10 Great Movie Classics You May Have Missed

There are certainly many classics that nearly every serious film fan has seen; films like Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Godfather, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Rear Window have attained a status that makes them required viewing for anyone interested in film history. Not only are these masterpieces that have stood the test of time, but […]

10 Great Movie Classics On Amazon Prime You May Have Missed

Other than the fantastic Criterion Channel, which is unfortunately unavailable outside the USA and Canada, and UK’s streaming service BFI Player, Amazon Prime is the best place for lovers of older, classic movies. From 1920s silent films to forgotten gems of the 1990s, Amazon Prime’s vast catalogue has a surprising amount of classic films, yet […]

10 Great Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Playtime (1967)

Classics tend to be the films that have (or will) stand the test of time – films that shaped culture or defined it, films that solidified cinematic language, films that told stories for generations to come. At this point, there’s a general cinematic canon that people consider to be all-time “classics” – whether that’s determined […]

10 Great Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

The following films are of amazing narrative and aesthetic quality. Most of them have been Oscar-nominated, or at the very least, swept the National Awards of the respective countries of their production. For one reason or another, they have been unjustly semi-forgotten or relegated to a kind of second-tier of cinematic achievement by many critics and […]