• http://thevoid99.blogspot.com Steven Flores

    I was actually going to see this with Silver Linings Playbook but ended up seeing just that film due to scheduling issues. I’ll try again next week with another film. Not in 3D. I’m not really fond of the format.

    • http://www.tasteofcinema.com/ David Zou

      I’m neutral towards 3D,and I believe it only works for some movie in some parts.Watching Life of Pi in cinema is really something,you’d better hurry!

  • http://lightscamerareaction.co.uk/ Lights Camera Reaction

    Easily the best film I’ve seen this year. Your review is awesome, you make some really good points. Glad you liked it :D

    • http://www.tasteofcinema.com/ David Zou

      Thanks,I enjoyed your reviews on this film too!

  • http://moviesandsongs365.blogspot.com/ Chris

    Good review, David. I liked that story to me feels like an old-fashioned classic like Robinson Crusoe. I agree the story is universal to people of all religions. In my opinion the film is more about choice than faith-maybe they are the same. You say that there is only one God in Pi’s heart, but aren’t you saying then that organized religion is unnecessary in his life? Just wondering…
    Interesting what you say about Pi being wild.I agree the ocean scenes are believable, good luck at the oscars :)
    ps maybe add a spoiler alert at top of your review

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