10 Great Spanish Horror Films That Are Worth Your Time

best spanish horror films

There’s something about Spain that seems to inspire filmmakers to dig deep into the darkest corners of their mind and create some hair-raising, bone-chilling, scream-inducing films. While there are a few films dating back to 1929, the 1970s were the dawn of great horror films produced in Spain, beginning with La Noche Del Terror Ciego […]

20 Great Magical Realism Movies That Are Worth Your Time

One of the main characteristics of magic realism is that it eludes definition. Sure, the Merriam-Webster dictionary offers a few definitions, including “a literary genre or style associated especially with Latin America that incorporates fantastic or mythical elements into otherwise realistic fiction.” It’s a start. But as the genre has made its way into other […]

The 15 Best Movie Soundtracks of 2014

With awards season in full-swing, there’s a lot of talk about who was the best director, who wrote the best screenplay and who gave the best on-screen performances in 2014. But the element that brings together the storytelling, cinematography and editing into a world of cinematic wonder is sometimes taken for granted: the music. Soundtracks […]