100 Film Facts About Me

When you see the title,you know something big is happening on this blog,right? Yes,it’s my 100th post on Taste of Cinema,and I’m gonna share my 100 geeky movie facts with you guys to celebrate the event.

1. I once imitated the famous dance of John Travolta in Pulp Fiction at home,my wife filmed it and saved the file somewhere I don’t know,that’s why I treat her so well afterwards.

2. I have a huge original Japanese poster of Amelie hanging on the wall of my house.

3. I went to a live concert of Ennio Morricone when I was in Beijing,I applauded like it never hurt.

4. I go to cinema less than 5 times each year.

5. I think Criterion should release more Chinese titles,otherwise it’s a loss for everyone.

6. I gave the last scene of Peter Weir’s Dead Poets Society a standing ovation.

dead poets society

7. I think his The Truman Show is the most realistic film I’ve ever seen.

8. Dario Argento’s Deep Red is the only horror film I’ve seen that really scared the shit out of me.

9. I dropped my jaw when I saw T-1000 made a self-recovery after his face was blown to a big hole in Terminator 2.

10. I was the leader and projector of the film club in my last compay.


11. I have collected more than 300 Criterion dvds/Blu-rays,and already seen 250 plus of them.

12. I think Juliette Binoche is still gorgeous in Certified Copy.


13. Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Diabolique is the best suspense movie experience I’ve ever had,better than any Hitchcock films.

14. Watching Cinema Paradiso made me lose my masculinity every time.

15. If there is a time-travel machine,I want to go back to the west in Once Upon a Time in the West the most.

16. The opening sequence of Once Upon a Time in the West is the best-paced sequence I’ve ever seen.

17. Every time I watch a Tarkovsky film,I feel the time has stopped and the film seems to run forever.

18. I like to take notes when I listen to a dvd/Blu-ray commentary.

19. I wish to pave the floor of my house with dvd/Blu-rays.

20. I think Salo,or the 120 Days of Sodom is a fantastic film,I feel pity for those who avoids it because of its notorious reputation.


21. I enjoyed Kenneth Branagh’s four hour version of Hamlet much more than Laurence Olivier’s Oscar-winning version.

22. Nights of Cabiria brought me strong emotional impact like no other films.

23. Harakiri is my favorite samurai film.

24. Orson Wells’ entrance in The Third Man is the greatest entrance in any films.


25. I want to have a trip to the islands with the people in L’Avventura.

26. I can watch Three Colors Trilogy over and over again with Annette Insdoff’s commentaries.

27. The Rules of the Game is the most perfect film I’ve ever seen.

28. Gena Rowlands’ performance in A Woman Under the Influence is my favorite performance from any actresses of any time.

29. I think Edward Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day is the best Chinese film ever.

30. I wish I could be in a film called My Dinner With Woody with Woody Allen.


31. Hiroshi Tashigahara’s Existentialism Trilogy(Pitfall,Woman in the Dunes,Face of Another) is the most neglected trilogy in cinema history.

32. I think Louis Malle is the most versatile auteur of all time,even more versatile than Kubrick.

33. Shohei Imamura is a hugely underrated Japanese director,I hope more people would see his films.

34. Among all films from Chinese mainland directors,only Jia Zhangke‘s works make sense to me.

35. I still couldn’t enjoy most films of Ingrid Bergman and Jean Luc Gordard.

36. Paris,Texas is my favorite Palme d’Or film.

37. I think Brian De Palma is the only qualified apprentice of Hitckcock.

38. I love Bergman’s Sawdust and Tinsel as much as I love The Rules of the Game and 2001:A Space Odyssey.

Sawdust and Tinsel

39. F for Fake,Zazie in the Metro and Pierrot le Fou are three most brilliant free-form films I’ve seen.

40. I genuinely believe Abbas Kiarostami is the most important director alive.


41.Masahiro Shinoda’s Silence is my favorite religious film.

42. Edvard Munch is the best film about an artist I’ve seen.

43. Babara Stanwyck is my favorite actress in Hollywood’s golden age.

Babara Stanwyck

44. Any long shots in films make me excited.

45. And slow-motion shots.

46. I would like to have a chess match with Stanley Kubrick.

47. When I find a new documentary with the BBC logo on it during dvd hunting,90% of the time I will buy it.

48. I love Eric Rohmer the most among all French New Wave directors.

49. I wish people could see more films from Emir Kustrica and Theo Angelopoulos.

50. I couldn’t understand why John Woo is more popular than Johnny To in America.


51. I think the censorship in China is killing the birth of any real great art films here.

52. I don’t like the fact that among all the people I met in day-to-day life,I could only talk to my wife about the films I recently saw.

53. My favorite 007 actor is Roger Moore.

54. The last time I dropped tears during watching a film is when I watched Japanese film Departures with my wife last month.

55. Ennio Morricone’s score for The Mission is the most underrated one of his,it’s fabulous.

56. I think all Chinese mainland directors are on the way of making commercial films except Lou Ye,he is the only hope of Chinese cinema.

57. Sex,Lies and Videotapes is my favorite indie film.

58. In my opinion,Eyes Wide Shut is the most accurate film to describe the mentality of a married man.

59. Raging Bull is the only sports film I really enjoyed.

60. I enjoyed Buster Keaton films much more than Charlie Chaplin’s.


61. I always found myself incapable of describing the awesomeness in a certain film.

62. I hate people who brags of the quantity of films he/she has seen but not the quality.

63. I wish I had the vocabulary which allows me to read every on the Criterion booklet.

64. I always feel nervous when a group of people are watching a film I recommended.

65. I believe Wong Karwai‘s career will go downhills after his departure with Christopher Doyle.

66. The only thing that can excite me in an Oscar ceremony is the montage short they made to pay homage to the classic films or stars.

67. Everytime I heard the score in the duel scene in The Good,the Bad and the Ugly,I was like taking dope.

68. I ran to my friend after I watched Match Point and we both agreed the ending is fucking brilliant.

69. Kate Winslate is my favorite actress alive,I just love her performance in Little Children.

70. I found Peter Sellers‘ performance in the opening sequence of Lolita fascinating.


71. The relationship between Dr. Hannible and Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs is the most beautiful one ever in my mind.

72. I have seen a film from Republic of Macedonia called Before the Rain,amazing film.

73. The tune which wakes me up every morning is the passage Jules recites in Pulp Fiction.

74. Peter Cowie’s commentary on Wild Strawberries in the Criterion dvd is the most thought-provocative one I’ve ever heard.

75. I think Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan are the only two directors who constantly shoot pictures which really challenge audiences’ intelligence.

76. The Conformist has one of the best cinematography in all color films

77. The City of Lost Children is a marvelous fantasy film I would recommend to everyone.

The City of Lost Children

78. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is my favorite film in the German Expressionism period.

79. The Russian roulette scenes in The Deer Hunter sent me most chills.

80. I think all Bruce Lee‘s films are overrated.


81. I did not understand a bit about Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives during my first viewing.

82. I think Bertolucci made some pretty bad films like Stealing Beauty and The Sheltered Sky.

83. I wish I had never seen Andrej Zulawski’s That Most Important Thing: Love.

84. I found most part of the film Giants very boring.

85. Chariots of Fire is the worst Oscar best picture I’ve seen so far,I found it boring to death.

86. I believe Oscar is the stupidest award in movie business.

87. I hate the fact that Zhang Yimou changed the ending of his film To Live.

88. I consider F.W.Murnau to be the first real pioneer in cinema history.

89.  I love watching early works of any cinema masters I adore.

90. Latin American and African films are two of my major blindspots.


91. I think Spaghetti Westerns are way better than American Westerns.

92. I found the speech Fellini made when he received the Oscar lifetime achievement award very moving.

93. I wish all color films could be shot in technicolor.

94. I wish more people could understand the brilliant use of fashion element in Rear Window.

95. I can recite almost every famous Wong Karwai movie quotes.

96. I like collecting pictures related to films as much as I collected dvd/Blu-rays.

97. I love digging as deep as I can about a film I truly liked.

98. Trivia pages on IMDB are my favorite part there.

99. I still need to check out tons of Chinese films.

100. I feel lucky that my wife is also a filmbuff.


I would love that you say YES and YES over and over again when you read the post,do let me know which facts click with you.