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Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

How To Get Nominated for an Oscar: 1. Be Meryl Streep. 2. Be handicapped. 3. Be dying. 4. Be completely alone…. through most of the movie. 5. Be the underdog who nobody thought would win or the person who helped the underdog win. 6. Be in a movie nobody ever heard of before the nominees were announced. 7. Be incredibly… Read more »

03 March 2014 | Features, Other Lists

Everyone knows Harold Ramis for his role as Egon Spangler in “Ghostbusters”. Actually, he was more than a gifted actor. As an accomplished comedy screenwriter and director, Ramis has a film career that deserves everybody’s veneration.  Comedy is a film genre that doesn’t always get proper respect. The truth is, though, if you take away all the jokes, comedy is actually a… Read more »

03 March 2014 | Features, Film Lists