The 20 Best Meta Movies of All Time

“Don Quixote” is considered the groundbreaking novel responsible for the beginning of modernism in literature. The thing that made Cervantes’ work special was the way he talked about the novel within the novel, creating a literary world self-aware of literature. In the evolution of any art form, there is a moment when art starts to […]

20 Essential Films For An Introduction To Queer Cinema

best queer films

What some critics called “New Queer Cinema” developed almost in pair with what theorists called “Queer theory”. This theory explored every deviant category of sexuality. Queer theory proposed a wider and more complex way of reading sexuality, trying to go beyond classical LGBT labeling. Dealing mostly with gay themes, “New Queer Cinema” explored different sexual […]

20 Movies With The Most Brilliant Sound Design

The world of cinema interest is ruled initially by actors, and secondly by directors. They always overshadow the other technical works in cinema, but for somebody getting into film, aspects like cinematography or editing are just as important to them. However, the role of the sound designer and the importance of sound design are relegated […]