15 Great Movies That Were Unappreciated In Their Time

Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me

Many films that are considered great today were praised upon their initial release and gained recognition as a classic over time, however many works that are now considered classics opened to unenthusiastic reviews or poor box office results. In this list we’ll look at 15 of those films.   15. A Christmas Story (1983, Bob Clark) Based […]

The 10 Most Unconventional Horror Movies of All Time

The horror genre doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves. Horror is often degraded and seen as lowbrow cinema that’s highly formulaic schlock with an over-reliance on sex, violence and cheap jump scares. It’s hard to make an original film these days, and no genre knows this better than horror. However, many horror films eschew the conventions […]

The 10 Most Philosophical Animated Movies of All Time


There is a common perception that animated films are made strictly for children, and while this belief can be understood, the medium of animation provides a sense of freedom that live-action films can’t. Often times, animators use this to their advantage and tackle the provocative and existential questions that may be difficult to tackle in […]