14 Alternative Horror Movies for Halloween

8. John Dies at The End (2012)


Plot: A new drug called “the soy sauce” has a crazy side effect to it, as it promises an otherworldly out-of-body experience. But when things get strange and the world is in danger, two friends are the only ones who can stop this.

What makes it different: It’s a hilarious Halloween treat that’s better than candy! Director Don Coscarelli, who directed Phantasm as well as other horror comedy greats like Bubba Ho Tep, directs this manic horror comedy that can firmly stand among some of the other horror comedy greats. This movie was basically created with a cult audience in mind, and because of that, it can only really be appreciate with an audience that loves cult films.

So if you love cult movies, then this movie will surely please you, because in all honesty, it’s a future cult favorite. Its cult potential largely has to do with the over the top crazy nature and bizarre dark humor. So gather some friends up this Halloween and watch this movie, and you’ll surely have a blast.


9. Saturday The 14th (1981)

Saturday the 14th

Plot: A dimwitted family moves into a house that contains the book of ultimate evil. When the youngest son opens this book, it soon releases a bunch of monsters. Meanwhile, a vampire couple are trying to take the book back. With the book now open, a curse is soon to take place on the date of Saturday the 14th.

What makes it different: It’s a goofy, and completely crazy horror comedy. Much like Student Bodies, Saturday the 14th is a very dumb movie, but it’s hilariously dumb. This movie is by all means not a smart movie, but if you can accept it for what it is, then it’s actually pretty enjoyable. The comedy mainly consists of sight gags and parodies of classic horror movies.

For the most part, the humor is very hit or miss, and that certainly depends on your own sense of humor. Saturday the 14th makes for a great double feature with Student Bodies, as both movies have that same type of stupid horror comedy vibe to them. So if you want a double feature of really stupid horror comedy, and want to laugh this Halloween instead of screaming, then go check this.


10. Mo (Aka: Boxer’s Omen) (1983)

Boxer's Omen

Plot: A man tries to avenge his brother and gets wrapped up in Taiwanese black magic, and thus utter craziness ensues.

What makes it different: Oh boy, this movie is completely insane! Boxer’s Omen is outrageously crazy, and it is so weird it’s great! This movie is filled to the brim with so many bizarre things, from obviously fake rubber alligators to laser beams and so much weird stuff in between. There are so many strange things that happen in this film, you just count them all, as Boxer’s Omen is another example of how writing about a movie will not do it justice.

Go see this crazy Hong Kong movie for yourself and see why it’s completely different for Halloween viewing. After watching this crazy movie, you will be left speechless and wondering ‘why isn’t this movie more well known?’


11. Odd Thomas (2014)

Odd Thomas

Plot: Odd Thomas is a pretty strange person, but he seems to have a rather strange power. He has the ability to see dead people as well as these malicious ghosts called bodachs. However, when these malicious ghosts start appearing all over town, Odd seems to suspect that something is horribly wrong, and that something very evil will happen soon.

What makes it different: It’s a very unique mix of horror and comedy, and it works very well. For fans of John Dies at the End, you will love this movie, because it has the same quality to it. It has a unique mix of horror, thriller, mystery, and comedy, all mashed together in a quirky, underappreciated film from 2013.

Odd Thomas stars Anton Yelchin who is an utter treat to watch, as he almost always is. Meanwhile, the story is very entertaining and engrossing . It genuinely seems to go places that you wouldn’t normally expect it to go, which is always refreshing. Odd Thomas has a great atmosphere that’s awesome for Halloween viewing, so go check this movie out and dig it up from obscurity.


12. Monster Squad (1987)

the monster squad

Plot: The legendary Universal Monsters begin to come together in order to take over the world. The monsters include Dracula, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Wolfman, and Frankenstein. So it’s up to a group of young kids, who are obsessed with horror and are in a club called The Monster Squad, to stop these fiendish monsters.

What makes it different: It’s the Monster Squad! This movie is a complete blast to watch, regardless of what your age is. Kids and adults will both love watching this movie because of the humor and horror elements. The Monster squad is a treat for fans of the Universal Horror movies. If you are looking to get kids into classic horror movies, then this is the best place to start.

The Monster Squad is a B-movie with a lot of charm, it is very fun and fresh, and certainly a great movie to watch during Halloween. So if you want something a bit more fun to watch instead of something scary, then this movie will surely please you.


13. Hour of The Wolf (1968)


Plot: A couple go to an island for a vacation. While there, the artist husband begins to have a mental breakdown.

What Makes it different: It’s another pseudo-horror film from one of the greatest directors of all time, Ingmar Bergman. Much like The Iron Rose, Hour of the Wolf can barely be considered as a horror film, but there are some elements in this movie that classify it as such.

The film captures the mental breakdown of the main character Johan, who is fantastically played by legendary actor Max Von Sydow. If you want something rather experimental, then Hour of the Wolf, along with Iron Rose, will make for a fantastic paring of Avant-Garde horror and surrealism.


14. Bubba Ho Tep (2002)

Bruce Campbell in Bubba Ho-Tep

Plot: Elvis is alive and well in a retirement home, so is John F. Kennedy. However, things look pretty ghastly when a soul sucking mummy enters the nursing home. When the staff at this nursing home won’t believe this crazy story, it’s up to Elvis and JFK to stop this evil soul-sucking monster.

What makes it different: It has a bizarre premise for an original film. Once more Don Coscarelli creates a unique and bizarre horror comedy that is a cult classic by this point. This movie might sound crazy, and believe me, it’s weird, but there’s a certain element to it that is just so creative. Especially if you’re a fan of actor Bruce Campbell, who is just hilarious as Elvis.

So when Halloween comes around, make sure to consider putting this movie on if you want to watch something completely different.

Author Bio: Antony Copsey is an up and coming writer, who is studying communications at Rowan University at Glassboro, New Jersey. He is a huge fan of watching movies and writing about them, as well as writing his own material