The 30 Best Spanish Language Movies of All Time

This list focuses on the Spanish-spoken film industry, so all the countries that have Spanish as their main language will enter in “competition”. Argentina, Mexico and Spain are the main countries and greatest contributors to the development of this film industry. Contrary to the Italian film industry, for example, which “died” after 1980s, Spanish-spoken cinema […]

The 10 Best Movies of Hirokazu Koreeda

Nobody Knows

Hirokazu Koreeda was born on June 6, 1962, during the uprising of the Japanese economic miracle and in their return as a world powerhouse, industrially speaking. The Japanese cinema also began its change and development into something much more “new-wavish” with the rise of new directors and actors. Although he started as a documentarist working […]

The 20 Best French Comedy Movies of All Time

best French comedy

Although not as rich and varied as the Italian Comedy industry, French cinema compensates for the lack of variety with continuous growth in the quality of the films. These comedies, though, still include intelligent humour, innovative technology, musicals, and dramedies. Below is a list of the 20 most essential French comedies.   20. Le gendarme […]