10 Western Movie Classics You Probably Haven’t Seen

Westerns is one of the oldest genres in cinematic history, yet some people forget how versatile it can be. From classical westerns like The Searchers and Red River, to Spaghetti westerns like Django and They Call Me Trinity, to even “anti-westerns” such as McCabe & Mrs. Miller and Little Big Man. Much like its subgenres, […]

10 Thriller Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Thrillers come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from films like Shadow of a Doubt to The Silence of the Lambs. Thrillers are interchangeable, sometimes dipping their toes in other genres such as action, horror, mystery, fantasy and western. But one thing any great thriller should have, is the audience’s attention. An effective thriller needs […]

The 10 Most Underrated Movies of The 1960s

By 1957, Life magazine called the 1950’s “the horrible decade” for Hollywood. This didn’t change for the first part of the 1960s. Major studios were pumping millions into aging historical epics and musicals such as Hello Dolly! Cleopatra and King of Kings. With the rise of the French New Wave, Japanese cinema and Spaghetti Westerns […]

The 10 Most Underrated Crime Movies of The 1970s

bring me the head of alfredo garcia (1974)

The 1970s were a transformative decade for film, marked by innovative filmmakers and ground-breaking experiments. The decade is now widely celebrated for its significant contributions to the film-making craft, characterised by pushing boundaries in both storytelling and film-making techniques. Perhaps reflecting the cultural zeitgeist, the films became more thought provoking and socially conscious, with crime […]

The 10 Best Thriller Movies That Take Place Within 24 Hours

Many films utilise a tight 24-hour time-frame to create a sense of urgency and intensity by depicting events happening (as close as possible) in real-time. Examples of this technique has been used in many genres such as: romance, comedies, drama and westerns. However, some of the most energetic, gripping and exciting stories held within 24-hours […]