The 15 Best Crime Movies About Plans Going Wrong

Why do we love crime movies so much? Well, let’s see: we have gangsters, car chases, overcomplicated heists, infiltrated moles, choreographic and violent shoot-outs, and sometimes spectacular action set pieces. Plus, of course, there’s the sheer fun of empathizing with the bad guys… or the good guys who will try to take ‘em down. One […]

10 Living Movie Directors With The Most Distinguishable Styles

What is it that makes us love a certain filmmaker’s imagery, technique and themes more than another director’s works? Maybe it’s the tone and pace of the plot, or the perfectly quotable and emblematic dialogue, or that great unforgettable soundtrack and sound editing, or maybe it’s because of the pure visual wonder and fantasy put […]

10 Great Movies That Are Ranked Too Low On IMDB Top 250

It is not easy to write an article involving the infamous IMDB’s Top 250 list. First things first: how does that ranking work? Quite simply, a specific formula aggregates regular users’ scores for any given film that receives at least 25000 individual votes, and then frequently updates the list. What remains undisclosed is how a […]

All 24 Mario Bava Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Black Sabbath (1963)

Mario Bava was, to put it simply, a genius. Not only did Bava direct the first ever Italian gothic horror movie, but he also contributed in the practice of founding the prolific subgenres of Italian Giallo films and slasher movies, becoming an inspiration for generations of filmmakers to come. Among these artists, Quentin Tarantino himself […]