Are You “Adventurous” Enough to Try Eclipse Series?

Here is a brief introduction about Eclipse Series on

Eclipse is a selection of lost,forgotten,or overshadowed classics in simple,affordable editions.Each Series is a brief cinematheque retrospective for the adventurous home viewer.

The last few words “adventurous home viewer” interest me,I think there are 2 reasons Criterion call these people “adventurous“.

First,the “overshadowed ” Eclipse Series are less known works of big  names like Akira Kurosawa,Yasujiro Ozu,Louis Malle etc,you know their names,but have never heard of those films.

Second,the “lost&forgotten” Eclipse Series,you haven’t even heard of the director’s name,and you know what? there is no supplement to help you,it kills you!! Why? Because they are “affordable editions“!!

I consider myself very adventurous as a film buff,but I have only tried few of them.The ones I have tried are Late Ozu,Larisa Shepitko,Kenji Mizoguchi’s Fallen Woman,Lubitsch Musicals,I like them all but Lubitsch Musicals is the only series I have seen all of its 4 films.They easily became my favorite musicals and I think it is a must for Lubitsch fans to watch them to fully understand the essence of Lubitsch Touch.

Lubitsch musical


















If you are still too “afraid” to try any of the Eclipse Series,David Blakeslee’s A Journey Through the Eclipse Series column on CriterionCast might help you a little.

So,have you been “adventurous” enough to try some of the Eclipse Series?And what are your great recommendations for me and other Criterion fans ??(Facebook Comments are enabled on this blog)