15 Weird American Movies You’ve Never Heard Of


How many films have left you completely speechless after watching them, asking yourself WTF did I just watch and put myself through? How many have you constantly questioning throughout them, what exactly is going on in this movie? Should I continue to watch this? The definition of weird is often described in the dictionary as […]

The 20 Most Violent Movies of All Time

Since the beginning of the motion picture industry, there has been an obsession with violence. Before the adoption of strict ethical codes, early cinema featured a great deal of violence. Films such as The Great Train Robbery (1903), Intolerance (1916), and The Birth of a Nation (1915) all contained what could be considered a shocking […]

The 25 Most Disturbing Horror Movies of All Time

A Serbian Film

The term disturbing is defined as something that can be troubling mentally or emotionally. It is something that is upsetting and may even make you physically ill. That being said, the term can be considered rather subjective. As human beings, we all have had our own unique experiences that over time have molded our characteristics, […]

25 Cult Movies About Artists You Might Not Have Seen

Lust for Life

Aristotle said that “no excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness.” It is that reason why there is often thought to be some sort of link between creative genius and madness and mental instability. While there are numerous instances of artists, writers, and musicians who lived a perfectly normal life, there are far […]