10 Totally Awesome 2000s Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

For the first decade of the new millennium, mainstream horror cinema was largely stagnant. After Michael Bay’s 2003 reimagining of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre proved a huge success, the era of horror remakes officially commenced and major studios went hog-wild resurrecting beloved classics one after another. In the 80’s horror rip-offs were a dime a […]

10 Totally Awesome 90s Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Horror reigned during the 1980’s, but during the 1990’s things grew a bit awkward. CGI was fully emerging, and many genre filmmakers leapt at the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately we still had a long way to go as far as computer effects were concerned, and a great number of horror efforts from this […]

10 Totally Awesome 80s Horror Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Psycho 3

It was a wonderful time for horror, the 1980’s. With the home video market experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, and the demand for new titles steadily growing, more filmmakers than ever before stood a fighting chance of having their films distributed and seen. In addition, a greater amount of overseas work was finding its […]

10 Great Non-English Language Thrillers You Shouldn’t Miss

Compiling a list of overlooked foreign thrillers was a difficult task, simply because there are so many good ones. Represented here are ten carefully chosen, exceptional examples of the genre, each from a different area of the globe.   1. A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (1971) Lucio Fulci was an Italian filmmaker who rose […]

10 Movies With The Most Bizarre On-Set Accidents


Film productions are rarely, if ever, free of mishaps, but sometimes these incidents are so numerous and/or unusual that they warrant further study. Here are ten examples of notably bizarre accidents that occurred on major film sets.   1. The Conqueror (1956) Towards the end of his life, when asked about The Conqueror, John Wayne […]

10 Great True Crime Movies You Might Not Have Seen

Real life crimes have inspired some truly incredible films – Badlands, Bonnie and Clyde, Zodiac – but a number of respectable titles in this genre have slipped under the radar. Here are 10 overlooked True Crime pictures that set themselves apart:   1. Confessions of a Serial Killer (1985) A pivotal scene in Tobe Hooper’s […]