10 Great 2020 Horror Movies You May Have Missed

Halloween may have passed, but that doesn’t mean spooky season is over. For fans of horror, spooky season is all year round, especially when you consider the sheer quantity of horror movies being released week-by-week. COVID-19 may have helped push the big blockbusters to 2021, but plenty of horror flicks have still made their way […]

10 Movie Masterpieces of South Korean Cinema

After Parasite rocked the world last year, people finally started paying attention to South Korean cinema. This is long overdue when you consider the nearly boundless assortment of quality films coming from the area. The average cinephile might be frustrated that it took so long for people to suck it up and read some subtitles, […]

10 Great 2020 Movies You May Have Missed

Earlier this summer, Taste of Cinema released a list of 2020 movies that the average reader may have missed. Given the decline of theatrical releases, this kind of list seemed like a necessity. Passionate film-lovers couldn’t just give up their hobby because the world was crumbling. On the contrary, the rise of social distancing meant […]