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The 25 Best Sci-fi Movies of The 21st Century

19 November 2014 | Features, Film Lists | by Tyler Easterday


Since the beginning of storytelling, man has always sought out new ways to give wisdom and understanding through mediums of entertainment. All genres have a different purpose; we have comedies to make us laugh, dramas to make us cry etc. One genre stands out as the most cerebrally connected with our true being however, and that is the genre of science fiction.

Science fiction, like most genres, has grown exponentially more immersive over the years with the emergence of video games and 3D film. In recent years, we’ve seen stunning visual effects in films like Gravity and Interstellar, a progressed sense of intelligence in the genre with films like Upstream Color, and an overall revitalized sense of kinship between sci-fi and humanity. This relationship is truly meta, seeing as it is the strongest link between science and aesthetics in existence.

Through science fiction, one is given freedom to not only lose themselves in a thought-provoking story, but also learn more about their own nature through the genre. The content of a sci-fi story may all be theoretical, but ultimately it opens the minds of humanity to understanding the connection between ethos and pathos by carrying a story about logic, although with relatable characters that have emotion.

The genre has not only shaped humanity’s artistic side to be more exploratory of our being, but also opened up many minds to very idea of science itself. It is unfortunate that we live in a world where some people truly shun out science as theory rather than a search for truth, but we all know this is a fact. Science fiction has shown many lost hearts the wonder of the stars above them.

It was reported in 1980 that almost 20% of astronauts at that time had either been completely influenced, or at least nudged a bit, into science by the first Star Trek series. Nowadays, about half of all scientists and astronauts claim science fiction has had some kind of effect on them over the years that have influenced their endeavors into both the known and unknown.

Today, science fiction is more popular than ever. In fact, the father of science fiction, Jules Verne, has gained a millennial cult following in the modern style called ‘steam-punk’. These die-hard Verne-heads dress in attire that resembles the landscapes and clothing worn by the characters in Verne’s sci-fi classics like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days.

There has also been a massive uprising in the rate of scientific discovery, resulting in the past ten years being the most scientifically productive decade since the beginning of time. This has yielded a grown interest in scientific findings among not just the youth, but adults as well.

A lot of this can be traced back to the convenience of the internet. People no longer have to subscribe to a monthly science mag or hope that recent discoveries are mentioned in the most recent newspaper. Now, people can simply get online and search for true scientific facts and recent findings. We are truly living in the golden age of discovery.

The modern era has directly shown us the excitement and emotional reaction to this influx of scientific knowledge through the various entertainment mediums of today. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the movies.

Over the past 15 years, we have seen some of the best science fiction since the beginnings of film. The content has grown bolder, the effects have become hyper-real, and the overall effect of a modern great science fiction film has become undeniably breathtaking. There have been several titles each year that shake both the box office and the world of scientific theory itself. Here are some of the best science fiction films of the post 2000’s.


25. Primer

Primer (2004)

As Shane Carruth’s directorial debut, this movie has been considered one of the most challenging sci-fi films ever made. The characters in the movie accidentally stumble upon a means of time-travel and what ensues is pure cerebrally challenging story-telling.

The movie has been noted for its well use of an extremely low budget, and Shane Carruth’s writing/directing talent. This one may not be for everyone, but if you’re ever willing to take the ride, you might want to be ready to take notes in order to not have to watch it 10 times over before the story makes sense… But that’s why fans of the film love it so much.


24. Metropolis


Despite the title, this film is not based on Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic of the same name. In fact, it’s actually based on a manga that was based on the imagery of the classic silent film. In no way is the film derogatory of the original, though; in fact, it’s one of the most original anime films we’ve seen in decades.

The film’s plot is slightly cliché, but is made up for by the film’s visceral and eccentric visuals. Metropolis is a mandatory addition to any sci-fi, or anime, fan’s collection.


23. Time Crimes


Time Crimes is a Spanish sci-fi horror/thriller released in 2008 in the States. The movie uses a time-loop device that writer/director, Nacho Vigalodo, gives quite the twist-y treatment as the plot progresses. The ultimate result of the film resembles early episodes of Twilight Zone, but its dark, droll tone makes it a truly unique achievement.


22. A Scanner Darkly


Based off of Phillip K. Dick’s novel of the same name, Richard Linklatter’s adaptation of A Scanner Darkly serves as just another reminder in the writer/director’s filmography that reminds us he’s one of the most important filmmakers of our era.

The film uses the same animation stylizing, called ‘roto-scoping’, as used in Waking Life. The dystopian story stays quite respectful to the original, but Linklatter’s vision is endlessly unique and riveting. It may be hard to compare to some of Linklatter’s more dramatic and dialogue-driven film treatments, but A Scanner Darkly remains a gem in the world of sci-fi.


21. Source Code


As Moon director, Duncan Jones’, second shot at the big screen, Source Code provides an equally satisfying view as Moon. Jake Gylenhaal assumes the main role in this time-travel thriller that I must say is the closest film to this years Edge of Tomorrow that I have ever seen.

In the movie, Gylenhaal’s character keeps repeating the same events, but doesn’t know why. He soon finds himself in a loop and slowly uncovers the truth behind the events. If you’ve seen Edge of Tomorrow, that does sound quite familiar, doesn’t it? Well, just wait until the final act. The resolution to this movie is what makes it truly rewarding and unique, and is an essential addition to any sci-fi fan’s collection.


20. Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

The unofficial sister plot of the movie, Source Code, Edge of Tomorrow is Starship Troopers meets Groundhog Day meets awesome. Enough said.


19. Super 8

Super 8

Following the success of Cloverfield and Star Trek, director, J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, decided to create this nostalgic masterpiece. Super 8 was produced by the master of the ‘summer blockbuster’ himself, Steven Spielberg.

The movie draws elements from classics like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T., but does so with a modernized reverence for these kinds of films. It also uses modern cinematic technicalities, effects, and plot devices that help revitalize the genre. Super 8 may be just one of the films In Abrams’ amazing filmography, but before he was working in a ‘galaxy far, far away’, he was reminiscing on the sci-fi classics of old with Super 8.


18. District 9


Easily one of the most popular films of our era, District 9 took over theaters in 2009 to critical acclaim. District 9 was director, Neill Blomkamp’s directorial debut, and quickly proved him to be a worthy talent. The movie is unique in that its one the first films since Spielberg’s classics that portrays extra-terrestrials as innocent and helpless.

The movie has a lot of heart… And a lot of blue blood. Since District 9, Blomkamp has released Elysium and is currently working on what looks like may be his finest since District 9, a film about an innocent AI unit going through this life searching for itself called Chappie. Due to the explosion and aftershock of District 9, it looks like Blomkamp is here to stay.



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  • Aqeel Downey Jr.

    are you shitting me
    inception is number 9

  • Cesar Ochoa

    What about The Fountain (Aronofsky) or Prometheus (Scott)?

    • Solaris or 2001 isn’t there….who writes these things?

      • Brian Lussier

        You should read the damn title before complaining! It says 21st century!

        • Calm down fella, didn’t notice it. Still. Close enough.

    • vibe runner


      This is a list of the BEST sci-fi not the WORST.

    • Don Joe

      What are you on about? The Fountain is primarily about fantasy/mysticism, with science a marginalized and trivialized topic.

    • William

      Prometheus is bad.

  • Paul

    I’d put A.I. Artificial Intelligence in there. It has aged very well.

    • Amol

      Exactly, Paul. AI (2001) is a true 5-star movie.

    • ICU

      Nope. The end is still lame :S

      • Paul

        Interesting to note, one of the first things Kubrick envisioned was that ending. The theory is, the final 20 minutes is actually David’s dream. The film actually ends with him trapped under the carousel in deep water. That’s why the conclusion has a fairy-tale, dream-like aspect to it. If you remember what William Hurt’s character says in the very first scene, he wants to create an A.I. that has the ability to “dream”. David pursues his dream of becoming a “real boy” and when he realizes that the blue fairy is artificial, he lapses into a dream state, thus becoming more human. The ending is both tragic yet bittersweet. Quite brilliant. Kubrick was always way ahead of his time.

        • Andres Abad

          Indeed. It was a Kubrick`s masterpice. I really would liked to see the Kubrick`s version of tihs film (directing it) Even so he was part of the process with SS at the beginning… Kubrick would have made possible the WOW effect he always seemed to give us on his previous films.

          • tricky2k

            So Spielberg was just passing by, then? I love Kubrick movies too, but please, stop it. This movie is Spielberg’s masterpiece from head to toe, a project that Kubrick dismissed because he found himself unable to reach the balance between cold and warm the movie needed, exactly where Spielberg excels. The same to those still talking about happy endings. Whoever saying the ending of AI is a happy one, most definitely must watch the movie again. The ending is tragic, much more than the easy one with David forever stuck at the bottom of the sea.

            And that being said, I’m also surprised as this movie isn’t even on the list.

    • Richard Anderson

      and still brings a lump to my cynical old throat every time 🙂

    • Teva Bruce……

  • Helmi Ghammam

    Really ? Her ? For the First place ? Is there anyone who loves Sci-fi here ??

    • CzrIn

      hahaha… exactly 🙂

    • I thought it was more a drama than sci-fi. This list has too many American main stream releases.

    • iyrie

      I would love Her stays as No.1, and no am not a fan of sci-fi so that would make me I am not easily prefer a specific sci-fi film. Perhaps a true fans would have higher standard. Personally, I appreciate Her, Moon, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Inception from this list. Guess is not so bad.

    • Idle Primate

      was it an ordered list?

  • Maria

    Taste of Cinema is obsessed with ”Her”.

    • Alfred Jarry

      Her is a shitty movie.

      • Ankur Deb

        Def not. but it’s not number 1 worthy.

        • Branko Kosteski

          well, maybe not shitty, but far from good movie. short-film material stretched for feature.

          • Ryan Frost

            I agree, and don’t agree with any of you.

          • Keko Burazin

            I might ad:-)

    • Idle Primate

      it was an incredible movie with cuttingly relevant social commentary on our contemporary technology obsessed and ever more alienated culture

  • Jean-Baptiste

    I guess that you meant Star Trek (2009), not the Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013). The latter is unfortunately not half as good as the other one..

    • zero

      I was hoping that was what they meant…

  • F S

    Gravity is not a science-fiction-film.

    • zero

      Agreed – I’ve been pointing out to anyone who will listen that it’s actually the first fictional space film that isn’t science fiction.

      • F S

        True, it’s the first. It does have its phantastic moments – but not more than any other (realistic or non-realistic) film.

      • vibe runner

        It is a science-fiction film… the orbital cascade has not yet happened!

        It’s science-led science-fiction, and doesn’t have many fantasy elements (except George McJetpack), but a lack of weird or fantasy elements does not prohibit it from from being science-fiction.

      • José Rojas Sánchez

        The first? Really? What about Apollo 13?

        • Thom Demmery

          The operative word there is “fictional”

    • HLLH

      I know, right? If Gravity is science-fiction then also Bones and House MD are sci-fi, just a drama/thriller that happens to involve a type of science. That’s not science fiction.

      • F S

        The Maltese Falcon is no science-fiction either!

    • David Nathaniel

      True, it’s no more sci-fi than Apollo 13.

      • vibe runner

        Except Apollo 13 actually happened whereas Gravity is speculating on a possible future?

        Otherwise you might as well argue Armageddon is no more sci-fi than Apollo 13.

    • Facundo

      of course is science fiction. It isnt based on a true story. So is fiction.

      • FlyteBro

        You have misunderstood the definition of science fiction.

        • Facundo

          No i dont, science fiction is fiction with a base of science. Gravity have a base of science and its fiction at the same time

          • FlyteBro

            That’s pretty much the opposite of the real definition of science fiction.

          • Luke Foulds

            science fiction

            fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

          • F. P.

            No Science Fiction can have a contemporary setting. It does not have to be about the future

          • zplonk

            That would make House MD also a scifi series and it isn’t.
            Scifi speculates about fiction and, if it’s good scifi, about the effect that would have on the world. Like, what would the world look like where the elite was telekinetic?

    • Ankur Deb

      Is gravity even fiction?
      Then again, a lot of shit passes through sci-fi nowadays.

      • Amor Asad

        Well, anything did not happen in reality is fiction, say, A love story written by you. In that sense, Gravity is fiction but not science fiction.

      • Apparently if you go to space…it’s SCI-FI!

    • Mike Shawll

      gravity is space fiction

      • F S

        Not everything must be labeled – labels/genres are one of the main reasons for films being so unoriginal oftentimes.

    • Marc Richardson

      I have to agree with you on this one. Why is it that people think if something takes place in space and is fiction then it must be science fiction? GRAVITY is a disaster/ survival film, definitely not science fiction.

    • Don Joe

      Yes it is – the laws of physics are strictly speaking violated/stretched here and there to make the story work, so definitely science-fiction. Things wouldn’t happen the way we see them in the movie, so it’s not just science in there (e.g. you wouldn’t be able to propel yourself from one station to another using just a fire extinguisher, their orbits are way too distant for that).

    • F. P.

      Gravity is a “Hard” Science Fiction film. The fact that it is contemporary and it depicts actual space stations etc. is what confuses you. But, yes, if it didn’t happen, then it is science fiction.

  • Costii

    What about Another Earth?

    • Don Joe

      Barely an sci-fi to speak of in there. It’s just drama.

  • disqus_df4WR4ezIa

    Source code isn’t about that, and looper isn’t about that… Did this author even watch the movies, or is he just delivering someone else’s biased opinions…??.

  • Sean Sweeney

    Her may just edge out Life is Beautiful on my most-over-rated list.

    • David Nathaniel

      Well, that’s like… your opinion… man.

  • Rafael Medina S.

    Alfonso Cuarón didn’t start his American career with ‘Children of Men’ in 2005, but with ‘A Little Princess’ in 1995. As a matter of fact, ‘Children of Men’ was his British filmmaking debut.

    • Brian Lussier

      He also didn’t make Gravity 13 years after Children Of Men, as the author states; he made it seven years later.

    • Akshay Shetty

      It wasnt even his british filmmaking debut as he made prisoner of azkaban 3 years before

  • Alex M

    “A few years later, he did Her”


    Her was good but I don’t really see it as the best.

    Moon was the best for me. :]

    • Rosie Spaceboy

      LOL! I read it and saw “A few years later, he did Her, winning”

      silly out of context lol

  • Ojciec Fernando

    Interstellar? It’s nice movie, but nothing spectacular.

    • Don Joe

      I agree if you replace “Interstellar” with “Inception”. 🙂

  • Samira

    What about Elysium,After Earth and also The Island

    • thegoddamnbatman

      Elysium and the Island are huge crap, After Earth is just small crap 🙂

    • F S

      The product placement in “The Island” was great!

  • thegoddamnbatman

    Interesting list, but very subjective. I miss A.I. from it.
    However, I know it’s been a long time, but the writer is heavily spoiling the plot of Moon. I think it’s not a good move, since this plot twist is very important for the viewer.

    • Don Joe

      Yeah, here I am all glad to see gems like Primer and Moon on the list and the dumbass author spoils Moon right off the bat.

  • FlyteBro

    Whoa, what a terrible, terrbiel, TERRIBLE list!

    • sylar

      “I don’t agree with the movies in the list so I’m just gonna say it’s a terrible list, yeah that’s right”

      – childish girl with trisomy in chromosome 23

  • Maas

    Is this the same person who usually compiles these lists?? I’ve pretty much agreed with most of them this far, but this one here is TERRIBLE!
    Did you actually really watch “The Man from Earth”?? I can’t believe it.. How is it “cerebral”??? It can only entertain teenagers or people who haven’t passed college, ever read intelligent sci-fi books, know very very little about science in general, and are totally unaware of different theories of Jesus’ life or formation of New Testament. In this movie there is nothing knew, nothing exciting, dialogs are awfully written, acting simply horrible, entire plot is predictable from the very beginning – and also entire story is ridiculous (by chance hanging around with all these greatest historical figures of the time, almost like from kids’ pedagogical adventure book). Dull camera moves, dull lighting, there is really nothing good in this movie. I have nothing against low budget movies, i adore “Pi”, “Following”, “Coffee and Cigarettes”, “Clerks” etc. If you want some sci-fi movie to really challenge your brains – take “Primer”, this one really keeps your brains focused, way, way better movie than “The Man from Earth”. “The Man from Earth” is for kids. Almost same goes for “Children of Men” – simple chase-movie set in dystopian future with video-game plot and bad acting. Only it had way bigger budget than “The Man from Earth”. If you like dystopian landscape why not to take “The Road”?
    “Looper” and “Source Code” – predictable, loads of plot holes. Okay movies, but nothing to get them so high in the list. “District 9” boring Hollywood action flick. I would anytime prefer “Minority Report” or “A.I.”. I would also see “Inception” much higher – it was extremely exciting in every way – concept, acting, camera, story telling, music! I’d say “Interstellar” is almost as good, i love when director is able to surprise you – visually and plot-wise. But yes “Her” and “Moon” are closest to my heart.

    ..Geeeezz, i really can’t believe that same person who values good cinema – like “Her” and “Moon” – this much thinks “Children of Men” is even close. It just doesn’t compute.. I prolly won’t be able even to sleep few nights because of that.

    • SinJaiVak

      The man from earth is rated really highly from a lot of sic fi directors.

      • Jean Paul Govè

        Well, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a very bad film.

        • Homerus

          It isn’t a bad film. It’s actually a very good film. Just not your average laser pew pew that you might’ve expected.

          • Jean Paul Govè

            Just because it doesn’t have action and explosions, and has bad camera angles and bad photography instead does not make it a good film. It’s claptrap banter disguised as some intelligent critique of religion, fit only to entertain the braindead who know absolutely nothing else about the issues raised.

          • Homerus

            This film is only seen as shit by the religious, who already see criticism as their natural enemy.

          • Jean Paul Govè

            Only the religious as caricatured by the so-called “brights” (never a more ironic name) and “new atheists”, though. There is absolutely no criticism of religion in this film, just masquerades.

          • Homerus

            Seems I struck a quite sensitive chord here

  • Dark City for me.

    • David Nathaniel

      That was before 2000. This list is 21st century movies.

  • Awesome list but I would wait a bit to put interstellar and other new movies on it. It takes time for people make their opinion about something. The fountain is ans sunshine are good examples of this.

  • hank scorpio

    hahahaha…ranking the best SF movies of the century and you end up with these?

    Source Code sucks ass. Her is great, but not a SF film and shouldn’t be on this list let alone #1.

    After Earth is horrible, too.

    • vibe runner

      Source Code is great.

      AI is pretty good too.

  • Filip Loba

    The Congress is based on the prose of Stanislaw Lem

  • Harsha Raman

    There’s this overlooked movie called ‘Predestination’, starring Ethan Hawke and directed by the Sprierig brothers. I found it amazingly creative, both in terms of science and philosophy. I’d have loved to see this one in the list rather than some overrated piece of crap called ‘Interstellar’.

    • Rosie Spaceboy

      I like Predestination too. Another think movie 🙂 love those

    • Bwohahaha

      Predestination…. agreed!!

    • Idle Primate

      I like the Spierig brothers, but I found this one contrived, a bit pretentious and ultimately tedious to sit through. I appreciate that it was at least ambitious enough to tell a real sci-fi story and not simply be some other genre in sci-fi wrapping paper.

    • Abhishek

      I was about to write this. And, District 9 Coherence should be way up!

  • lostnvegas

    You got your dates wrong on MOON(and from I am reading in the comments, your picks as well) I watched MOON as a Blockbuster rental dvd back in 2008.. and also just as an aside: What is it with your brown-nosing to J.J. Abrams? You post 3 of his movies and slide his name in to he your GOD or something? cause you could have left cloverfield and Super 8 off the list and you know the controversy about the Trek franchise…You left off great films such as Cargo, Prometheus(maybe a bit to hard for your brain to grasp) 9, and others (those were just off the top of my head).. Perhaps you by your own standards should have posted Transformenrs and Battleship(though I wouldn’t mind Oblivion and Pacific Rim added as well)

    • David Nathaniel

      You are wrong about Moon. It was indeed released in 2009.

    • nrvs

      I cant speak for the author but I suspect Prometheus was omitted because it’s shite. I’m not arguing that there may have been some pretty hard to spot themes going on there but there’s no arguing that it was a poorly written, poorly acted, terribly directed turd. It deserves all the criticism it got.

    • Idle Primate

      you seem to be confusing his list for yours. and if your list includes pacific rim and cargo, i’ll take his instead which opted for films that explored interesting ideas and impacts.

  • David Nathaniel

    I just have 2 quick corrections to make:

    1. While Michel Gondry did help develop the story for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, it was in fact the incomparable Charlie Kaufman who penned the screenplay.

    2. In Looper, they do not send Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character back in time. They send Jeff Daniels’ character, “Abe” back in time to oversee a gang and he recruits Joe (Gordon-Levitt) to become an assassin.

    Otherwise, good list, but I think you’re going to anger quite a few people by putting Her at the top of this list.

    • David Nathaniel

      Also, SPOILER ALERT for Moon… Not everyone in the world has seen that film yet.

  • Gabriel

    What about: “Never Let Me go” and “Mr. Nobody”?

    • Alfred Jarry

      Yeah. They are amazing movies, and they should be on the list.

    • Rosie Spaceboy

      Mr. Nobody!!!!! BEST. Expected close to nothing from it and it was… well, great, actually. In my top films now

    • Bwohahaha

      Mr. Nobody is great

  • Guest

    How could Gattaca not be part of the list 🙁

    • armando

      Gattaca is from 1997.The list is from 21 Century 😉

  • Raynner Gonzalez Garcia

    And Prometheus?

    • nrvs

      Not on the list because it’s an awful turd.

      • Raynner Gonzalez Garcia

        You’re horrible Tu Que know nothing about film

        • Rosie Spaceboy

          Prometheus was awful, dude.

  • marcelo

    Yo agregaria: “Plus One”.
    Her esta bien, pero… es una copia de la serie Black Mirror!!!

  • Guest

    What about 2001: Space Odyssey? Terrible list..

    • Brian Lussier

      21st century being the key words here…

  • Paul Mazzoni

    Super 8 is such a forgettable movie.

    • Rosie Spaceboy

      Incredibly. I was just rating it on IMDB and I took off 2 extra stars because I literally don’t remember the plot, just that there was a train.

  • Amol

    ‘Artificial Intelligence (2001)’ absent from the list means credibility absent from the List. My Numero Uno will be ‘Artificial Intelligence (2001)’.

  • Amor Asad

    Seriously? Her is better than Interstellar? I see lots of pots lying around.

  • Brian Lussier

    Her is NOT a sci-fi film! It has sci-fi elements, for sure, but it’s really a melodrama. And not putting either Spielberg’s A.I. or his Minority Report is a great disservice to him. Looper does not deserve to figure higher on the list than Inception, which is a masterpiece, and nor does Interstellar.

  • Ivan Galić


  • Ron Miller

    Don’t you mean the best sci fi films of the first 15% of the 21st century?

  • Ganzolo Cáceres

    Whaat? Her 1°?

  • Alderney Fred

    Gravity was NOT 13 years after Children of Men. I’ve only been working as an extra for 12.5 years, and I worked on Children of Men. If the reviewer can’t even get their facts right, should we take note of their opinions ?

    • nrvs

      You could just have stated the fact. We’re not particularly interested in your storied career as an extra.

      • Alderney Fred

        If this was audio I could do a camp woo-ooh, get you dear !. But I can’t.

  • TomTom

    There are a few errors here and there, even on the list. As all the lists are quite subjective, if one person makes them, I would rather point out e.g. that Spike Jonze sure did some skating videos, but what he was better known of were music videos like Beastie Boys’ Sabotage. He did not just suddenly appear to be a great moviemaker, but the signs were there all the time, five years before Being John Malkovich and seven years before Adaptation.

    If I wrote lists like this with my own remarks on the movies, I would definetely try to watch other lists, more movies and perhaps check some of the information from the internet bible of movies: IMDB: At least.

  • Arturo

    Zero Theorem was worth mentioning, no?

  • Joey Muñoz

    Matrix, Equilibrium, Minority Report and A.I.?

  • Miko Sandejas

    where are blade runner, solyaris, and stalker?

    • Daniel Barrick

      It’s the 21st century, so only movies from 2000 until now.

  • Nameless Paladin

    Here’s my top 10 –

    1) A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

    2) Under the Skin (2013)

    3) Children of Men (2006)

    4) Wall-E (2008)

    5) Minority Report (2002)

    6) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

    7) Her (2013)

    8) The Host (2006)

    9) Gravity (2013)

    10) Looper (2012)

  • Leizel

    What a terrible list with, for the most part, not even good sci-fi movies. This was made by a non Sci fi fan obviously, only a couple movies are worth being in there.

  • Qualiarella18

    pls, join this cinema forums 😉 !

  • iyrie

    District 9 is a piece of crap. And where is Limitless?!

  • iyrie

    My comment is taken off because of profanity I guess but am sorry admin, I seriously can’t find another word to describe ‘mindf’ for Predestination. And again, District 9 is horrible.

  • Tony Thang

    Alien, Ex machina, A.I. Terminator

  • Robert Abecasis

    only because it’s her in the first place, i’m 100% agree about the top

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    abrams, whedon, and gravity are shit, i cant trust your judgement

  • Moon is better than Interstellar? No way Jose

  • Rajbir Singh Shienh

    What about Prometheus ?

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  • Andre Troesch

    I disagree with most of this list

  • Omegacron

    This article makes me realize that the 21st Century – ironically – hasn’t seen very many good sci-fi releases.

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  • Elias

    HER??? That movie is a comedy, it made me laugh so hard I cried… even remembering the scene when he realized that he has been “cheated” on with thousands of other uses draws a smile on my face.

  • Cassandra Atticum

    I hated Her. I loved Moon.

  • Gravity was released 7 years after Children of Men, not 13 years.

  • Rich G

    I can just about accept it not being number (just about), but not even on the list?
    One of the greatest Science Fiction films ever made and its not on the list. I just don’t know what to say.

    • Don Joe

      Under the Skin is mind-numbingly pretentious and boring. Not best-of material in the slightest.

      • Pial2010

        u should got brain for discussing Under the skin

  • sylar

    can you people calm down and relax? I don´t know if you realize that is just a list and that’s all, it’s not the end of the world, what a shame to moviegoers

  • François Wolf

    what about K-pax i loved it ?

  • Ahmed

    I don’t know much about movies but this is a shit list. Interstellar is no way a good movie never mind ranking it better than inception. And as others mentioned your obsessed with Her, hell no it’s no.1.

  • Flavien Hanouille Marier

    What about Blade Runner ??!!

    • Bwohahaha

      Dude, the list is abt 21st century sci-fis

      • Flavien Hanouille Marier

        Désolé j’ai lu trop vite man 😉

  • Andres Abad

    So….. This List say “SciFy” but.. there`s no Starwars of Matrix here… instead we have Her? Are you kidding me ?

    • Gkl Cap

      I don’t know if you know this, but Star Wars and the Matrix weren’t released in the 21st century

  • ladyofargonne

    I think the only time I cried during a sci fi film was Interstellar

  • ith0

    There are a number of shows here I have not seen. Now I read the description of the Plot from Looper..What the writer here wrote is completely incorrect. This causes me to question everything else the writer has done. If you are going to try to pass yourself off as a writer, please please please get the story straight.

  • ith0

    2001 A Space Odyssey. The Original time Machine. Metropolis ( The Original ) and the list can go on. This writer is way out of touch I think

    • Idle Primate

      none of those are from this century. the list is explicitly examining the last 15 years worth of releases.

  • Drew Vu Tran

    Her is sci-fi but not #1. Edge of Tomorrow should be higher. Guardians of the Galaxy, Pacific Rim, Avatar, & even Real Steel should be on the list

    • Don Joe

      Edge of Tomorrow does belong on the list, if only because it was probably the best sci-fi movie of the entire 2013-2015 period, but all those others are mindless teenage popcorn movies. Try not to embarrass yourself proposing those for any serious sci-fi list.

      • Drew Vu Tran

        What law of sci-fi requires that the work be serious? Or not for entertainment? The Hitchhiker´s Guide & the Moon is a Harsh Mistress aren’t too serious but are certified sci-fi novels. Why not entertaining movies that are sci-fi. I don’t care to see Her more than once, but I will watch the others I listed over and over.

  • Anyone sick of all these lame lists floating around the internet? How much effort is it to throw a few sci-fi films together and pretend you’ve done something?

    The Congress was terribly boring and didn’t make any logical sense.

    Donnie Darko isn’t sci-fi.

    Interstellar was schmaltz central, and insultingly dumb in the final analysis.

    Does Looper belong on a best list?

    Gravity is another insultingly stupid and overrated piece of shit.

    Ditto, Primer is overrated and a cure for insomnia.

    Easy crowd, I guess.

    The best sci-fi fiim of the modern age is probably Europa Report.

    • Idle Primate

      there was so much buzz about europa report being a smart movie, and a true exploratory sci-fi movie. i was beyond disappointed and disgusted at what a retread cliche piece of garbage it was and couldn’t understand what all that buzz had been about. hell of a marketing team.

      • Then again, you’re an idle primate. Europa report was plausible and pioneered a new way of filming. It relied entirely on mission cameras, no camera operator. It’s got nothing to do with “marketing” and everything to do with what was on the screen.

        I agree with the part about you not understanding. In order for it to be a cliche there would need to be examples to compare it to.

      • Don Joe

        Agreed on Europa Report being garbage. In fact, all I could find in the above comment that was not utter bullshit were these two pieces that fit well together:

        “Donnie Darko isn’t sci-fi” + “was terribly boring and didn’t make any logical sense”.

  • Rafael Rivera Rodriguez

    MInority Report?

  • Abhishek

    The man from earth and coherence are best sci fi. How come predestination is not on the list

  • Matija Jelic

    No “It’s Hard to Be God” by Aleksey German? Huger oversight Mr. Easterday.

  • Idle Primate

    this list is full of wonderful films, many of which don’t get the attention they deserve. we live in a golden age of sci-fi, and the truth is this list could have been twice as long.

    • Don Joe

      I don’t know about “golden age”. 2013 was a crappy year for sci-fi. It made an 8/10 movie like Edge of Tomorrow come as a huge breath of fresh air in 2014.

  • Geisha de Rhin

    EX-MACHINA is a great latest sexy sci-fi.

    And I love MOON and CHILDREN OF MEN. But let’s lighten up a little bit. I just want to mention WALL-E and also ROBOT & FRANK. I really think ROBOT & FRANK could really happen in our near future.

  • acgogo

    I was impressed with this year’s “Lucy”

  • JP Ziller

    Ex Machina.

  • jcsandino

    The Man from Earth is very weak intellectually, given its “academic” setup. Any smart academic could have trashed the arrogance and lack of wisdom and spirituality of the main character. And no sci-fi here, but a “moral” fantasy.

  • Rachel S.

    Okay list. Needs Upstream Color, Snowpiercer, Attack the Block, Melancholia. Also, Super 8 reallly does not belong here.

  • F.R. Aman Kaushik

    Where is Matrix trilogy (Reloaded and Revolution are 21st Century Films) and Predestination?

  • Moderate

    I thought “Her” was very well done but perhaps it was because I went in with no expectations – hadn’t heard that it was so critically well reviewed. On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of some other perennial critic favorites like Children of Men. I just thank god they didn’t list “Melancholia” – UGH

    • Pial2010

      agree with ur comment , Melancholia so void film i ever seen

  • Frankie

    Edge of tomorrow????

  • Frankie

    Avatar, Minority Report, Artificial Intelligence: A.I,

  • mzungu


  • Alan Douglas Aranda

    Not many people will agree but I’d give I origins a mention.

  • Samo Pope SkywalkerWer

    Sorry Tyler Easterday, but you just do not like Sci-fi

  • idiotiquefake

    There are a lot of great movies mentioned here yet several of them I consider not in the sci-fi genre. Take an example, Her. Instead driven into cyber-hi-tech era, the viewers drove into melancholic world of a lonely man. Not to mention eternal sunshine of the spotless mind too.

  • Raniere Figueiredo

    And eXistenZ?!

  • Ruchit Negotia

    First Gravity IS a science-fiction because it is not based on real events. Second the movie really sucked cause it was seriously boring and it really had a lousy plot with no depth in story.
    On the other hand Children of men is a fantastic example of a great science-fiction with immense plot and story depth.

  • Erika Fiore

    A Scanner Darkly is one of my all time favourites.

    And Sunshine is a great one too, but I couldnt sleep after watching it.