The 10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of The 2000s

The sheer volume of movies currently available across the streaming landscape can make finding hidden gems that are actually worth your time a difficult endeavor, especially if you have already watched all the capital-M Masterpieces that routinely pop up on decade-end roundup lists. To help, we’re digging a little deeper to focus on the kind […]

The 10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of The 1970s

Tired of doom-scrolling through Netflix looking for a great thriller that will keep you on your toes? Have you already blazed through “The French Connection”, “Chinatown”, and “Dog Day Afternoon” and can’t seem to scratch that seventies itch? If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. The 1970s decade is deservedly regarded today as one […]

The 10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of The 1980s

Even with the emergence of blockbusters, multi-billion franchises, and feel-good romantic comedies, the thriller genre remained a steadfast force throughout the 1980s decade. From “Die Hard” and “Fatal Attraction” to “Blood Simple” and “Blue Velvet”, moviegoers were treated with a chock-full of delectable cinematic offerings to choose from that kept them on the edge of […]

The 10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of The 2010s

People love thriller movies. And last decade gave us plenty of reasons to believe the genre is still alive and well, with word-of-mouth sensations like “Get Out”, “Prisoners” and “Gone Girl” taking on a life of their own and carving out an audience despite the alarming dominance of multi-billion franchises at the box office and […]

The 10 Most Underrated Thriller Movies of The 1990s

The Nineties decade produced a bounty of stand-out thrillers that ruled the box office, stood the test of time and are now regarded as timeless masterpieces. David Fincher, Michael Mann, the Coens, David Lynch, among many others put their personal stamp on the genre and did their part to keep its essence alive into the […]