The 11 Best Electronic Movie Soundtracks You Need To Know

7. Run Lola Run (1998) by Tom Tykwer

From the really fast movie comes the really fast soundtrack: Orchestral and aggressive drum & Bass goes throughout the soundtrack, which functions as the trigger behind the film’s adrenalized action sequences. As cohesive as an electronic soundtrack can be, Run Lola Run wows us with the magnificent unconventional narrative, the butterfly effect, and the great German locations. Funny fact: Tom Tykwer, the director, is also the composer of most of the soundtrack.

Great Tracks:

1) “Running Two”: Vocal D&B with kick-ass synths, Franka Potente on the vocals. What more do you need to know? Great tune for jogging.

2) “Somebody Has To Pay”: Great chill with airs of trip-hop, threatening lyrics and poetic strings, you will be singing along.


6. Berlin Calling (2008) by Hannes Stöhr

DJ Ickarus’ short time in rehab is the perfect excuse for a new album, and what an album! The soundtrack of a movie that centers in a DJ has to have good music. The entire soundtrack was made by Paul Kalkbrenner, with the exception of “Mango”, recorder by Sasha Funke. Deep house and minimal techno all the way in. The movie is good too.

Great Tracks:

1) “Sky and Sand”: Bittersweet tune, great positive lyrics, progressive feeling. Vocals by Fritz, Paul Kalkbrenner’s brother.

2) “Castenets”: Bittersweet track for a bittersweet moment of the film, don’t miss it.


5. Drive (2011) by Nicolas Winding Refn

How come that a very violent, strong movie (which focuses on driving) can have such a mellow, romantic soundtrack? Drive finds most of its power on its soundtrack and aesthetics, without forgetting how great Ryan Gosling did. A must in your movie list is also a must in your “to listen” list. A sentimental 80s themed music, with sweet vocals and atmospheric tracks, mixed wonderfully with the noir themed and the full color vintage feel.

Great Tracks:

1) “A Real Hero” by College. Romantic, almost cheesy, but very well made. Great vocals, meaningful lyrics and retro synths.

2) “Nightcall” by Kavinsky. The movie makes no sense without this song. Hear to believe.


4. Pi (1998) by Darren Aronosfky

One of the best directorial debuts of the decade, Darren’s fruitful collaboration With Clint Mansell begins with this excellent soundtrack. So good it stands on its own. With short clips of Max Cohen’s lines, the soundtrack is as paranoid and frenetic as the film’s protagonist. Fantastic artists like Aphex Twins, Orbital and Gus Gus are part of it as well. This cold soundtrack brings a lot of D&B, Trip Hop, IDM and New Ambient.

Great Tracks:

1) “Angel” by Massive Attack. Beautiful dark tune, great use of electronic guitar and sad lyrics, Bristol sound.

2) “Watching Windows” by Roni Size. Fundamental D&B with cold vocals and great synths. Lots of small details in this one.