With one Academy Award, a Golden Globe and two Oscar nominations to her name – plus a string of other awards – Sandra Bullock’s work hasn’t gone without recognition.

This year she capped it off with the People’s 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman award, proving she’s got plenty left to offer an industry obsessed with age and image. So today we’d like to pay homage to Mrs Bullock with a look back at her best roles to date.


The Serious Side of Sandra Bullock

While Bullock may be better known as a comedic actress, her most recognised performances have been serious dramatic roles:


1. Ryan Stone – Gravity, 2013


We’ll start with her most recent Oscar nomination for her leading role in the 2013 smash hit Gravity. Bullock made the biggest pay day of her career form this film, earning a cool $70 million, but the actress revealed her nerves about the success of the sci-fi thriller before its release.

Her fears proved unfounded though as the film shot to huge success, in no small part thanks to her heart-warming portrayal of Ryan Stone – a role the likes of Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Marion Cotillard and a string of other big names reportedly turned down.


2. Leigh Anne Tuohy – The Blind Side, 2009

The Blind Side (2009)

Four years earlier Bullock won her first Oscar nomination for her lead role in the touching sports drama, The Blind Side. She plays the real-life suburban mother who took in Michael Oher – a homeless and traumatised young boy – and helped guide him to an NHL career. While Bullock’s performance and Oscar win was questioned by some, her role was largely credited for the success of the 2009 film.


3. Nelle Harper Lee – Infamous, 2006


Three years before The Blind Side Bullock was widely praised for her role in the retelling of Truman Captoe’s life. She was the standout performer in Infamous, thanks to her subtle portrayal of Nelle Harper Lee, even if opinions on the film itself were lukewarm.


The Not-So-Serious

And, of course, we couldn’t honour Sandy without a mention for some of her less serious roles.


4. Scarlett Overkill – Minions, 2015


The Minions is out on June 26th at Cineworld, but Sandra Bullock has been called upon to help the animation meet expectations by taking to the mic as Scarlett Overkill – the world’s first female supervillain (apparently). Let’s just hope her voice acting doesn’t live up to the surname of her character.


5. Annie – Speed, 1994


This was the film that shot her to fame – the first female bus driver to be stuck on a bus with a bomb and Keanu Reeves on board. Maybe this would have counted as a serious role back in 1994, but Speed is up there with those hilarious ’90s classics you can watch time and again.


6. Lenina Huxley – Demolition Man, 1993

Demolition Man

Before that, in her first breakthrough role, Bullock starred alongside Sylvester Stallone as Lenina Huxley, in the sci-fi action flick Demolition Man. Luckily, the film was just about bad enough to be pretty damn watchable and Bullock’s somewhat ditzy version of futuristic law enforcement is a much needed break from the war of testosterone between Stallone and Wesley Snipes.

So, here’s to you Sandra Bullock – thanks for the laughter and tears so far!