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Daily Archives: December 9, 2012

Today is American independent film pioneer John Cassavetes‘ birthday, I want to dedicate this post to one of the most fearless and passionate directors I’ve ever known.     “Most people don’t know what they want or feel. And for everyone, myself included, It’s very difficult to say what you mean when what you mean is painful. The most difficult thing… Read more »

09 December 2012 | Cinema Masters, Features

I  recommended 7 awesome films that I watched this month in my previous post,  here comes another 7: Army of Shadows (Jean-Pierre Melville ,1969 ) Perhaps this is French auteur Jean-Pierre Melville’s best film in his career. Army of Shadows told a story of the struggle and self-sacrifice of a French Resistance army during their glorious mission in WWII. On the… Read more »

09 December 2012 | Features, Film Lists