10 Famous Movies Whose Production Stories Are Better Than The Actual Film

The vast majority of the films made by Hollywood aren’t good or bad, they’re just boring! However, at least some of the boring movies made by Hollywood have the good taste to entertain people through their backstory. Here are movies whose production stories are better than the actual film.   1. Treasure Planet In the […]

8 Famous Movies Banned Overseas For Ridiculous Reasons

There’s no official or objective criteria for what is or isn’t obscene. Even still, it’s understandable (though not commendable) when films get banned for promoting extremism, offending sexual sensibilities or being extremely violent. Yet, because offense is in the eye of the beholder, every blue moon a film gets banned for reasons that are ironic, […]

10 Famous Movies That Made Major Changes To Their Source Material


While there are some purists out there who want their favorite stories to always be translated to the screen completely faithfully, the more discerning cinephiles out there know that film is a different medium which often requires texts to be changed through adaptation. Discerning cineastes also know that filmmakers can drop the adaptational ball. Here […]